Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Visitors and a New Leaf

Much has happened in the world today, and there is still much more to happen before the big migration. There is only one more day left before the big migration, and all preperations have been made! So, without further adieu, lets get through today!

I entered my world to find a visitor from our previous day wandering around in the norn meso. He had unfortunately been there long enough to catch a bug, so by the time I picked him up and plopped him in the safe norn home of albia he entered with a big sneeze. Luckily there are a lot of lemons in his diet currently and he has long since lost the sneeze.

I watched benjamin walk out of the norn meso into the garden and the great wide world. I was pleasantly surprised when Chieko imediately took a liking to him and began to kisspop him! Though, he doesn't seem too thrilled about it. Maybe it was his cold he had caught, but in this picture as Chieko becomes pregnant with his child he just looks miserable.

Chieko and Ukichirou's son Iwaichirou (what is with the names?!) has intelegently wandered into the norn home after having been driving me crazy with the teleporter by the lemon trellis. All through childhood and into adolescence it was teleport, teleport, teleport, teleport, teleport non stop! Finally! I thought, as he wandered away from the teleporters for once, he was going to take a trip on the lifts and explore the norn home.. but oooh noo..... The button has got him now! I think this is an obsessive little norn.

Benjamin and Chiekos first child together began wandering accross the little bridge toward the treehugger tree after being born under the lemon trellis where he was kisspopped into existance. I found him to be extensively cute with his mothers legs and arms and his fathers head! When reaching the little tree he layed down and took a nap, looking as happy as ever as if he were having quite pleasant dreams. His name is Leyti.

I was alerted by the sign of yet another visitor. Visitors seem to like my world. This is Gaston. He doesn't look very fancy, but i'm hoping he will provide good genes for my world. Hopefully he will make it out of the warp room.

My world continues as peaceful as ever for a while. Nothing much happened until I became alerted to a death in my world. My heart skipped a beat in a mix of excitement and sorrow as I feared it was a norn that I had come to know very well and grown close to throughout all of these days. Indeed, as I clicked on the icon it took me too Chieko. Having died a peaceful death at ancient, at the age of 5 hours and 39 minutes. This is older than any female norn has lived in my world yet. Chieko, you have broken an age record for female norns and congratulations! May you rest in peace.

Without further adieu ( I know i'm repeating myself here), let me present to you the next reigning queen of Kono Sekai Wa! This little norn will live through the next migration and hopefully seed the next lands with her own sons and daughters. May I present to you, the second and last sister of the Chiyoe this whole blog started with.. Jinia!
I absolutely love her C1 norn head, and those big flashy eyes! I think she looks like a cute chibi with having no neck and all! Heres to you Jinia and may your days in Kono Sekai Wa be filled with joy and happiness!

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