Thursday, January 19, 2012

What Happened?

Creatures is on hold for me. You might have noticed it's been months since the last update. Since then the new year has happened, new games are being released (C4) and I got Skyrim. Skyrim takes most of the blame for the lack of updates.

I'm sorry to say you won't be seeing any more updates to this blog for quite a while. That doesn't mean i've abandoned it all-together though! It will remain installed on my computer (as if in stasis), possibly forever, until I decide to play it again. As it goes I generally go through long periods of playing it followed by long periods of not playing it, and it cycles like that. So just because i'm not playing it now doesn't mean i'm done forever. Don't give up hope.

However, if Creatures 4 is released before I get the urge to play it again and I end up loving it more than I do C3, 2 or DS (which is not Likely but I would enjoy being proven wrong with this one) I may never go back to the other games and will just continue playing C4. Like I said, I stress I don't think that is likely.

Until then enjoy all of your games everyone!