Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Fabi Life and Spring

Since Fabi's last attempts at becomming a father were thwarted by another norn I decided to give him another chance. I plopped he and Jeanette in the tree house where they could be alone with the beautiful view of the waterfall out the window. I figured this was a perfect romantic setting for their potential kisspop. I played a little romantic music on the harp and soon there was a new pregnancy!

Since they had not gotten up in to the treehouse by themselves I thought it only fair that I also help them down. I carefully placed Fabi and the new mother to be on the ground beneath the treehouse. There Fabi watched as Jeanette grew and in a short amount of time layed a beautifully sky blue colored egg.

Jeanette and Fabi were paired together by me, sort of like a blind date, and so I didn't expect their romance to last past the kisspop or egg laying stage before one would wander off to do other things. To my pleasant surprise Jeanette and fabi stayed together as if they had fallen in love, and they also stayed close to the egg while it grew and the baby inside developed. Fabi watched the egg protectively. From the egg, however, hatched the most adorable little girl I have ever seen. You will see a picture of her soon. I was disappointed that it was a girl and not a boy. I did install that new script to make more boys but I can't tell yet that it is working...
After the birth of his newest daughter she wandered off to learn new things about the world and Fabi was left on his own. He sat by the cliff facing the waterfall and contemplated his life for a while. Had he accomplished everything he set out to? Time was growing short for him. He looked happy with his thoughts.

Meanwhile the fallow brothers decided the coolest place to hang out was by the volcano. There many beetles that I had placed beneath the treehouse were multiplying with little to now interference. They provide some valuable nutrients and so the brothers were thriving quite well on eating only them. It's funny to see a "deer" norn which should only be living off of fruits and vegetables actually chowing down carnivorously. I haven't quite figured out what they like doing all by themselves here the whole time but they look happy.
Checking back on Fabi he was spending some quality time with his new daughter. I anticipate the day I get to see what she looks like with a new mermaid tail when she grows up. Fabi carefully watched over his daughter while she played with the many toys around and generally had a good time.

I began to notice something strange that I wasn't used to seeing, lots of tiny wriggling things moving all over the ground. Then I realized, as I also discovered, that Agning was walking around picking up and eating every one that he could find! I looked up at my C2 bar and it was spring! Spring has finally sprung! Wait a minute.. these are caterpillars and Agning was eating them all! If this keeps up there won't be any butterflies during summer to lay more eggs for next year! I did my best to quickly pull Agning away from the caterpillars and stop them from all going extinct thanks to him. Every which way I pulled Agning there was another caterpillar there.. *slurp* or not. "no! No! Agning!" In the end there was one last caterpillar left right beside the swamp bridge and it was a race between my screen and Agning to see who would get to it first! Luckily I did and successfully pulled Agning all the way to the other side of the forest where he wouldn't be distracted by it and the caterpillar could grow up in peace. I'll do my best to protect it all spring.. but I just can't be in two places at once... we'll see!
Fabi had decided to take a travel accross the bridge and visit the fallow brothers. He was also occasionally eating up a beetle or two so I didn't have to worry about him starving. Nikorasu decided to become scared of the volcano door. That door has scared more norns in it's existance than I have I think!
The fallow brothers and Fabi all devised a plan to combat boredom and take an adventure where no norn has gone before! They took the nearest lift to the top of the treehouse above the swamp! Fabi marveled at the craftmanship while I wondered if it was ettins who were supposed to have built this and lived here.

