Sunday, January 9, 2011


This day started out as normal as any other. Many norns were exploring, eating the nuts and apples that fell from the trees, and pushing toys. From the pack of norns broke away Chestnut chasing after some nuts that had rolled down the pond branch. I always watch carefully now whenever some norns are near the pond, but Chestnut doesn't seem to have any trouble retrieving them. After eating a couple, he decided to take a rest on the snowy branch, and discovered a hole in the side of the hill. Chestnut peered in curiously with wide green eyes at what might be in there! Unfortunately there isn't anything in there at the moment, or maybe he does see something?

Once his curiosity was satisfied, he walked back into the pond to see what that green thing at the bottom was. It happens to be a dead dragonfly, but he knows it to be waste. His fascination with the waste surprised me. Chestnut decided that pulling it, pushing it, getting it and dancing around it was interesting! I like to let norns discover things and learn on their own, but there was a part of me the whole time that wanted to drag Chestnut away from the "waste" and tell him "ew! No! Thats gross."
Meanwhile, Cashiew has decided to take a little adventure all by himself. He rediscovered the elevator beside the learning room and took it down to the bottom floor. I didn't see this, but he must have been surprised that nature was suddenly replaced by machinery. I found him by the cheese machine very confused. I didn't hesitate to push the dispenser and teach him a thing or two about how cheese comes out of it. Chestnut was caught in a blink, but he doesn't seem to enjoy eating the cheese as much as the fruit and nuts from the trees. He still decided to taste some anyway.
Kinzo decided to see what all the commotion was and also took the elevator down. A quick rest was taken once he reached the floor, but he soon walked over to meet Chestnut. Kinzo has grown to youth stage and is turning out to be in my opnion quite an average norn.

Kinzo was soon trailed by Chestnut whom is also very adventurous today (as you can tell) and they all met Cashiew by the cheese machine. There happened to be a little flying saucer toy there that caught all three of their attentions at once. Then the cutest thing happened, they all decided to play with it together. I know it may look like they're fighting over it, but in this picture they're atually taking turns pushing it before it even lands from the air! For some reason Cashiew thinks this is mischievious fun and has an angry looking smile on his face! Just after this picture was taken Kinzo decided a sleep was needed.
Done with the cheese and toys Cashiew decides to explore other unpopulated regions. The elevator carried him to the very top of the snowy hill that no norn ever goes. There he walked to the cuirous looking metal machine and pushed it, and was very surprised to suddenly be in a very different environment! All around him nothing but snow, and it's very cold!
Again Cashiew is followed by several other norns who are super curious as to what he is doing. Among them are Chestnut and Brazil (the one with the butterfly wings). Brazil, throwing caution to the wind, haphazardly decided pushing the teleporter repeatedly would be a jolly good time! Along with him came every norn that decided to tag along, against their will. They were not yet ready to brave the teleporter, but had no choice with Brazil there!
Many norns ended up looking very sad and hurt and whimpering from the hijack of the teleporter, but Chestnut, who is half santa norn, seemed right in his element! When brazil fell asleep at the teleporter a couple of norns were able to break free, already having been transported to this snowy, tundra world. Chestnut looked very happy with a relaxed smile on his face and settled down to rest next to an icicle.
Kinzo, once again exhausted for some reason, didn't have time to look around his new sorroundings. He must have inhereted his mothers sleepiness. I am not sure if its genetics or what. Hopefully it won't get worse with age. He has also developed a very promonent limp, but it does not impede him from getting around. His limp is found from a completely dead muscle organ, which regulates gate. This was once, long ago, a genetic defect in my norn population and must have been carried on through Jeshi.

Liebhard was not pleased at all at the hijacking! He just wanted to see what everyone else was doing when suddenly he was swept away in a swirling electrical field! I certaintly hope everyone will get back to their home and other norns in time or they may very well be stuck there the rest of their lives. There is very little food, only one food dispenser, the empathic one from the warp room and none of the norns really know english to express for food. I will do my best to teach them to push the vender, good luck guys.

Until next time!

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