Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Short, Busy Day

Most of my time online today was spent preparing for the migration tomorrow. See if you can spot one of these early changes today ;)

While getting ready for the big migration, of course I couldn't pay as close attention to the norns as usual, but I made sure not to neglect them either. I wouldn't want someone having an accident now would I. Unfortunately, one of my norns did have an accident, and I have no idea what happened. I got a death icon up on my screen and clicked to find a mysterious death. These things happen sometimes...

As this was the first thing that happened to me today, it was a little depressing. I used the hoverdoc to check for signs of poisoning, toxins or bacteria to no avail. Poor little Iwaichirou has passed on from mysterious causes.

Next, a few minutes later, I became alerted to Jinias first pregnancy. I was excited for the little norn and followed her to the norn home where she chose to lay her egg.

A little while later, out popped Jinyas first son. Meet Vinsu. He was the cutest little norn! As soon as he hatched with a bright smile decorating his face, he began to walk around the area in which he was layed, the upper norn home. He did what so many baby norns in my world do and I find curious, all he does is walk around looking at things. After reaching child stage they usually stop this and begin to act normally. All the while, with a little smile, he walked around looking at every single thing, over and over again, as if scientifically observing them. I reached up and grabbed a honey pot from the bee hives and handed it to him, which he accepted and sipped from happily while looking at things.

This is Ikku, the second son of Jinya. Unfortunately with being so busy I was unable to catch who the fathers were, but by the fact she was hanging around him, I would guess it was Veltin.

Noticing my norn garden seemed a little sparce, I searched for the rest of the norns and found this little santa norn by his lonseome in the jungle. Gerhard is doing what i've seen many santa norns do in the past when reaching old or ancient lifestage, which he is. They make their way here, and do nothing but sit and sleep for the rest of their hours. They always seem happy and never complain about anything, so I just let them be... I figure they must be retiring themselves in their own version of an elderly home. Previous attempts to introduce other norns so they won't feel lonely all alone resulted in the santa norn retreating the other norns.

Thats it for today. Sorry it's so short, but i'v been rather busy and the norns have a long night ahead of them. Tomorrow you can expect to see the new place they've migrated to!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Visitors and a New Leaf

Much has happened in the world today, and there is still much more to happen before the big migration. There is only one more day left before the big migration, and all preperations have been made! So, without further adieu, lets get through today!

I entered my world to find a visitor from our previous day wandering around in the norn meso. He had unfortunately been there long enough to catch a bug, so by the time I picked him up and plopped him in the safe norn home of albia he entered with a big sneeze. Luckily there are a lot of lemons in his diet currently and he has long since lost the sneeze.

I watched benjamin walk out of the norn meso into the garden and the great wide world. I was pleasantly surprised when Chieko imediately took a liking to him and began to kisspop him! Though, he doesn't seem too thrilled about it. Maybe it was his cold he had caught, but in this picture as Chieko becomes pregnant with his child he just looks miserable.

Chieko and Ukichirou's son Iwaichirou (what is with the names?!) has intelegently wandered into the norn home after having been driving me crazy with the teleporter by the lemon trellis. All through childhood and into adolescence it was teleport, teleport, teleport, teleport, teleport non stop! Finally! I thought, as he wandered away from the teleporters for once, he was going to take a trip on the lifts and explore the norn home.. but oooh noo..... The button has got him now! I think this is an obsessive little norn.

Benjamin and Chiekos first child together began wandering accross the little bridge toward the treehugger tree after being born under the lemon trellis where he was kisspopped into existance. I found him to be extensively cute with his mothers legs and arms and his fathers head! When reaching the little tree he layed down and took a nap, looking as happy as ever as if he were having quite pleasant dreams. His name is Leyti.

I was alerted by the sign of yet another visitor. Visitors seem to like my world. This is Gaston. He doesn't look very fancy, but i'm hoping he will provide good genes for my world. Hopefully he will make it out of the warp room.

My world continues as peaceful as ever for a while. Nothing much happened until I became alerted to a death in my world. My heart skipped a beat in a mix of excitement and sorrow as I feared it was a norn that I had come to know very well and grown close to throughout all of these days. Indeed, as I clicked on the icon it took me too Chieko. Having died a peaceful death at ancient, at the age of 5 hours and 39 minutes. This is older than any female norn has lived in my world yet. Chieko, you have broken an age record for female norns and congratulations! May you rest in peace.

