Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Two New Children

The sad death of Ghulam greeted me into the world. Inspections have detected no obvious reason for the death, none of his drives were high. Deaths are generally much easier to deal with emotionally when I know the reason for it, even when its my fault and an accident. When they are random and mysterious the question is left "Why?". Over these past months playing with this very same norn family through the generations I have become a victim of becomming attatched to individual norns, which I didn't plan on doing. And so, like many others before him, this mysterious death of Ghulam frustrated me. 
RIP Ghulam.
And with death comes new life! I am pleased to announce Jeshi's first pregnancy. Jeshi had been standing around beating these drums day and night, in fact she'd grown quite tired doing it as you can see, but pressed the drums over and over through her tiredness. Cashiew had grown tired too, but without the passion for the drums that Jeshi had he has moved on, and in his place came Todd. Todd spent hours pushing the drums with Jeshi, and it had apparently formed a romance because Todd is the first father of Jeshi's hopefully long line of children. Jeshi didn't even bother to follow her instincts to approach norn home. Her love of the drums has driven her to lay the egg right next to them. perhaps the smooth beats of her mother will hatch a new musician!
From this egg sprang forth the first offspring of Jeshi. Jeshi and Todds child produced a very cute little boy named Kinzo. Kinzo has inherited his mothers body, and the rest of his parts are from his father. Kinzo proves to be a very intelligent and adventurous young norn! His first steps from his egg are to explore his immediate sorroundings, and push the icicles and toys that lay around. It is yet to be seen if he has enherited his mothers unusually strong love for toys.
Kinzo's first adventure takes him past the norn house to the edge of the bridge where the sludge gun and moving platform are. There he spends quite a while playing with the falling snow! It was so cute, as it always is, to see the baby norn playing with the falling snowflakes, that are almost as big as he is! He stood there getting, approaching, watching, eating and pushing the snow, and much more! Jeshi seemed safe and having fun so there I left him while I went to look after his mother a little more. She is still quite new in this world and I don't want anything to happen to her so soon.

I found Jeshi resting with a pot of honey in her hands. She had been acting very lethargic lately, doing nothing much but sleeping so I dropped some honey for her to sip with the hopes it would pick up her energy a little bit. It seemed to work, for not long later Brazil came over and proved that he had what it takes to become a daddy! Jeshi's second pregnancy was spent resting with her medicinal honey pot in the warm norn home.

A little while later, with honey pot still in hand, she layed a beautiful sky blue egg. The shiny shell will hold the second future of Kono Sekai Ni Wa. Jeshi looked quite happy after she'd layed the egg and I took that to mean she had an easy pregnancy and lay.
The egg grew and eventually hatched out a little boy norn named Liebhard. Liebhard is the product of the marriage between Jeshi and Brazil. Curiously enough, Liebhard doesn't seem to posess any of the looks of his father, but all of them of his mother. Liebhard posesses some chichi looking bodyparts, so perhaps those are the only ones he inherited from his father. Like his half brother Kinzo, Liebhard proves to be a curious and adventurous norn. He goes exploring the norn home and playing with the toys that lay around.

With two little baby norns to watch over now I was kept on my toes switching between them. I switched to Kinzo next to find him in the learning room! I don't make my norns go in there because they can throw fits and end up hurting themselves or having slapping fits. Rarely, then, does the learning room get discovered and used. Kinzo is the very first norn here to actually find and go into it by himself! This will be documented and he will be celebrated among norns! I emptied some cheeses out for Kinzo to eat while he learned and he seemed greatfull for them.
Back at the treehouse Liebhard has found the coffee. The warmth and intoxicating caffeine it provides him energy with is addicting and he ends up drinking much of it, and carrying it around with him. While I left him alone to check again on his half brother he would occasionally set it down to push a toy, before picking it up and carrying it around some more. I am hoping that much caffeine won't have any negative side affects on him in the long run.

Kinzo grabbed one last cheese from the learning room for the road after a long learning session and walked accross the room to the door, pushed it, and marched out. Occasionally Kinzo would stop to take another bite from the cheese. By the time Kinzo reached the elevator he had finished the cheese with a satisfied grin and shows off his new vocabulary!
At the treehouse Liebhard is still enjoying the coffee. I don't know if the coffee has any nutritional value so it worries me that he isn't eating any food, but just the coffee so far. Hopefully he'll find something else to eat in the future!


  1. It seems like honey and coffee make any Norn happy and excited! I could just imagine what life would be living off of that diet... A whole lot of sugar and caffeine! Ha ha! I think honey can be quite useful, though, even though it has always been classified as a type of junk food. If a Norn already has a pretty balanced diet, letting him or her live on honey for a little while is not necessarily a bad thing. Plus, the happy faces that honey makes are a great way to get nice photos!

    Congratulations on the two new babies! They are both adorable, and I hope they lead very happy and healthy lives!

  2. Thank you. I use honey mostly when a norn sleeps most of the time. I don't know what causes it but sometimes one of my norns will only be awake for a minute or two then sleep for three or four. Once in a while this will also be accompanied by doing nothing while awake but resting. This is when honey comes to the rescue! It almost always fixes the situation too.