Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oldest Living Norn and A New Family Member

The land has been swathed in peace. Each norn goes about his or her time relaxing, eating and playing. There are currently no slappy norns except for the rare occasional by one of the boys, and no dangers in the world. If there were a little bit more of an abundance of food one might even dare to compare it to the garden of eden. Jeshi spends most of her time on the bridges while the rest of the norns, all male, tend to stick to the ground. Apples fall in both places, so I let them be wherever they wish, while hoping Jeshi will eventually venture down, or a male venture up to produce a new egg. 
There is no better time than now during this period of peace for a new visitor to grace the world. Through the warp was sent this cute little button named Agafusa. Agafusa was recieved in a bit of a frightened state for reasons unknown and stayed in this state the whole time was in the warp room. He likes to play with buttons and is a generation 1 Chichi, purebred! With his arrival came an instant message from his previous owner and we had a good little chat. Quite a friendly fellow he was, and fun to talk to! I believe Agafusa came from a good world.
As the time passes the norns age a little bit older and get closer to their time to pass from this world. Kou aged (sorry the speech bubble kind of blocks the view) and now posesses a pretty array of pastel colors on his wings. I do love how butterfly norns have beautiful wings throughout their lifetime. Most norns in my opinion grow a bit dull colored with age but Kou proudly displays his beautiful if not delicate wings as he plays in the snow hill and scavenges for nuts.
This time we have a death to be celebrated! Deaths are always a bit of a sad thing, at least a little bit, but when a norn lives to be so old I can't help but think I must celebrate this long and full life this norn has lived! Chestnut, one of my dearest norns, has finally passed away at the ripe old age of 5 hours and 58 minutes! A new record for every norn in my norn history! RIP Chestnut!
I returned to the warp room to check on Agafusa. I must admit I didn't have much hope of seeing him pass the IQ test because of his love for buttons. But I was overjoyed to see he wasn't there! I found him, having passed the test with flying colors, in the norn meso. I quickly transported him to his new home in the norn treehouse and he immediately took a liking to the toys. The new change of invironment from the harsh machine decorated warp room to the lush nature of the world seems to have brightened his outlook too and he was no longer scared!
Jeshi met Agafusa near the toys, but it wasn't until they reached the button that Agafusa decided to play with instead that I was able to get the snapshot taken. Jeshi follows Agafusa and enjoys the company of this newbie very much! Agafusa doesn't seem to mind Jeshi's accompaniment but doesn't seem to pay attention to her either. He just stood there with a bright grin on his face pushing the button with his tiny norn paw.

Jeshi aged up to elder on the bridges during a rest. Her walk, like the rest of the elder norns, changed to that short stepped old person walk that I find so adorable. No longer will she be zipping around with the energy of a youngster, but she still enjoys her time and traveling. I can't help but wonder, as I watched her resting there, if she will have any more children.

Jeshi traveled from the bridges for the first time in quite a while and made her way to the ground, joining the rest of the males. Maybe the apples had all been eaten on the bridges because that is what Jeshi was aiming for. She walked over to the apples and took a big bite, eating all that she could find. She may be old but she's not in the rocking chair yet!
Agafusa was left alone in the bridges and seemed quite content all by himself too. He smiled happily as he played with all of the toys, and loved playing with the mechanical robot. Agafusa didn't seem to pay much attention to Jeshi when she was there, maybe he is just a loner.

This snapshot is a little bit abstract since I couldn't really get a good snapshot of what I was actually meaning to take a snapshot of. The dispenser is off the screen to the left and is what Jeshi was eating from. I believe it is the cheese dispenser by the egg laying machine in the very bottom left of the room. Jeshi had decided to take a long trip down there and was followed by many norns along the way, maybe hoping to mooch off of Jeshi's dispenser pushing skills... or maybe hoping to learn how to do it themselves from watching her.

Well that raps it up for today. Sorry I haven't been posting much. My attention has been cought by something else, but don't fear, I wouldn't forget any of you. Till next time.

Current norn population:4
Current elder norns: 2

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Small Party

No, not the kind you attend. By party i'm simply meaning a small party of norns. Today I felt like taking a couple bigger screen shots to show all of the norns on one screen. We'll get to that at the end of the post. My world has shrunk very much due to the intelligence test. I'm finding the lack of hectic large norn numbers quite refreshing.
Seeking privacy behind the elevator button Jeshi and Chestnut found a romance with each other almost immediately. They kisspopped several times before finally creating a pregnancy. This shot was captured just as Jeshi became pregnant! Chestnut has not fathered many children, though he has a few most of them are females and no longer in this world. They will be future queens though. I was hoping to find a son in this pregnancy, but little did I know at this point that Jeshi would bless the world with another daughter.
The egg was layed and Jeshi and Chestnut settle down next to it to keep eachother worm, comfy and cozy for a big sleep! I always love when Chestnut squats down or lays down, he looks so adorable curled up! I absolutely love the long legs of the santa norn and am always pleased when I see an offspring has inherited them.

