Friday, July 20, 2012


Ok so.. I just got angry. I have been waiting for C4 to come out when it was promised and when the time neared I became super excited and stopped playing Creatures in anticipation! I never intended to stop playing Creatures forever. Then it never came.

One of my pet peeves about game releases is when they're put off. I understand that things go wrong, things take longer than intended, but when a promise of a game release is made and not kept it Pizzes(Not a real curse word) me off. I believe promises should be kept.

Do I want a buggy game released? I can put up with that! I am willing to help the developers work through their bugs and in fact love to play tester. Updates can be made, the game can be improved while it's played. I've close beta tested many games in the past and enjoyed the poop out of it. (Maybe i'm one of the minority?) My belief is that people should keep their promises. Skyrim pushed back release for a long time and I was so angry about that when it happened that I nearly didn't buy the game when it finally was released.

Anyways i'm so very annoyed at that (I've finally just today calmed down enough about it to post a "what's going on?" post in my blog) that I may not be playing Creatures 3 for a VERY long time, though i've not given up on it entirely. Sorry folks. :T