Without further adieu ( I know i'm repeating myself here), let me present to you the next reigning queen of Kono Sekai Wa! This little norn will live through the next migration and hopefully seed the next lands with her own sons and daughters. May I present to you, the second and last sister of the Chiyoe this whole blog started with.. Jinia!
I absolutely love her C1 norn head, and those big flashy eyes! I think she looks like a cute chibi with having no neck and all! Heres to you Jinia and may your days in Kono Sekai Wa be filled with joy and happiness!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Long Day

So much has happened that this post may be a little long. We have had another death, and many more births.

The day began pleasantly with an egg sign up in the top left of my screen. Always happy to see my norn population thriving I became excited and scrolled to Chieko to find her with the previous days visitor Ukichirou. I really like the siamese norn head on him, so I'll be interested to see what his offspring look like.

After leaving the two norns to be together, I scrolled to the lemon trellis where a large group seemed to be loitering. Usually the norn population is pretty spread out but occasionally the lemon trellis is THE place to be. I found every single norn there (about 5 in total *not an exact number, hence the word "about"*) all sleeping under the lemon trellis at the same time. Unfortunately I couldn't get the whole situation in this picture. But it was a sight to see!

A while later, after the egg had hatched to reveal a pretty little girl norn, I found the father Ukichirou sleeping with his daughter. I thought it was quite adorable and I'm so happy to see Ukichirou getting along so well with everyone.

Meanwhile I get news of the arrival of another visitor. This is Juushirou, from the same norn family as Ukichirou. Unfortunately the other norns that were visitors in the warp room didn't make it and died of old age in the bottom of the room. If you don't hear from my visitor norns after their arrival announcement it's a good bet they didn't make it out.

I returned to albia to find one of Chieko and Ukichirou's sons having aged far before his time. He became an adult when he should still be a baby! Fast agers don't bother me very much so I thought this was interesting to find out. Ukichirou is fathering many children during his time in Kono Sekai Wa.

Some new male births made their announcement into my world as well. Here are the new males listed.

 Here we have three cute sons of the now ancient Chieko. In order we have Iwaichirou, Eric (I was happy to see Eric when he hatched, like so many other norn babies, he is a cutie), and last but not least, Wohali (who VERY fascinatingly was born with C1 grendle legs! I must admit he looks a little weird with them).

I found little Juushirou wandering around in the norn meso, meaning he made it! I promptly deposited him in the norn home of aliba to live the rest of his days. Congratulations little Juuchirou!

 Not long after, i got another gravestone sign and clicked it to find Eric in a happy death pose. I was saddened to see one of my much needed male norns had passed on. I could have really used him to further the population. His death causes are unknown and mysterious.

With only two days left before the migration things are comming to a head. Chieko is now ancient past 5 hours and soon to make her journey to the great beyond herself. Which female norn will be next to join the herd of males in the world? Stay tuned until next time.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Invasion of the Visitors!

Today I was overrun with new visitors to my world. It was very exciting to say the least, if not a little overwhelming! Lots of them got rejected for being females since they dominate my world. Lets meet the visitors! Here, in order, we have Cristal (odd name for a male norn), Fulko and Apollo. These norns have not yet made it out of the bottom of the warp room and the chances of them doing that don't look very promising.

 On the other hand, little Ukichirou here has made it out! Here he is playing in the falling leaves of the big fall trees. Oddly enough, examination has found that his Lung functions are down to 0%, his lung organ is dead. I don't know for sure but i'd guess this means he cannot process oxygen as he is supposed to. How he is staying alive is beyond me.

Back in the peacefull world of Albia, Chieko has found a new romantic interest. She has been sticking by the side of Veltin for quite a while now.

Veltin even took her up to the second floor of the norn home on what appeared to be the cutest date ever. They sat atop the ledge and looked out over the horizon together and seemed to quite enjoy themselves.

A little while later, after much kisspopping, a pregnancy was announced! I was so excited to see Chieko become pregnant again. After so much kisspopping I was worried she wasn't going to have any more children.

 Chieko made her way calmly to the garden by the scarecrow and layed down to rest. Being pregnant seemed to tire her out very much, and she did not move once while pregnant. Eventually she fell into a peaceful sleep only to awaken to the urge to lay her egg, which she did in a pile of potatoes. Not long after Chieko left, Xavier came over and layed next to the egg. I thought it was a very touching moment that Xavier seemed to care for the egg too. Out of the egg will hatch a little girl norn named Virginia, and like many, the cutest little girl norn. Yes Virginia, there is a santa norn! And he helped keep you warm when you were still an egg :)

Back at the norn home, i'm getting a little worried about Veltin. This whole time, all his lfe, i've seen him do nothing but express himself. "Veltin hungry for starch, Veltin bored, Veltin very friendly." A little slap or two will snap him out of it long enough for him to grab a good quick dinner of nearby food and seeds, have him walk around a while, or kisspop with Chieko, but then he's right back to standing motionless, staring at the camera and expressing for hours.

