Saturday, July 30, 2011

Alynu Takes Over

Meet Albecius, one of the C1 norns I hatched. He is a very cute purple mountain norn and the very first super explorative norn i've had in Nyrn (other than the founder who deciding the cave beside the waterfall was a good home.) Albecius immediately climbed the tall tree house in the forest all the way to the top, and found a teleporter. From there his wanderlust brought him to the little cave beneath the desert. He then took the lift up to the desert. He spent much time playing with the many sunflower seeds that spill accross the sand from the sole flower that grows in the shade of the dead tree. In fact, Albecius got harmlessly caught in a couple of dust devils with a toy or two, but he only played with the toys while inside of the twisters!

(I am having trouble with my formatting today. I'm very sorry my blog looks like something stepped on it. Please bear with me.) A little while later a death icon appeared at the top of my screen and I found Albecius had fallen in to the ocean. I hated myself for not watching him closer, and letting this happen. He was my favorite norn because of his wanderlust. I can only hope the rest of my new norns won't be as unfortunate.

 Meet Ainat the forest norn. Ainat enjoys some honey and shines a bright smile to the camera!

Ahaz and his son pick seeds amongst the flowers while the mist from the waterfall cools them. The weather actually hasn't been as warm lately, it even snowed for a brief time once.

Aldaril has found the lifts and occasionally I will rush over to stop him from playing in them. Whenever I reach him, however, he quickly stops once he know's i've arrived to correct him, because he doesn't want to get spanked! This time I caught him having fallen asleep. He was so cute I just couldn't disturb him with a spanking.

Alynu and Ahaz find romance without any help from myself! Beneath the treehouse they kisspopped passionately.

From this resulted a pregnancy! Yay! I'm so proud of Ahaz and Anlynu. Even after the kisspopp happened Anylu continued to follow Ahaz devotedly all the way back to the rest of the norns.

By the treehugger tree she decided to lay her egg. With the treehugger tree watching over her precious package Anylu fell asleep, tired from the egg laying. I waited excitedly to see just what tiny baby would pop out. Alynu is now a first time mother!

From this tiny speckled egg came the cutest golden haired norn you ever seen! Meet An-zaw! An-zaw is a male norn with chichi body, leg and arm sprites and his fathers golden puffy tail and head! I can't wait to see what behavioral characteristics An-zaw shows as he grows up. Hopefully he will have a good life!

An-zaw looked in awe at the giant treehouse that was now his home. He walked all the way from the treehugger tree where he was born all the way over to the waterfal, sampling the plants along the way and playing with the toys. Whenever I see a norn indulging in such things I'm always greatful, there are too many norns out there that starve or complain of boredom when they're sorrounded by things that could easily fix that.

Jeanette has finally reached the top of her age and passed away from old age. She was well over 5 hours old and passed peacefully. Alynu and Jeanette had been sleeping together when she passed and so she wasn't alone when it happened. Rest in peace!

Once again Alynu has become pregnant, though I didn't know who the father was until the baby would be born. I watched with fascination as Alynu did her best to get to the yard beneath the tree house to the very spot that would be perfect to lay her egg. She was very tired, though, and stopped every couple of steps to rest. This pregnancy is making her espcially tired. Ainat on the left grins happily at the camera as he often does, with a hand full of fruit. He is a very smiley norn, which is a refreshing thing to see!

Finally, Alynu finds the spot that is good enough, where the grass doesn't grow under the lift, and settles down for a good nap. Ainat notices and looks on with a little bit of worry at his fellow Nyrn tribe member.

Alynu took just a few more steps once she woke and layed the egg. Once again the chosen spot was just beneath the watchful gaze of a treehugger tree. The friendliness these trees exude is very comforting to norns and Alynu hoped her babies would hatch feeling very comforted. This baby will also be sorrounded by a wonderful food source, carrots.

Just as Alynu passes in the background, Anarenen hatches from his orange mottled shell! Right now you can only see that he has inherited his fathers head, but i'll show you another picture of him. Obviously his father happened to again be Ahaz!