Just off to the left of my screen I noticed a bug crawling around... "what.. there aren't supposed to be any bugs there..." I scrolled my camera and gasped in surprised when I found not only a billion bettles but also the missing doggy toy! How'd that all get up there! A norn must have snuck up there somehow and placed them there.. but I don't remember ever seeing a norn stray from my sights..I scratched my head in bewilderment and tried to trace backwards the path that lead to that room, that a stray norn might have taken. The vehicle lead to a comms type room that was a dead end.. but then I noticed the teleporter so I searched for where it might have lead to..
Maybe I didn't search hard enough but the only other teleporter I could find was this one in the norn nursery cave. (Ok.. so I have my own name for everything.) And there were beetles here too! What the heck.. they're everywhere, like cockroaches! I panicked for a split moment as my plan to be organized with the placement of everything in my Nyrn world was destroyed.. but then, I calmed myself down and decided the beetles don't do any harm... so it's okay if they're other places.. 
After my brief bout of panic I calmed down and decided to check up on Fabi again. He was on the swamp bridge loving the moisture and wetness while playing with a ball. It was so adorable, he looked just like a kid again! Or a kitten rather, and just as happy being alone! All through Fabi's life he clung needfully to other norns and was never straying from any norns side, almost as if he had security issues. These days, i'm very happy to see him secure and happy all by himself.
I found the oldest fallow brother back by the ettin egg layer (by the volcano door) but one was missing.. where was the other one? I found Nikorasu in the scaffolding above the swamp apparently lost. He would walk left, then stop as if confused and continue right again, back and forth. Occasionally he would stop and look around. I felt sorry for him. I hope you find your way down eventually, we don't want you starving to death and there are no beetles up there.

Current norn population: 8


  1. Congratulations, Fabi! I've developed a soft spot for him, not just because he is adorable, but also because he seems so unique. What a beautiful daughter! Hopefully he'll be lucky enough to father at least one son in the near future.

    Those poor caterpillars! At least you managed to save one from Agning: I guess he was on a mission to wipe out the entire population! Or maybe caterpillars are a Norn delicacy...

  2. Through the harsh winter when many plants refused to grow the norns were having trouble finding things to eat amongst themselves, that's why I dropped the beetles in there, and my plan was successfull as you can see. The norns love to eat them. I think, because Agning got used to eating bugs that he also categorizes caterpillars as also edible, it's logical! I can't blame him for eating them, I just wish he wasn't so excited about it that he wipes out the whole species.

    I hope he'll father at least one son before he dies too, but I have my doubts. He's very ancient.

  3. I'm very glad to see that Fabi's doing so well, & his daughter is very cute. That is very amusing seeing Agning eat the caterpillars like candy, I never knew they were so tasty.
    It can difficult to tell if the script is working when there are so few eggs. Have you used cos files before? Are you sure you got it installed right?
    Cos files can sometimes be tricky to work with. If they aren't installed to the right spot they won't work, & it can sometimes be tricky to get them to work with an already made world, because the script has to be injected into the world. Any new world that is made after it is installed will have the script already added, so you won't have to worry about that. If you are using docking station, the file should be in the 010 Docking Station folder in the Bootstrap folder & all you have to do to add it to the world is this - while the game is running, press Ctrl, Shift & C all at the same time. In the bottom left corner some text should pop up, once it pops up type this: ject "z_no seasonal gender bias.cos" 7
    Then hit enter & if it says Ok the script was added to the world & you should see more male norns being born. Just remember to get rid of the text by pressing Ctrl Shift C again so that you don't accidentally type anything else might hurt the game.
    I hope that helps, I only learned how to inject cos files into a world recently myself. I just want to make sure that it did get installed correctly so that you can get the males you are hoping for.

  4. Thats it! Thank you so much Mea! The whole problem was I forgot to inject the script in to my world. I totally missed that part. Thank you again! :D

  5. There's definitely a couple more teleporters you've missed ;) Unlike in Creatures 2, the C2toDS version allows objects to be teleported, not just Norns. It's quite possible the bugs have been getting around your world via the teleporters. Although, I'm a little concerned they've figured out how to activate them themselves...scary thought.

  6. :D Glad to be of help. :D I hope there is a sudden burst of romance among all your norns & a huge pile of eggs not long afterwards with most of them being boys! :D

  7. I figured as much Arch, I just flicked my camera around in a hurry because I didn't want to stay away from my norns for too long, they tend to get themselves in to trouble.

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