Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Return From A Journey To A Frigid Land

Brazil pulled the norns to and from the frigid tundra land with his obsession for pushing the teleporter, many many times. It is only when he tired and layed down to sleep that anybody was able to break free. Some broke free into the tundra land while others were carried along to their home lands after Brazil had again awoken. This happened a couple of times. During one of Brazils naps Kinzo took the opportunity to explore the magical golden device, a very mysterious artifact, nearby. He pushed it and was instantly imbued with the knowledge of languages! Kinzo is now one of the smartest norns in Kono Sekai Ni Wa!
Brazil awoke to find nearly everyone had departed into their home lands. Brazil however, didn't find them interesting enough to stay, and instead pushed the teleporter once again transporting himself back to the tundra. There he seemed quite happy among the cold, and snow! Shivers that ran down his spine occasionally didn't seem to bother him either! There he found a friend in Cashiew who also enjoys the tundra.

Indeed everyone had returned to the home lands, having broken away from Brazils mania for the teleporter. They didn't look very happy though, and were all mighty exhausted. All that teleporting had worn them out. Jeshi came to welcome home the crowd of norns that had been missing. I wonder if she missed them too.

Cashiew was among those who had returned, but decided it was much more fun to be in the tundra. He soon took the elevator back up to the hill to the teleporter and returned to the tundra. I found he was a very smart norn, and skilled in finding himself food. He learned to push the empathic food vendor all by himself and to feed himself through it! He spent his days playing among the snow, with the icicles and toys sparcely scattered throughout the tundra. What a mighty and vast place this is! Nothing but snow as far as the eye can see, and the horizon is just as white as the ground!
Back home Jeshi has found something to entertain herself with! The nest of bee's above her which she looked at for quite some time, inspecting closely even though she can't possibly reach up that high. I pushed the nest for her to show her the bees. They buzzed around her and she watched in wonderment, even reaching out and snatching some from the air, then eating them! I was a little concerned if they would hurt her when eaten like the stingers do in the norn meso.. but she seemed perfectly fine.
Jeshi decided to present the world with another egg. The very top of it is just poking out of the side of the hill just to the right of her. It grew and eventually hatched into a cute little girl norn who was the epitome of "butterfly"!

 Not long after, another egg was layed by Jeshi and another little girl norn hatched from it. I was pleasantly intrigued to find this egg was an exact copy of the one still housed in the elevator. Unfortunately due to mysterious causes the child within this egg passed away not long after hatching.
Many of the journeyers that had returned chose the underground passage that the elevator goes to, to rest. Here many stayed, and appeared to not know what to do next. They grew hungry and weary, napping often because of low food supplies. Liebhard, when instructed to eat food by myself, was the only one to actually stand up, walk to the far left where the cheese dispenser is, and get some! His intelligence impresses me still! His example showed the other norns how to do it and they soon followed suit.
Jeshi had decided to check on those that had journeyd and spent a little bit of time with them. While there, she also did partake in some of the shee cheese. The travel to the rest of the norns had made her weary as well, which shows quite a bit in this picture.
Among those who had decided to rest in the underground passage by the elevator was Walnut. Walnut had not gotten to the food quick enough and passed away from lack there of. I was sad to see he had passed for such a reason, but he was not smart enough to follow his nose to the cheese such as the other norns were. Rest in peace Walnut.

The norns time spent in the tundra world was much longer than this post can express. Note that I had been playing creatures far longer than the screen shots give way to. The journey there and home was a mighty one for such little norns and the one casualty that resulted, though sad, was not impossible to imagine.

Current surviving norns in the world: 10

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