Alynu grazes among the flowers in the refreshing spray of the waterfall while her two sons (nearly twins!) play in the grasses behind her. The yellow haired boy on the left is the newly hatched Anarenen, his older brother An-zaw is to the right. I even caught Anarenen chasing the rest butterfly that Alynu is now by! Anarenen has inherited only his fathers head. From his mother he has chichi legs, body and tail. From somewhere down the genetic line he has inherited zebra norn arms!

Little Aldaril, the pixie norn, plays with one of the many nuts laying around. He grinned at me while he held it in his tiny hands, before gobbling it up in a single crunch! I'm happy to see my new norns eating so well! I hope it continues!

Current norn population: 7

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Change, A New Tribe

As you may have noticed, i've begun adding more "cropped" screenshots to my blog. I did this because they're the only ones I have for my Oblivion blog and have been using them there. Originally, for my creatures blog, I've been too lazy to use them, but since i'm using them for my Oblivion blog I thought I might as well get in the habit of using them here too. It makes no sense to be lazy for one blog only. I know some of them, like this particular one here, are pretty large. I hope it doesn't look too awful. I hope it increases the enjoyment gained from reading the posts. Please let me know. :) 
In the above photo is Ahaz, once again having found the lifts. I have to watch so he doesn't play in them for hours, which he wants to do.. but this time he snuck away from me when my attention was elsewhere. He likes to grin at me between the bamboo of the lift while going up and down so fast that I can't catch him! Eventually I get frustrated and pluck him out to give him a spank before sending him on his way.
Jeanette has discovered the Australian instrument (I keep forgetting what it's called.) a while ago and has taken a specific joy to it! She loves to stand beside her beloved honey nest and play it. This time Ahaz has come to watch her play!
On another note, I found there are no more bees in my world. When clicking on a bee nest the bee's are instantly autokilled upon emerging. Most seed launchers have been autokilled upon being pushed or clicked on, too. Something has gone wrong in my world! It is a big hassle to make a whole new world, so as long as it doesn't prevent my game from being playable we'll have to cope.
Now, i'm not against my norns using lifts, in fact i'm happy when I see them do so because they're exploring! I always celebrate norns that love to explore. I have to watch Ahaz carefully though, to make sure he is in fact exploring, and not just playing with the lift. I watched him carefully as he approached and entered this lift by the swamp. He took with him a fruit for the ride up. He didn't play with the lift, but only rode it once up, then down. Good Ahaz. I think he is getting smarter as he ages.

A while later I returned to this spot to see an unusual and slightly confusing sight. Some flowers have sprouted up in the scaffoldings. I didn't know they could grow up there! There's no dirt!

Tired of all of the nornish speak and the norns being unable to understand what I tell them I plopped before them a robot I downloaded and injected. Some of you might be familiar with it. The robot teaches the norns language when pushed, and soon all of the norns were speaking proper english (well, proper for a norn.) I learned just how smart the norns were, making correct suggestions for eachother. Sleeping is the proper suggestion for tiredness! For some reason Jeanette thinks sleeping by some food is better sleep.
No, this isn't Ahaz. Ahaz and Jeanette had a child together (I know, wouldn't have been my first choice..but what'ya gonna do? I certaintly am not going to kill their son.) Meet little Alds. Alds inherited his fathers disjointedness and the only other thing he inherited from his fater was the tail. Alds stuck close to his mother soon after hatching. He isn't the prettiest norn in the bunch, and probly will never be. Ahaz is now an adult and has never grown in to his bodyparts. Ohwell.
Other than Ahaz, the only other adult male norn running around Nyrn was Nikorasu. With Nikorasu's passing from old age came the realization that now, the only way for the genetic line to be continued would be for Jeanette to reproduce many times with her son Ahaz. While I love Ahaz's genetics, somehow the thought of mother and son reproducing is a little unsavory. (I know i'm not alone on that one.) Through reading the delightful Discover Albia blog I began to miss all of the cute C1 norns and have been yearning to put some back in to my world. So, my solution to my predicament was to hatch 4 more baby norns, three c1 and one CFE norn just to even the genetics out. In order here are: Ainat, Albecius, Aldaril and Alynu. Sorry some of the pictures don't show them well, they seemed to be a little camera shy! The ones with neko ettin parts aren't them.

