Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Introduction to Kono Sekai Wa

Let me introduce you to my world. Here are some general pictures of how I keep the world my norns live in. I wanted to give it an autumny look but don't have any autumn trees. Norngirl's trees have pretty colors, so why not?

Here is my norn home. I keep treehugger trees around so my norns won't feel too crowded. I also keep a shee plushie there for them to play with to remind them of me! (yes I know i'm not actually a shee IRL. I like to pretend.) I also keep the norn fridge up top so they won't hoard around it their whole lives.

Here we have this part of my world and a couple of my norns making themselves at home where they usually hang out. The lemon treillis is the spot to hang out don't ya know.

And here we have an elder norn enjoying himself in this area.

 Let me introduce you to the norn of the day. Her name is Chiyoe and she is the only female norn in my world. I breed my norn society by keeping only 1 female of breeding age in my world. Females that hatch get exported to be imported in the order they were exported when a female dies. Chiyoe is the norn my hand is pointing to at the moment. She is old at 4 hours and 23 minutes.

Chiyoe has blessed my world with many children, thanks to the help of a young male norn named "Peni". Now, my world was recently suffering a severe shortage of males. Peni was sent by a good friend and saved my norn population. All these male norns are related to Peni. Just by coincidence while I was introducing you to Chiyoe, she became pregnant. Here she is just after laying her last egg... for as i was snapping the shot, she looked so happy.. and then peacefully passed away after a long, full norn life.

In my hand is the young man who hatched from Chiyoes last egg. His name is Wikvaya. He seems very healthy and bright eyed, also very cute! He has a bright future ahead of him!

Not pictured.. is my secret toxic norn population! You won't be seeing them ;) Because it's a secret!

Thank you for taking interest in my world. Now you know the basics. Sorry my posts are very long and my pictures very small, i'm afraid they'll be like this for a while if not forever until I figure a better way. I hope I can keep you interested to stay tuned. :)

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