Friday, July 20, 2012


Ok so.. I just got angry. I have been waiting for C4 to come out when it was promised and when the time neared I became super excited and stopped playing Creatures in anticipation! I never intended to stop playing Creatures forever. Then it never came.

One of my pet peeves about game releases is when they're put off. I understand that things go wrong, things take longer than intended, but when a promise of a game release is made and not kept it Pizzes(Not a real curse word) me off. I believe promises should be kept.

Do I want a buggy game released? I can put up with that! I am willing to help the developers work through their bugs and in fact love to play tester. Updates can be made, the game can be improved while it's played. I've close beta tested many games in the past and enjoyed the poop out of it. (Maybe i'm one of the minority?) My belief is that people should keep their promises. Skyrim pushed back release for a long time and I was so angry about that when it happened that I nearly didn't buy the game when it finally was released.

Anyways i'm so very annoyed at that (I've finally just today calmed down enough about it to post a "what's going on?" post in my blog) that I may not be playing Creatures 3 for a VERY long time, though i've not given up on it entirely. Sorry folks. :T


  1. I understand your frustration, Kittie! I had a feeling of deep disappointment when Creatures 4 was delayed until the end of this year... I had pictured myself enjoying the game over the summer and having something to enjoy when it was too hot to do anything else. I understand the fact that the delay was meant to produce a better product, but I still would have liked to have the game when it was intended. Especially since it was delayed from late 2011 already.

    Take some time off: No worries! I would love to read more about your world eventually, but I would want to take a break if I was in your shoes. I think that's where part of my absence came from in May/June. Hopefully this extra wait will be worth it in the end!

    1. Wow thank you so much for understanding! I was worried my post would come off as more of a "complaining" one when I wasn't intending that at all. I did catch myself leaning in that direction during the third paragraph. XD

      When a game is pushed back once, I get annoyed. When, like Skyrim, it's pushed back multiple times - it just DRIVES ME CRAZY! I think because I had just been getting over Skyrim's stupidity (Don't get me wrong, I love playing Skyrim!) that I am kind of drained of patience for such things for a good while.

  2. Admittedly, I did get that "this person's overreacting" vibe from this post, but this is coming from someone who doesn't care about C4 at all. Your disappointment is understandable, at any rate.

  3. Honestly I wasn't at all surprised by the delay. The lack of news leading up to the release date made me skeptical it was going to work. That's probably the only reason I wasn't so annoyed, I knew it was coming.
    I'd love it if they came out with a test beta, but you never want to release a buggy product. You'll lose more players than a delay doing that.
    I've spent this weekend playing the Guilld Wars 2 beta, and I've had Minecraft since alpha. I'm with you, beta testing is awesome fun.
    I've had a good break from Creatures for a couple of months (also playing Skyrim) but starting to get back into it now. I say enjoy the break with some other games and come back when you're ready. Maybe C4 will be released by then ;)

  4. Hey Kittie, I've finally caught up with all the posts on your blog. I've been really enjoying it so far, thanks for all the tales of your creatures. If you ever do get back into it again, I'm sure I'd keep on reading. :) I loved how you gave your Creatures special events and holidays such as Christmas and Halloween too. That was so sweet and heartwarming. I'm tempted to try it on my Blog around Christmastime this December.