 In the first picture, Ainat was very slow to hatch and the camera snapped before he was out. With the second picture, he seems to be hidden completely behind Ahaz (now blue headed? I don't remember that. XD ). Third picture, Aldaril is peeking timidly from behind the toys! Alynu is just peeking over the edge of a broken egg shell! I promise there will be better pictures of them in the future! Alynu is the CFE norn and the only girl of the newborns. I hatched a second girl because I thought by the time these are of breeding age Jeanette may not be alive any more, she is aging quickly.

 I could have sworn I took tons more pictures of them in game, actually.. but I can't seem to find them on my hard drive anywhere. It's sad, too, because one of those new baby C1 norns had discovered the joy of the top of the norn tree house, being the very first norn to do so! He did it very smartly too, without bumping in to anything and causing himself harm. Others have been extremely adorable as well! One norn became addicted to the triangle instrument (the one that goes "ping!" when touched) and will do nothing (not even eat) when it is around, except for play with it! I had to put it up. I wanted so much to have pictures of these precious moments.
Again, i'm sorry I lost the pictures. I hope that won't happen again!

Current norn population: 8

Did you ever wonder where the names come from? Nope, they're not from the autonamer! :P

Monday, July 25, 2011

All Norns Go To Heaven

The day started out as peaceful as always. The season had changed to spring and finally warmed up a little from the freezing teens it had been. The caterpillars had disappeared only to return not long later as butterflies. A year has passed since the first norns arrival in Nyrn and the season has changed. Even so, the occasional snow drifted down from a crisp spring sky.

Corran and Lionel watch happily as the snow falls from clouds far above the canopy. The temperature temporarily cools down in to the twenties. Spring brings with it temperatures averaging a comfortable seventy-something degrees at most times. This spring, it looks like, will be quite a tame one. On another note, the death cap mushrooms have taken over the world of Nyrn and now appear everywhere. I'm lucky that I have not yet had any norn die from them, and rarely does any dare to taste one. My norns are smart! The butterflies, however, have the unfortunate fate of being eaten by the norns, who have learned to eat critters (frogs) as well as insects for sustenance. Now that the spring has brought more food the forest comes alive with an abundance of sustenance! The norns still prefer to eat meat!
Above the swamp I found Agning once again exploring the scaffolding thingy. He has become the very first norn to reach the very top! A very impressive feat if I do say so myself. Not only must you be brave enough to stray where there is very little food, but also knowledgeable enough to know not to walk off the edges and get hurt. At the very top had been waiting a large jar of honey as a reward for any norn who successfully arrived there. Agning drank it all up quickly when he found it, so I happy refilled it and set it back there in case he wanted more. His attention now was on trying to find a way back down. I chuckled to msyelf as he appeared lost but knew eventually he would find his way down.
Jeanette has taken in to a little depression, never straying from the honey nest. She sleeps all day and wakes only to drink more honey before falling back asleep. Those rare momens she can sleep no more are filled with simply watching the honey. I felt bad for her, and had no idea what was amiss. I tried in vain to get her to eat some fruit or foods but she refused, only liking the honey. I began to get very worried. This behavior isn't healthy at all. After quite a while of this, I finally gave her a few slaps on the bottom and apparently it worked, jarring her out of her stupor long enough to rediscover healthy foods!
Recently I was told (thank you!) by someone that I needed to "ject" the coding in to my game to allow it to produce equal males and females from eggs. I did so and then decided to give Fabi another chance to produce a son. Like last time I plopped him and the newly happy Jeanette in to the "treehouse of loooove!", played some romantic music on the harp and watched the romance unfold. It took a few tries, but eventually another baby was on the way!
I plopped them both back down on the ground and watched Jeanette as she immediately began looking for the best place to lay her egg. Her love of honey brought her back to the nest, and while she looked lovingly at one of the many honey jars, she layed the egg near by. The egg just happened to be as golden as the honey itself! I have to wonder if her honey binge has bled off in to her reproductive system.
Success! From the golden egg popped a little, golden haired male! This is Ahaz. I was delighted to see he had inherited his fathers adorable neko face and his mothers cute, tiny body! There is only one problem, his body parts don't fit him! His mothers body parts float above his head, as you can see in the picture! I hope he will grow in to them... He doesn't look too good this way! Ahaz is generation 11.
Ahaz immediately found the lift and became addicted to pushing it! Up and down, up and down he went.. until it drove me crazy! I spent a minute trying to catch him to spank him in an attempt to get him to stop but every time my hand got close he was going doooown... or uuupp.. again. Finally I just plucked him out of the lift and gave him a spank. That stopped him, he went off to get something to eat. After I played the game, I took a look at his genetics and among other mutations I found that he actually gets a lot of boredom decrease from pressing buttons. Perhaps this is the reason of his fascination. I'll tell you more about it later.

