Sunday, August 13, 2017

Year Later Update

If you're like me you'll be wondering what happened to me. Last year I announced my return to blogging/streaming on Twitch and then immediately canceled it with a sudden post update saying nothing was going to happen any time soon.

The blog isn't going to be deleted or disappear, anytime soon, I hope at least.. but there will be no more creatures posts or C3 or DS streams on Twitch. (I've moved to streaming on a new site called Mixer anyway.) That being said, I have a strong interest in playing Creatures 2 and maybe even Creatures 1. I'm going to try to purchase the Albian Years in the near future to play them, who knows I might even stream them on Mixer! In the event I do I will post a link to them on Creatures Caves in bibbles.

Now if you're wondering what suddenly changed in my life to shut down my intent to play and blog C3 keep reading. Right after I had decided to continue with what I was doing on this site my 14 year old cat Taylor, whom was my baby and I loved very much, passed away from a very painful, traumatic bone marrow cancer. She had been suffering with it for years but we never knew it because the cancer hadn't advanced enough to affect her every day life until the last year or two. Right as I decided to make the return post her health took a sudden and dramatic turn for the worst. We fought to save her until the very end when we learned what it was that was making her sick and also that there was no cure. Anything we could have tried to do to prolong her life would have left her in a lot of pain and misery. Her passing was very hard for me and I spent what seemed like a very long time in depression as I grieved.

All that being said, i'm done grieving and i'm very much a happy person today. I'm not depressed or sad anymore and remember all of the memories of her with fondness and happiness!

I wanted everyone to know I didn't just chicken out or suddenly, irresponsibly grow bored with the idea as soon as I posted my return to the Creatures community. I apologize if I got anyone's hopes up (not that I would expect my blog was that popular!) and then disappointed anyone. I've moved on from the sadness of grieving and also playing C3 and Docking Station, but like I said I still have a strong interest in C2 and 1 and want to buy those games and play it and stream it. I don't think i'll update this blog anymore.

I wish you all lots of lemons and shee cheese in life!
Peace! :)

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