That's all for today folks. I hope you enjoy yourselves with your own creatures games, and I wouldn't mind hearing about your adventures either!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Nothing much has been happening as of lately. Kono Sekai Wa is still pretty peaceful and happy. With Ikohiko out of the way everyone has been rather content.

As of lately Chieko and Wikvaya have been sticking together like glue. They kisspop often, she doesn't retreat him as much as other norns, and they get along great!.

This is Chieko and Wikvayas little son Xavier (a common name in my world). Little Xavier is the cutest little boy norn! He is very active and intelegent. He's already used the norn home elevator without bumping or walking into anything once! For my norns that is a huge talent.

Chieko has stuck by her family near the norn home most of the time. Here she is laying with the sleeping Xavier. Xavier and Wikvaya have also not strayed far. For some reason I find Wikvaya sleeping near the norn home most of the time. At first I was worried with all of the sleeping he does that he may have some sort of sleeping sickness, but all examinations say that he's healthy. I'm hoping little Xavier hasn't inherited this.

We have had another old age death. Hareolf has died. He was one of my oldest norns. There is currently another still alive, only in adult stage, and older than him. I'm waiting to see just how long he lives.

Poor old Edi has also died. Another old norn that had existed for a very long time. He is now finally resting in peace! Edi is the one in the background, not the foreground.

 Meanwhile, in the garden by the norn home, Wikvaya has seemed to break Chieko out of her shell a little bit. I found her kisspopping like crazy, not just him, but she is traveling much more now between the norn home and the grendle jungle. I find her at the lemon trellis often, kisspopping occasionally with some norns there. Still no egg has developed from all of the kisspopping though. I'm concerned that Xavier may be her very last child.

Not long after, I found Chieko turning old sooner than I expected. She aged at 3Hours and 45Minutes, not even having reached 4 hours yet! I am choosing to blame this on her low generation of only 3.

To celebrate self sufficient norns and try to gather them all back together instead of spread out so much, I lowered the fridge back down to the norn home. It attracted Chieko as you can see, her son Xavier and Wikvaya. Chieko is actually asleep, not dead. Xavier is having a blast having his very first taste of honey! He doesn't want to put it down and seems very happy!

By the way... yes I am aware that many of my norns have disjointed bodies. This is because of the norn sprites not quite matching up I know. It doesn't bother me even though it may look silly with the norns arms comming out of his cheeks, or his head hovering above the neck. If it bothers any of you then I'm very sorry, but I can't help that. :P
Also, soon there will be a great migration! These migrations are never dangerous, but adjusting to the new place can be. Norns in new places may not know what to avoid or what not to avoid, or may get stuck in places they are not used to. Nobody knows where this new place will be yet. Every season there is a great migration of norns to a new place to live. I find it exciting every time it happens! The new places also tend to have an affect on the norns as long as they live there, some may be permanent, we'll see what happens!

Until next time, as sonic would say "see you on the flip side!"

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Turning Over

Welcome back to another installment of Confessions of a Shee. Sorry there hasn't been an update in like a week.. I've been sick! Feeling much better now thank you :)

Todays update isn't going to be very long and involved. My world for the most part is pretty peaceful. Most of my adult norns are now reaching the ancient stage of their lives and approaching the inevitable. Such is the way of life! Many new norns have been born. So far Chieko still has a few hours to go to live her life and has plenty of opportunities to give birth to more! Her current female children number as 6, all youthed and exported now and all beautiful norns.

Lets get the deaths out of the way first. These deaths aren't super sad, because these norns have lived full lives and died naturally, not by the hands of some mean creature or accident. The first death I noticed fairly quickly on my screen as per the gravestone sign up at the top of my screen. I was very sad however to find it was Peni. I knew he was very old and his time was comming up soon, but I was not prepared for it to happen like, right now. I scrolled over to find him with a smile on his face and a ball right next to him that he may have been happily playing with. This put me at ease, knowing he probly wasn't in any suffering. He died at 5H 39M as ancient. It did puzzle me, with his walking problems, how he got up in the grendle jungle though..

The second death I found a little while later made me chuckle. Maybe I am a mean shee god, or maybe my feelings for this little norn were less than the others because of his abusive ways to Chieko, but I found this a little humorous. This is the abusive Ikuhiko that would not leave Chieko alone. He died at the age of 5H and 7M as ancient. Another long, full life and natural death. Now Chieko no longer has to worry about her or their children being bullied again.

