Monday, July 25, 2011

All Norns Go To Heaven

The day started out as peaceful as always. The season had changed to spring and finally warmed up a little from the freezing teens it had been. The caterpillars had disappeared only to return not long later as butterflies. A year has passed since the first norns arrival in Nyrn and the season has changed. Even so, the occasional snow drifted down from a crisp spring sky.

Corran and Lionel watch happily as the snow falls from clouds far above the canopy. The temperature temporarily cools down in to the twenties. Spring brings with it temperatures averaging a comfortable seventy-something degrees at most times. This spring, it looks like, will be quite a tame one. On another note, the death cap mushrooms have taken over the world of Nyrn and now appear everywhere. I'm lucky that I have not yet had any norn die from them, and rarely does any dare to taste one. My norns are smart! The butterflies, however, have the unfortunate fate of being eaten by the norns, who have learned to eat critters (frogs) as well as insects for sustenance. Now that the spring has brought more food the forest comes alive with an abundance of sustenance! The norns still prefer to eat meat!
Above the swamp I found Agning once again exploring the scaffolding thingy. He has become the very first norn to reach the very top! A very impressive feat if I do say so myself. Not only must you be brave enough to stray where there is very little food, but also knowledgeable enough to know not to walk off the edges and get hurt. At the very top had been waiting a large jar of honey as a reward for any norn who successfully arrived there. Agning drank it all up quickly when he found it, so I happy refilled it and set it back there in case he wanted more. His attention now was on trying to find a way back down. I chuckled to msyelf as he appeared lost but knew eventually he would find his way down.
Jeanette has taken in to a little depression, never straying from the honey nest. She sleeps all day and wakes only to drink more honey before falling back asleep. Those rare momens she can sleep no more are filled with simply watching the honey. I felt bad for her, and had no idea what was amiss. I tried in vain to get her to eat some fruit or foods but she refused, only liking the honey. I began to get very worried. This behavior isn't healthy at all. After quite a while of this, I finally gave her a few slaps on the bottom and apparently it worked, jarring her out of her stupor long enough to rediscover healthy foods!
Recently I was told (thank you!) by someone that I needed to "ject" the coding in to my game to allow it to produce equal males and females from eggs. I did so and then decided to give Fabi another chance to produce a son. Like last time I plopped him and the newly happy Jeanette in to the "treehouse of loooove!", played some romantic music on the harp and watched the romance unfold. It took a few tries, but eventually another baby was on the way!
I plopped them both back down on the ground and watched Jeanette as she immediately began looking for the best place to lay her egg. Her love of honey brought her back to the nest, and while she looked lovingly at one of the many honey jars, she layed the egg near by. The egg just happened to be as golden as the honey itself! I have to wonder if her honey binge has bled off in to her reproductive system.
Success! From the golden egg popped a little, golden haired male! This is Ahaz. I was delighted to see he had inherited his fathers adorable neko face and his mothers cute, tiny body! There is only one problem, his body parts don't fit him! His mothers body parts float above his head, as you can see in the picture! I hope he will grow in to them... He doesn't look too good this way! Ahaz is generation 11.
Ahaz immediately found the lift and became addicted to pushing it! Up and down, up and down he went.. until it drove me crazy! I spent a minute trying to catch him to spank him in an attempt to get him to stop but every time my hand got close he was going doooown... or uuupp.. again. Finally I just plucked him out of the lift and gave him a spank. That stopped him, he went off to get something to eat. After I played the game, I took a look at his genetics and among other mutations I found that he actually gets a lot of boredom decrease from pressing buttons. Perhaps this is the reason of his fascination. I'll tell you more about it later.

