Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Post #1

Hello creatures world! You can call me Kittie and I will be your entertainment for the duration of your reading this!
Forgive the mess. This is my first time blogging, let alone posting on a blog! I am here to blog about my creatures adventures. This will not be like the fabulous "Discovering Albia" that inspired me! If I were to follow each individual life of every norn in my world we would all go crazy! There could be as many as 20 or 30 norns in my world at a time. No.. I will be blogging about my world itself! Though, I will be following the lives of a few norns, so rest assured you will hear about them!

Now, a little bit about my current world. Some of you may have seen me in the DS game. DS is what I play with C1toDS. My world is called "Kono Sekai Wa" which means "this world" in Japanese.  I know it sounds all fancy until you get to know what it means, then its pretty plain and dull!

Now a little about the norns. In my world you will find that I breed my norns for intelligence. I put my norns through a rigorous (or maybe not) IQ test every time the breeding begins to get out of control. I weed out the norns that are born impaired, such as blind, or with obsessions that are life threatening. Some of you may have received some of these norns through the warp. I export them so that they do not spread their genetics throughout my world. Those that cannot mate are exported because they have a risk of dieing in my world and I am a nice "god" and I want to give them a chance to live. I have an agent installed that gives a norn pain when it runs into things. Repeatedly running into a wall can kill a norn pretty fast.

A word of warning now.. because I am new at this blogging thing, you may find my posts somewhat chaotic, not very organized, and messed up. I will do my best to learn how to post snapshots in an organized way pretty quickly. If anybody has tips feel free to comment.

Thank you for your attention! Have a great day!

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