Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Short, Busy Day

Most of my time online today was spent preparing for the migration tomorrow. See if you can spot one of these early changes today ;)

While getting ready for the big migration, of course I couldn't pay as close attention to the norns as usual, but I made sure not to neglect them either. I wouldn't want someone having an accident now would I. Unfortunately, one of my norns did have an accident, and I have no idea what happened. I got a death icon up on my screen and clicked to find a mysterious death. These things happen sometimes...

As this was the first thing that happened to me today, it was a little depressing. I used the hoverdoc to check for signs of poisoning, toxins or bacteria to no avail. Poor little Iwaichirou has passed on from mysterious causes.

Next, a few minutes later, I became alerted to Jinias first pregnancy. I was excited for the little norn and followed her to the norn home where she chose to lay her egg.

A little while later, out popped Jinyas first son. Meet Vinsu. He was the cutest little norn! As soon as he hatched with a bright smile decorating his face, he began to walk around the area in which he was layed, the upper norn home. He did what so many baby norns in my world do and I find curious, all he does is walk around looking at things. After reaching child stage they usually stop this and begin to act normally. All the while, with a little smile, he walked around looking at every single thing, over and over again, as if scientifically observing them. I reached up and grabbed a honey pot from the bee hives and handed it to him, which he accepted and sipped from happily while looking at things.

This is Ikku, the second son of Jinya. Unfortunately with being so busy I was unable to catch who the fathers were, but by the fact she was hanging around him, I would guess it was Veltin.

Noticing my norn garden seemed a little sparce, I searched for the rest of the norns and found this little santa norn by his lonseome in the jungle. Gerhard is doing what i've seen many santa norns do in the past when reaching old or ancient lifestage, which he is. They make their way here, and do nothing but sit and sleep for the rest of their hours. They always seem happy and never complain about anything, so I just let them be... I figure they must be retiring themselves in their own version of an elderly home. Previous attempts to introduce other norns so they won't feel lonely all alone resulted in the santa norn retreating the other norns.

Thats it for today. Sorry it's so short, but i'v been rather busy and the norns have a long night ahead of them. Tomorrow you can expect to see the new place they've migrated to!

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