Now, norns began dropping like flies from old age. The first death belonged to Lionel. I found him in the tall grass beside a button. Each death was peaceful and without pain and each norn lived a long life, so I couldn't be happier for them! The second death was Corran's. He also went peacefully, though when the camera snapped his picture he was behind Fabi so you can't see him very well. Next went the tough Jago. I was sad to be seeing all of these norns go but knew it was the natural proces of life. Fabi also passed, and was one of the last to do so at a whopping 6 hours and 40 minutes! This is a new record for the longest life lived in my creatures existance! Congratulations Fabi! I hope you passed this amazing gift of long life on to your children! Finally, Agning left us. Agning was a loving friend to many norns, even though he slapped some of them some times. Rest in peace guys!

Genetics of Ahaz:
Curiosity got the best of me and I took a look at Ahaz's genetics. There didn't appear to be anything of huge difference, just some small, amusing ones.
The most interesting to me, perhaps because I'm not sure exactly what it means, is, from Alcohol a normal norn would become drunk. Ahaz gets drunk from histamine B instead. The two lines comparing Ahaz to a normal norns genome said this, in place of alcohol was Histamine B. Can anyone explain what this means for Ahaz? Does this mean he is immune to getting drunk from alcohol? Or simply that he gets drunk from histamine B as well as alcohol?

Next, instead of the normal gate a norn would have when they consume alcohol, which is the drunk one, Ahaz performs gate 15. Does anyone know what gate this is? I don't know the gates.

Ahaz gets slightly more injury from glycotoxin,

Ahaz has unfortunately inherited his mothers trait of feeling suffocated or having trouble breathing when urinating.

When reproducing, Ahaz's offspring have a less degree and less chance of mutation when Ahaz is under stress during conception. (I hope that made sense, was hard to form this sentance.)

Hearing other norns talk reduces Ahaz's crowdedness. Ahaz gets fewer carbs from fruit than the normal norn. Food reduces hunger for protine less, in fact by half less.

Ahaz gets norn home smell from friendly plants! I'm not sure if this means from eating friendly plants or simply being around them. I'm wondering if this is from some butterfly norn genetics way back.

Interestingly.. I also discovered Ahaz gets comfort from being in a grendel home. Not sure why this is. Well, that's it! Feel free to add your corrections or thoughts!

Current norn population: 3


  1. At least the deaths were very peaceful and pretty expected. It's always sad to see such loveable characters pass on, but I'm glad to know that there are more waiting in the ranks! Ahaz is adorable, even with his somewhat confusing body part placement!

    He definitely has some interesting genetics. I can't say for sure without looking at his genome, but it sounds like alcohol will do nothing to him: He'll only get drunk from sneezing, which is quite strange! I don't know much about gaits, either. Funny how his mutations are pretty much centered around drunkenness and alcohol!

    Thanks for adding in the genetics discussion: Reminds me that I need to do some more research myself and share some more tutorials! Good luck!

  2. That's funny! Maybe he'll enjoy getting sick!, comparable to a nice drink. Not that I would let him do that just for a good time. :P

  3. The floating body parts are usually due to either missing att files or badly made att files. I'm going to guess missing att files for at least most of them. When att files are missing it will use the att files from one of the other breeds next to it, I just can't remember off hand if it is the one before or the one after that it will take the att files from.
    It highly possibly that Fabi & Ahaz have butterfly norn genetics since they are descended from a breeding experiment I had been working on. It's been a long while since I was working on it, so I've forgotten some of the breeds that I had been using for it. When I got a norn that had most of the traits I was looking for I took his genome & turned it into the genetic file that I bred Fabi from.
    If you wanted to look at that genetic file Fabi was descended from, you can find it in the zip file at the bottom of the first post in this thread -

  4. It is sad to see that so many of those norns have died so close together, but I'm glad that Fabi was finally able to give to the boy you were looking for. It's also sad that the others didn't give you more offspring to pass on their genetics. Did Lionel give you any to pass on his amazing intelligence?

  5. I don't think Lionel did. It is sad, I feel bad they didn't get a chance to pass on their liniage but also happy I was able to give them a good life. Thank you Mea!