Then, from the warp arrived a visitor. My first visitor in quite a while, and so I was very excited to see him. My excitement soon disappeared as he began displaying unsavory behavior. Namely, as I watched, he was constantly fearful. Here he pushed the elevator button to lower the elevator, and when it made that hiss sound when they move he immediately threw his arms in the air and began running away from it in fear! Goodness knows what his last world was like to make him so afraid of things, or maybe it's a genetic defect!
Once again the game has messed up the snapshot a little bit, but as you can see not long after his arrival, little Benjirou has failed the IQ test by not making it out. He died on the top floor in the lift for reasons unknown, perhaps sheer fear? Poor little norn.

Back in the norn treehouse I plopped a refridgerator from the C1toDS room for the norns to stuff their faces with. I did this because I had to take a short time away from the computer and didn't want to leave it paused for a very long time. I wanted to make sure my norns wearn't going to starve while I was gone, and this was a very good method to do that. The norns enjoyed a plentiful bounty of food for a short time! However, I came back to found Jeshi was sitting in the very same spot she was at when I left, and hadn't moved. Worried I looked at the mind reader agent and found she thought she was sleeping next to the seeds. Wondering why she would think such a thing for so long, I looked at her needs and she was severely hungry for starch! I deduced from this that she had forgotten how to eat seeds or something! I noticed her sleeping next to seeds when they fell from the trees in the past many times but thought nothing of it... but this explains it. I had to teach her to eat the seeds all over again.
Chestnut takes a nap by the pond in the snow drift. He likes to take lots of naps these days, because he is very up there in age. The oldest living norn in my world has been recorded to die at 5 hours and 39 minutes. Chestnut is now well over that! When this picture was taken he was documented to be 5 hours and 29 minutes, but lived far beyond that. He has not yet died and when he does it will be a new record. Go Chestnut! What's your secret?
Jeshi has also changed her method of play. She no longer touches or pushes the toys.. now her favorite way to play with them is to hit them and smack them around. She doesn't do this with other norns thankfully, just toys, and it's the only way I see her playing these days. Maybe she is taking her life frustrations out on them? To her right you can see the daughter from Chestnut and Jeshi's egg. She turned out quite beautiful didn't she? She has a chichi head, pink butterfly body, zebra arms that match beautifully, and Chestnuts long legs! She will make a beautiful future queen.
Liebhard has kept pretty low lately, both physically and low on the radar. He doesn't seem to do much and is a very mellow norn. He has a promonent limp due to a dead muscle organ but gets around well enough to survive. When the grazers here came close enough for him to get his norny paws on he reached down and bit one right on the back! I don't think he actually got any nutrition from trying to eat one, but he seemed to have fun doing it!

And now for a couple of giant screen shots for you to enjoy!

Current norn population: 4 (daughters don't count since they will be exported)

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Intelligence Test

     I decided it was about time to do an intelligence test to see just how smart my norns were, and to cull out the less favorable ones. It has been some time since the last IQ test and there has been time for some non-intelligence to creep into the gene pool I think. As this test is a non migration one, it is a little different. I wanted to test a couple of specific areas. Specifically I wanted to test their ability to problem solve and their reactions when in distress.
     I decided to do the first test in the most perfect place I could think of, the C1toDS room. I set it up so that every single food and toy item was situated up by the bee hives. Then I would place the norns one at a time in the top of the tree house made of bamboo. The idea was to see if they could get to their want (either toys or food) without stupidly walking off the edge of the bridge and fall onto the ground. My goal was not to kill these norns, it is not a "the smart will live the stupid will die" test like the migration IQ tests are. My plans are to keep the smarter ones, and send away those who did not so well. In saying this I kept the invisible gates up so that if the norn did try to just walk left instead of using the vehicle they will not fall off. The vehicle when used would carry them to the norn home with all of the food and toys.
     This test is a fairly easy one, as the vehicle is their only obsticle. I was aware if I made the test too challenging, none of the norns might pass. If I did want to make it more challenging I might set them on the ground and see if they knew to use the lifts to get to the vehicle that would take them to the food and toys. Also, I didn't take pictures during the test, as it was a very busy time for me. I did include pictures of the norns though, so that you can remember what they looked like, which norns i'm referring to.

