Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Turning Over

Welcome back to another installment of Confessions of a Shee. Sorry there hasn't been an update in like a week.. I've been sick! Feeling much better now thank you :)

Todays update isn't going to be very long and involved. My world for the most part is pretty peaceful. Most of my adult norns are now reaching the ancient stage of their lives and approaching the inevitable. Such is the way of life! Many new norns have been born. So far Chieko still has a few hours to go to live her life and has plenty of opportunities to give birth to more! Her current female children number as 6, all youthed and exported now and all beautiful norns.

Lets get the deaths out of the way first. These deaths aren't super sad, because these norns have lived full lives and died naturally, not by the hands of some mean creature or accident. The first death I noticed fairly quickly on my screen as per the gravestone sign up at the top of my screen. I was very sad however to find it was Peni. I knew he was very old and his time was comming up soon, but I was not prepared for it to happen like, right now. I scrolled over to find him with a smile on his face and a ball right next to him that he may have been happily playing with. This put me at ease, knowing he probly wasn't in any suffering. He died at 5H 39M as ancient. It did puzzle me, with his walking problems, how he got up in the grendle jungle though..

The second death I found a little while later made me chuckle. Maybe I am a mean shee god, or maybe my feelings for this little norn were less than the others because of his abusive ways to Chieko, but I found this a little humorous. This is the abusive Ikuhiko that would not leave Chieko alone. He died at the age of 5H and 7M as ancient. Another long, full life and natural death. Now Chieko no longer has to worry about her or their children being bullied again.

Our little visitor! I checked back on her (Yes this is a female!) to find her expressing herself that she was very very angry. She was doing her angry dance with this Toxic norn bug for quite a while! She was expressing herself to the bug the whole time, telling it that she was angry. I never did catch her trying to hit the bug or anything though. Silly little norn. Lord knows why she was so angry at the toxic bugs! Because of her hardiman norn genes no doubt. Eventually little Ihoko made it to the norn meso, and thus passed the IQ test. Due to her being female, she was exported to be imported with the other females at another time.

Chieko on the other hand has found a new "mate" friend! This time, she does not find herself being abused, rather, he is very kind to her and leaves her alone when she retreats norn.

Chieko has spent much of her life and most of her time retreating norns thanks to her earlier life with Ikuhiko. I found this very sad, as she must get lonely. I was very pleased to find her at least tolerating Wikvaya, yes the famous last child of her sister. She still retreats him half of the time, but only half unlike with the other norns. Most of her time is spent alone where there are no other norns. Wikvaya and Chieko have not yet produced an egg together but my hopes are high.

Well there you have it. Another day in Kono Sekai Wa. Until next time!

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