Now, norns began dropping like flies from old age. The first death belonged to Lionel. I found him in the tall grass beside a button. Each death was peaceful and without pain and each norn lived a long life, so I couldn't be happier for them! The second death was Corran's. He also went peacefully, though when the camera snapped his picture he was behind Fabi so you can't see him very well. Next went the tough Jago. I was sad to be seeing all of these norns go but knew it was the natural proces of life. Fabi also passed, and was one of the last to do so at a whopping 6 hours and 40 minutes! This is a new record for the longest life lived in my creatures existance! Congratulations Fabi! I hope you passed this amazing gift of long life on to your children! Finally, Agning left us. Agning was a loving friend to many norns, even though he slapped some of them some times. Rest in peace guys!

Genetics of Ahaz:
Curiosity got the best of me and I took a look at Ahaz's genetics. There didn't appear to be anything of huge difference, just some small, amusing ones.
The most interesting to me, perhaps because I'm not sure exactly what it means, is, from Alcohol a normal norn would become drunk. Ahaz gets drunk from histamine B instead. The two lines comparing Ahaz to a normal norns genome said this, in place of alcohol was Histamine B. Can anyone explain what this means for Ahaz? Does this mean he is immune to getting drunk from alcohol? Or simply that he gets drunk from histamine B as well as alcohol?

Next, instead of the normal gate a norn would have when they consume alcohol, which is the drunk one, Ahaz performs gate 15. Does anyone know what gate this is? I don't know the gates.

Ahaz gets slightly more injury from glycotoxin,

Ahaz has unfortunately inherited his mothers trait of feeling suffocated or having trouble breathing when urinating.

When reproducing, Ahaz's offspring have a less degree and less chance of mutation when Ahaz is under stress during conception. (I hope that made sense, was hard to form this sentance.)

Hearing other norns talk reduces Ahaz's crowdedness. Ahaz gets fewer carbs from fruit than the normal norn. Food reduces hunger for protine less, in fact by half less.

Ahaz gets norn home smell from friendly plants! I'm not sure if this means from eating friendly plants or simply being around them. I'm wondering if this is from some butterfly norn genetics way back.

Interestingly.. I also discovered Ahaz gets comfort from being in a grendel home. Not sure why this is. Well, that's it! Feel free to add your corrections or thoughts!

Current norn population: 3

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Fabi Life and Spring

Since Fabi's last attempts at becomming a father were thwarted by another norn I decided to give him another chance. I plopped he and Jeanette in the tree house where they could be alone with the beautiful view of the waterfall out the window. I figured this was a perfect romantic setting for their potential kisspop. I played a little romantic music on the harp and soon there was a new pregnancy!

Since they had not gotten up in to the treehouse by themselves I thought it only fair that I also help them down. I carefully placed Fabi and the new mother to be on the ground beneath the treehouse. There Fabi watched as Jeanette grew and in a short amount of time layed a beautifully sky blue colored egg.

Jeanette and Fabi were paired together by me, sort of like a blind date, and so I didn't expect their romance to last past the kisspop or egg laying stage before one would wander off to do other things. To my pleasant surprise Jeanette and fabi stayed together as if they had fallen in love, and they also stayed close to the egg while it grew and the baby inside developed. Fabi watched the egg protectively. From the egg, however, hatched the most adorable little girl I have ever seen. You will see a picture of her soon. I was disappointed that it was a girl and not a boy. I did install that new script to make more boys but I can't tell yet that it is working...
After the birth of his newest daughter she wandered off to learn new things about the world and Fabi was left on his own. He sat by the cliff facing the waterfall and contemplated his life for a while. Had he accomplished everything he set out to? Time was growing short for him. He looked happy with his thoughts.