Our little visitor! I checked back on her (Yes this is a female!) to find her expressing herself that she was very very angry. She was doing her angry dance with this Toxic norn bug for quite a while! She was expressing herself to the bug the whole time, telling it that she was angry. I never did catch her trying to hit the bug or anything though. Silly little norn. Lord knows why she was so angry at the toxic bugs! Because of her hardiman norn genes no doubt. Eventually little Ihoko made it to the norn meso, and thus passed the IQ test. Due to her being female, she was exported to be imported with the other females at another time.

Chieko on the other hand has found a new "mate" friend! This time, she does not find herself being abused, rather, he is very kind to her and leaves her alone when she retreats norn.

Chieko has spent much of her life and most of her time retreating norns thanks to her earlier life with Ikuhiko. I found this very sad, as she must get lonely. I was very pleased to find her at least tolerating Wikvaya, yes the famous last child of her sister. She still retreats him half of the time, but only half unlike with the other norns. Most of her time is spent alone where there are no other norns. Wikvaya and Chieko have not yet produced an egg together but my hopes are high.

Well there you have it. Another day in Kono Sekai Wa. Until next time!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Day of Domestic Abuse

Welcome back to another episode! My aren't you lucky to witness the crowning of a new norn queen! Due to the passing of Chiyoe a new norn female will be crowned into this world.

Meet Chieko. This is Chiyoes sister. A very good looking norn I think! Chieko was born long ago, and is only norn generation 3.

Chiekos first experience in the world was walking right to get out of the norn home and being met with a barrage of kisspopping males! All female norns are exported at the age of youth, so that when they are imported again they will already be of breeding age.
Chieko kisspopped many times with many male norns, but has not yet gotten a pregnancy. I was beginning to get worried untill....

The first pregnancy finally happened! I just had to take a picture of the very first pregnancy. She's not sleeping, I just caught her in the middle of a blink. Boy just look at that face! She looks miserable.

Chieko walked all the way to the norn home to lay her very first egg. When it hatched by the warmth of the furnace a little boy was born. This is Varus. He was born very healthy, and happy! I wish him a lot of kisspopping in his future.

No, Chieko isn't dead. I just caught her in the middle of another blink. She seems to like to blink during my pictures. I found Chieko some time later in the norn home again, being slapped by the male norn whom is the one that has been doing all of the kisspopping with her. He follows her around, and she him at times. They seemed to like eachother very much, but then I find this. She is scared and I found her repeatedly trying to "retreat norn" him and even had to save her from running into the wall a few times while she did. I don't know what has gotten into Ikuhiko not to mention she is pregnant with his baby here.

Here is Ikuhiko, the father of most if not all of Chiekos new norn babies. Despite all of the slapping, Chieko and Ikuhiko must have made up, at least for a few minutes, because I returned to check on them only to find Chieko pregnant with his baby again! I was so happy! He milled around the norn home with a bright smile on his face like seen in this image while Chieko wen through her pregnancy. Then Chieko layed her egg and layed beside it to keep it company... I watched as Ikuhiko proceeded to walk over and begin slapping her again. He chased her all around the norn home! I had a heck of a time trying to catch them both and get them away from eachother. When Chieko finally escaped Ikuhikos cruelty and got out of the norn home Ikuhiko proceeded to walk to the egg and begin hitting it. This image was taken just as I got him to stop. That's not a very good father Ikuhiko!

Meanwhile, near the grendle jungle.. I found THE famous Peni where he was the last time I saw him... hours ago and now ancient. Curious as to why he was staying in one place without food around him (which isn't healthy) I watched him.. and found out he is having a little walking problem. In his senility he has developed a walking/limping problem and does not move no matter how much he moves his legs. I dumped some food magically at his feet with a little ctrl+alt+E action (or is it shift E?), watched him eat it up, and then attempt to walk again to get more. Being the kind shee that I am I took his hand and gently guided him to the lemon trellis where food is abundant. There he stays to spend the rest of his life eating in the company of family.

Not long after, I got a message at the top of my screen that I had a visitor! Meet this little guy. I leave my norns in the warp room and wait to see if they can make it to the norn meso on their own. Thats my IQ test. I'll be eager to see if he makes it through, then he can join my world. I wouldn't mind seeing his genetics mix in with my creatures, he looks very different and interesting!

Will Chieko and Ikuhiko ever live in peace together or are they doomed to a love hate relationship? Will the new visitor survive the IQ test and make it into my world? Stay tuned!