Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mini Update 2

I got online just long enough to have a quick, short visit with my norns whom i'm beginning to miss a little bit.

Most all of my norns were doing their usual boring thing foraging down by the big tree house and just generally being overpopulated. Xenia is the only one who actually sticks out and shows some intelligence. I found her as I left her long ago, exploring the furthest reaches of Nyrn and playing with the little robot toy. When I came near she seemed to acknowledge my presence with an overall sense of happiness but didn't stop her explorations to say hi or anything. I can't help but admit I love that she is so adventurous even if she isn't creating more offspring!
I made my rounds visiting every single norn, a couple times at least, before returning back to my favorite Xenia and found that she had made her way across to the bridge. She had a stern focus on something and I didn't know what until I saw the little green arrow above the ball. She looked so cute an adorable as she chased the ball across the bridge, having found her inner child again! I broke one of my non-interference rules and dropped her a little present onto the bridge for her of food just in case she was hungry, but she wasn't interested in any!

My plans for my norn tribe have changed somewhat, not drastically, and in order to fit these plans my herd is a little bit overpopulated. Still, I can't bring myself to thin them out or kill anybody, for they are all dear to me right now. LNA was up and running and it suddenly occurred to me that I could thin the tribe just a little bit by sending a norn over there. So I chose a norn at random from below the tree house where the main population is and dropped Arsyn into the warp. I said my goodbyes and well wishes then sent him off to live in a new, unpredictable world! That was a few days ago, he's probably long passed by now. I didn't watch long enough to see if he had any offspring.

I am feeling the urges to play creatures returning slowly but surely. It may not be long now, and it may come gradually. Like I mentioned before these things come in cycles for me with long periods of play followed by long periods of not playing. Still, coming back to my tribe I felt a little overwhelmed with the number of norns populating it, and so I hope to quell this population down a little bit so that I may spend a little more personal time with each norn. I can't promise that i'll be successful. I have a weakness for new arrivals whether it be through the warp or another egg. :P

Friday, February 10, 2012

Mini Update

I haven't gotten back into playing just yet but I have some screen shots from my last play months ago. I decided to post them since I left some questions hanging, such as did "so and so" complete the IQ test and stuff.. so here are the screen shots. I'm just going to post them without any processing or anything fancy because I have mostly forgotten what they were all about. Click on them to enlarge them.

I anticipate another move in the future once the garden box is released and the continuation of creatures then.

 I do believe Anya was the little guy that completed the IQ test.

 Poor Arvs is having liver problems.

 Aku is having muscle problems. I've also employed the use of the lovely little agent that places the norn's name below them, so now you can know who you're looking at! Thanks Amaikokonut!

I guess the deck of the treehouse is dusty enough to create dust devils.