Without further adieu, here are the results of the test.
Chestnut was a fairly good norn, though he did try to walk off the edge of the bridge once, but eventually managed to get on the lift and take himself to the food, which was a great reward!

Kinzo tried to get to the food by trying to walk off the side of the bridge. He would walk left in the foods direction, but bump into the invisible wall. And if the lift WAS there, he ran away from it! It turns out Kinzo has a fear of lifts. I am guessing this is due to being hijacked by them from other norns so many times in his past.

Cashiew.... just tried to eat the button.

Liebhard repeatedly bumped into the invisible wall in an attempt to walk off the bridge. I was about to give up on him when he eventually made it into the lift and was carried to the food.

Kou.. when injected with hunger stimuli to get him to want to take the test... grabbed the nearest humming bird (classified as "critter") from the sky and had a great time eating IT! This reaction was highly unanticipated! Needless to say I was dumbfounded and shocked at his behavior, and so decided to write it off as a pass.

Almond.... ate the button. FAIL!

Aitarou bumped into the invisible wall multiple times in an attempt to walk off the edge of the bridge, then decided retreat was the best course! Another fail.

Brazil.... also decided the button was quite tastey.

Last but not least, Todd was next. He bumped into the invisible wall multiple times when the lift was not present. When the lift arrived for him to use, he retreated it in fear of it. 

Unfortunately after this test many have been warped away, only three males remained. Due to me only having one female at a time, Jeshi did not participate. The remaining norns are Chestnut, Kou and Liebhard whom passed! Congratulations on being so smart guys! The others were warped one at a time out to their new owners. Because I decided to only keep three males, it would seem cruel to "cull" the tiny herd of three after that. So the second test was omitted.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Return From A Journey To A Frigid Land

Brazil pulled the norns to and from the frigid tundra land with his obsession for pushing the teleporter, many many times. It is only when he tired and layed down to sleep that anybody was able to break free. Some broke free into the tundra land while others were carried along to their home lands after Brazil had again awoken. This happened a couple of times. During one of Brazils naps Kinzo took the opportunity to explore the magical golden device, a very mysterious artifact, nearby. He pushed it and was instantly imbued with the knowledge of languages! Kinzo is now one of the smartest norns in Kono Sekai Ni Wa!
Brazil awoke to find nearly everyone had departed into their home lands. Brazil however, didn't find them interesting enough to stay, and instead pushed the teleporter once again transporting himself back to the tundra. There he seemed quite happy among the cold, and snow! Shivers that ran down his spine occasionally didn't seem to bother him either! There he found a friend in Cashiew who also enjoys the tundra.

Indeed everyone had returned to the home lands, having broken away from Brazils mania for the teleporter. They didn't look very happy though, and were all mighty exhausted. All that teleporting had worn them out. Jeshi came to welcome home the crowd of norns that had been missing. I wonder if she missed them too.

Cashiew was among those who had returned, but decided it was much more fun to be in the tundra. He soon took the elevator back up to the hill to the teleporter and returned to the tundra. I found he was a very smart norn, and skilled in finding himself food. He learned to push the empathic food vendor all by himself and to feed himself through it! He spent his days playing among the snow, with the icicles and toys sparcely scattered throughout the tundra. What a mighty and vast place this is! Nothing but snow as far as the eye can see, and the horizon is just as white as the ground!
Back home Jeshi has found something to entertain herself with! The nest of bee's above her which she looked at for quite some time, inspecting closely even though she can't possibly reach up that high. I pushed the nest for her to show her the bees. They buzzed around her and she watched in wonderment, even reaching out and snatching some from the air, then eating them! I was a little concerned if they would hurt her when eaten like the stingers do in the norn meso.. but she seemed perfectly fine.
Jeshi decided to present the world with another egg. The very top of it is just poking out of the side of the hill just to the right of her. It grew and eventually hatched into a cute little girl norn who was the epitome of "butterfly"!

 Not long after, another egg was layed by Jeshi and another little girl norn hatched from it. I was pleasantly intrigued to find this egg was an exact copy of the one still housed in the elevator. Unfortunately due to mysterious causes the child within this egg passed away not long after hatching.
Many of the journeyers that had returned chose the underground passage that the elevator goes to, to rest. Here many stayed, and appeared to not know what to do next. They grew hungry and weary, napping often because of low food supplies. Liebhard, when instructed to eat food by myself, was the only one to actually stand up, walk to the far left where the cheese dispenser is, and get some! His intelligence impresses me still! His example showed the other norns how to do it and they soon followed suit.
Jeshi had decided to check on those that had journeyd and spent a little bit of time with them. While there, she also did partake in some of the shee cheese. The travel to the rest of the norns had made her weary as well, which shows quite a bit in this picture.
Among those who had decided to rest in the underground passage by the elevator was Walnut. Walnut had not gotten to the food quick enough and passed away from lack there of. I was sad to see he had passed for such a reason, but he was not smart enough to follow his nose to the cheese such as the other norns were. Rest in peace Walnut.

