Monday, January 17, 2011

The Intelligence Test

     I decided it was about time to do an intelligence test to see just how smart my norns were, and to cull out the less favorable ones. It has been some time since the last IQ test and there has been time for some non-intelligence to creep into the gene pool I think. As this test is a non migration one, it is a little different. I wanted to test a couple of specific areas. Specifically I wanted to test their ability to problem solve and their reactions when in distress.
     I decided to do the first test in the most perfect place I could think of, the C1toDS room. I set it up so that every single food and toy item was situated up by the bee hives. Then I would place the norns one at a time in the top of the tree house made of bamboo. The idea was to see if they could get to their want (either toys or food) without stupidly walking off the edge of the bridge and fall onto the ground. My goal was not to kill these norns, it is not a "the smart will live the stupid will die" test like the migration IQ tests are. My plans are to keep the smarter ones, and send away those who did not so well. In saying this I kept the invisible gates up so that if the norn did try to just walk left instead of using the vehicle they will not fall off. The vehicle when used would carry them to the norn home with all of the food and toys.
     This test is a fairly easy one, as the vehicle is their only obsticle. I was aware if I made the test too challenging, none of the norns might pass. If I did want to make it more challenging I might set them on the ground and see if they knew to use the lifts to get to the vehicle that would take them to the food and toys. Also, I didn't take pictures during the test, as it was a very busy time for me. I did include pictures of the norns though, so that you can remember what they looked like, which norns i'm referring to.

Without further adieu, here are the results of the test.
Chestnut was a fairly good norn, though he did try to walk off the edge of the bridge once, but eventually managed to get on the lift and take himself to the food, which was a great reward!

Kinzo tried to get to the food by trying to walk off the side of the bridge. He would walk left in the foods direction, but bump into the invisible wall. And if the lift WAS there, he ran away from it! It turns out Kinzo has a fear of lifts. I am guessing this is due to being hijacked by them from other norns so many times in his past.

Cashiew.... just tried to eat the button.

Liebhard repeatedly bumped into the invisible wall in an attempt to walk off the bridge. I was about to give up on him when he eventually made it into the lift and was carried to the food.

Kou.. when injected with hunger stimuli to get him to want to take the test... grabbed the nearest humming bird (classified as "critter") from the sky and had a great time eating IT! This reaction was highly unanticipated! Needless to say I was dumbfounded and shocked at his behavior, and so decided to write it off as a pass.

Almond.... ate the button. FAIL!

Aitarou bumped into the invisible wall multiple times in an attempt to walk off the edge of the bridge, then decided retreat was the best course! Another fail.

Brazil.... also decided the button was quite tastey.

Last but not least, Todd was next. He bumped into the invisible wall multiple times when the lift was not present. When the lift arrived for him to use, he retreated it in fear of it. 

Unfortunately after this test many have been warped away, only three males remained. Due to me only having one female at a time, Jeshi did not participate. The remaining norns are Chestnut, Kou and Liebhard whom passed! Congratulations on being so smart guys! The others were warped one at a time out to their new owners. Because I decided to only keep three males, it would seem cruel to "cull" the tiny herd of three after that. So the second test was omitted.

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