Tuesday, December 15, 2015

More Creatures Blogging In The Future Maybe?

     I've been motivated to want to continue this blog about my creatures adventures. I took a long break with Creatures Online to look forward to, but then it stalled and I got frustrated. With the idea that Creatures Online has been put on the back burner and may possibly never come to fruition I have grown a little more interest in creatures again.

     I still have Nyrn and all of the creatures you last read about.. but I want to do it a little differently now that I have Twitch to stream the game on! In this idea I would like to continue with a new genetic experiment, however I have to decide how to form this "documentation".. I don't want to post long posts like this blog is currently made up of, because I want to incorporate my Twitch streams somehow.

     I am going to take some time to brainstorm this as well as how to incorporate the genetics of Orika's relatives (there is a long family line in this blog that I don't want to just forget about!) into this new experiment.

     To be more specific, I am experimenting with, and exploring, the genetics of Cff's and CFG norns. More information will come in the future when I have a better idea of just how I want to do things!

Stay tuned!

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