The norns time spent in the tundra world was much longer than this post can express. Note that I had been playing creatures far longer than the screen shots give way to. The journey there and home was a mighty one for such little norns and the one casualty that resulted, though sad, was not impossible to imagine.

Current surviving norns in the world: 10

Sunday, January 9, 2011


This day started out as normal as any other. Many norns were exploring, eating the nuts and apples that fell from the trees, and pushing toys. From the pack of norns broke away Chestnut chasing after some nuts that had rolled down the pond branch. I always watch carefully now whenever some norns are near the pond, but Chestnut doesn't seem to have any trouble retrieving them. After eating a couple, he decided to take a rest on the snowy branch, and discovered a hole in the side of the hill. Chestnut peered in curiously with wide green eyes at what might be in there! Unfortunately there isn't anything in there at the moment, or maybe he does see something?

Once his curiosity was satisfied, he walked back into the pond to see what that green thing at the bottom was. It happens to be a dead dragonfly, but he knows it to be waste. His fascination with the waste surprised me. Chestnut decided that pulling it, pushing it, getting it and dancing around it was interesting! I like to let norns discover things and learn on their own, but there was a part of me the whole time that wanted to drag Chestnut away from the "waste" and tell him "ew! No! Thats gross."
Meanwhile, Cashiew has decided to take a little adventure all by himself. He rediscovered the elevator beside the learning room and took it down to the bottom floor. I didn't see this, but he must have been surprised that nature was suddenly replaced by machinery. I found him by the cheese machine very confused. I didn't hesitate to push the dispenser and teach him a thing or two about how cheese comes out of it. Chestnut was caught in a blink, but he doesn't seem to enjoy eating the cheese as much as the fruit and nuts from the trees. He still decided to taste some anyway.
Kinzo decided to see what all the commotion was and also took the elevator down. A quick rest was taken once he reached the floor, but he soon walked over to meet Chestnut. Kinzo has grown to youth stage and is turning out to be in my opnion quite an average norn.

Kinzo was soon trailed by Chestnut whom is also very adventurous today (as you can tell) and they all met Cashiew by the cheese machine. There happened to be a little flying saucer toy there that caught all three of their attentions at once. Then the cutest thing happened, they all decided to play with it together. I know it may look like they're fighting over it, but in this picture they're atually taking turns pushing it before it even lands from the air! For some reason Cashiew thinks this is mischievious fun and has an angry looking smile on his face! Just after this picture was taken Kinzo decided a sleep was needed.
Done with the cheese and toys Cashiew decides to explore other unpopulated regions. The elevator carried him to the very top of the snowy hill that no norn ever goes. There he walked to the cuirous looking metal machine and pushed it, and was very surprised to suddenly be in a very different environment! All around him nothing but snow, and it's very cold!
Again Cashiew is followed by several other norns who are super curious as to what he is doing. Among them are Chestnut and Brazil (the one with the butterfly wings). Brazil, throwing caution to the wind, haphazardly decided pushing the teleporter repeatedly would be a jolly good time! Along with him came every norn that decided to tag along, against their will. They were not yet ready to brave the teleporter, but had no choice with Brazil there!
Many norns ended up looking very sad and hurt and whimpering from the hijack of the teleporter, but Chestnut, who is half santa norn, seemed right in his element! When brazil fell asleep at the teleporter a couple of norns were able to break free, already having been transported to this snowy, tundra world. Chestnut looked very happy with a relaxed smile on his face and settled down to rest next to an icicle.
Kinzo, once again exhausted for some reason, didn't have time to look around his new sorroundings. He must have inhereted his mothers sleepiness. I am not sure if its genetics or what. Hopefully it won't get worse with age. He has also developed a very promonent limp, but it does not impede him from getting around. His limp is found from a completely dead muscle organ, which regulates gate. This was once, long ago, a genetic defect in my norn population and must have been carried on through Jeshi.