Meanwhile the fallow brothers decided the coolest place to hang out was by the volcano. There many beetles that I had placed beneath the treehouse were multiplying with little to now interference. They provide some valuable nutrients and so the brothers were thriving quite well on eating only them. It's funny to see a "deer" norn which should only be living off of fruits and vegetables actually chowing down carnivorously. I haven't quite figured out what they like doing all by themselves here the whole time but they look happy.
Checking back on Fabi he was spending some quality time with his new daughter. I anticipate the day I get to see what she looks like with a new mermaid tail when she grows up. Fabi carefully watched over his daughter while she played with the many toys around and generally had a good time.

I began to notice something strange that I wasn't used to seeing, lots of tiny wriggling things moving all over the ground. Then I realized, as I also discovered, that Agning was walking around picking up and eating every one that he could find! I looked up at my C2 bar and it was spring! Spring has finally sprung! Wait a minute.. these are caterpillars and Agning was eating them all! If this keeps up there won't be any butterflies during summer to lay more eggs for next year! I did my best to quickly pull Agning away from the caterpillars and stop them from all going extinct thanks to him. Every which way I pulled Agning there was another caterpillar there.. *slurp* or not. "no! No! Agning!" In the end there was one last caterpillar left right beside the swamp bridge and it was a race between my screen and Agning to see who would get to it first! Luckily I did and successfully pulled Agning all the way to the other side of the forest where he wouldn't be distracted by it and the caterpillar could grow up in peace. I'll do my best to protect it all spring.. but I just can't be in two places at once... we'll see!
Fabi had decided to take a travel accross the bridge and visit the fallow brothers. He was also occasionally eating up a beetle or two so I didn't have to worry about him starving. Nikorasu decided to become scared of the volcano door. That door has scared more norns in it's existance than I have I think!
The fallow brothers and Fabi all devised a plan to combat boredom and take an adventure where no norn has gone before! They took the nearest lift to the top of the treehouse above the swamp! Fabi marveled at the craftmanship while I wondered if it was ettins who were supposed to have built this and lived here.

Just off to the left of my screen I noticed a bug crawling around... "what.. there aren't supposed to be any bugs there..." I scrolled my camera and gasped in surprised when I found not only a billion bettles but also the missing doggy toy! How'd that all get up there! A norn must have snuck up there somehow and placed them there.. but I don't remember ever seeing a norn stray from my sights..I scratched my head in bewilderment and tried to trace backwards the path that lead to that room, that a stray norn might have taken. The vehicle lead to a comms type room that was a dead end.. but then I noticed the teleporter so I searched for where it might have lead to..
Maybe I didn't search hard enough but the only other teleporter I could find was this one in the norn nursery cave. (Ok.. so I have my own name for everything.) And there were beetles here too! What the heck.. they're everywhere, like cockroaches! I panicked for a split moment as my plan to be organized with the placement of everything in my Nyrn world was destroyed.. but then, I calmed myself down and decided the beetles don't do any harm... so it's okay if they're other places.. 
After my brief bout of panic I calmed down and decided to check up on Fabi again. He was on the swamp bridge loving the moisture and wetness while playing with a ball. It was so adorable, he looked just like a kid again! Or a kitten rather, and just as happy being alone! All through Fabi's life he clung needfully to other norns and was never straying from any norns side, almost as if he had security issues. These days, i'm very happy to see him secure and happy all by himself.
I found the oldest fallow brother back by the ettin egg layer (by the volcano door) but one was missing.. where was the other one? I found Nikorasu in the scaffolding above the swamp apparently lost. He would walk left, then stop as if confused and continue right again, back and forth. Occasionally he would stop and look around. I felt sorry for him. I hope you find your way down eventually, we don't want you starving to death and there are no beetles up there.

Current norn population: 8