Liebhard was not pleased at all at the hijacking! He just wanted to see what everyone else was doing when suddenly he was swept away in a swirling electrical field! I certaintly hope everyone will get back to their home and other norns in time or they may very well be stuck there the rest of their lives. There is very little food, only one food dispenser, the empathic one from the warp room and none of the norns really know english to express for food. I will do my best to teach them to push the vender, good luck guys.

Until next time!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Two New Children

The sad death of Ghulam greeted me into the world. Inspections have detected no obvious reason for the death, none of his drives were high. Deaths are generally much easier to deal with emotionally when I know the reason for it, even when its my fault and an accident. When they are random and mysterious the question is left "Why?". Over these past months playing with this very same norn family through the generations I have become a victim of becomming attatched to individual norns, which I didn't plan on doing. And so, like many others before him, this mysterious death of Ghulam frustrated me. 
RIP Ghulam.
And with death comes new life! I am pleased to announce Jeshi's first pregnancy. Jeshi had been standing around beating these drums day and night, in fact she'd grown quite tired doing it as you can see, but pressed the drums over and over through her tiredness. Cashiew had grown tired too, but without the passion for the drums that Jeshi had he has moved on, and in his place came Todd. Todd spent hours pushing the drums with Jeshi, and it had apparently formed a romance because Todd is the first father of Jeshi's hopefully long line of children. Jeshi didn't even bother to follow her instincts to approach norn home. Her love of the drums has driven her to lay the egg right next to them. perhaps the smooth beats of her mother will hatch a new musician!
From this egg sprang forth the first offspring of Jeshi. Jeshi and Todds child produced a very cute little boy named Kinzo. Kinzo has inherited his mothers body, and the rest of his parts are from his father. Kinzo proves to be a very intelligent and adventurous young norn! His first steps from his egg are to explore his immediate sorroundings, and push the icicles and toys that lay around. It is yet to be seen if he has enherited his mothers unusually strong love for toys.
Kinzo's first adventure takes him past the norn house to the edge of the bridge where the sludge gun and moving platform are. There he spends quite a while playing with the falling snow! It was so cute, as it always is, to see the baby norn playing with the falling snowflakes, that are almost as big as he is! He stood there getting, approaching, watching, eating and pushing the snow, and much more! Jeshi seemed safe and having fun so there I left him while I went to look after his mother a little more. She is still quite new in this world and I don't want anything to happen to her so soon.

I found Jeshi resting with a pot of honey in her hands. She had been acting very lethargic lately, doing nothing much but sleeping so I dropped some honey for her to sip with the hopes it would pick up her energy a little bit. It seemed to work, for not long later Brazil came over and proved that he had what it takes to become a daddy! Jeshi's second pregnancy was spent resting with her medicinal honey pot in the warm norn home.

A little while later, with honey pot still in hand, she layed a beautiful sky blue egg. The shiny shell will hold the second future of Kono Sekai Ni Wa. Jeshi looked quite happy after she'd layed the egg and I took that to mean she had an easy pregnancy and lay.
The egg grew and eventually hatched out a little boy norn named Liebhard. Liebhard is the product of the marriage between Jeshi and Brazil. Curiously enough, Liebhard doesn't seem to posess any of the looks of his father, but all of them of his mother. Liebhard posesses some chichi looking bodyparts, so perhaps those are the only ones he inherited from his father. Like his half brother Kinzo, Liebhard proves to be a curious and adventurous norn. He goes exploring the norn home and playing with the toys that lay around.

With two little baby norns to watch over now I was kept on my toes switching between them. I switched to Kinzo next to find him in the learning room! I don't make my norns go in there because they can throw fits and end up hurting themselves or having slapping fits. Rarely, then, does the learning room get discovered and used. Kinzo is the very first norn here to actually find and go into it by himself! This will be documented and he will be celebrated among norns! I emptied some cheeses out for Kinzo to eat while he learned and he seemed greatfull for them.
Back at the treehouse Liebhard has found the coffee. The warmth and intoxicating caffeine it provides him energy with is addicting and he ends up drinking much of it, and carrying it around with him. While I left him alone to check again on his half brother he would occasionally set it down to push a toy, before picking it up and carrying it around some more. I am hoping that much caffeine won't have any negative side affects on him in the long run.

Kinzo grabbed one last cheese from the learning room for the road after a long learning session and walked accross the room to the door, pushed it, and marched out. Occasionally Kinzo would stop to take another bite from the cheese. By the time Kinzo reached the elevator he had finished the cheese with a satisfied grin and shows off his new vocabulary!
At the treehouse Liebhard is still enjoying the coffee. I don't know if the coffee has any nutritional value so it worries me that he isn't eating any food, but just the coffee so far. Hopefully he'll find something else to eat in the future!