Friday, January 21, 2011

A Small Party

No, not the kind you attend. By party i'm simply meaning a small party of norns. Today I felt like taking a couple bigger screen shots to show all of the norns on one screen. We'll get to that at the end of the post. My world has shrunk very much due to the intelligence test. I'm finding the lack of hectic large norn numbers quite refreshing.
Seeking privacy behind the elevator button Jeshi and Chestnut found a romance with each other almost immediately. They kisspopped several times before finally creating a pregnancy. This shot was captured just as Jeshi became pregnant! Chestnut has not fathered many children, though he has a few most of them are females and no longer in this world. They will be future queens though. I was hoping to find a son in this pregnancy, but little did I know at this point that Jeshi would bless the world with another daughter.
The egg was layed and Jeshi and Chestnut settle down next to it to keep eachother worm, comfy and cozy for a big sleep! I always love when Chestnut squats down or lays down, he looks so adorable curled up! I absolutely love the long legs of the santa norn and am always pleased when I see an offspring has inherited them.

Then, from the warp arrived a visitor. My first visitor in quite a while, and so I was very excited to see him. My excitement soon disappeared as he began displaying unsavory behavior. Namely, as I watched, he was constantly fearful. Here he pushed the elevator button to lower the elevator, and when it made that hiss sound when they move he immediately threw his arms in the air and began running away from it in fear! Goodness knows what his last world was like to make him so afraid of things, or maybe it's a genetic defect!
Once again the game has messed up the snapshot a little bit, but as you can see not long after his arrival, little Benjirou has failed the IQ test by not making it out. He died on the top floor in the lift for reasons unknown, perhaps sheer fear? Poor little norn.

Back in the norn treehouse I plopped a refridgerator from the C1toDS room for the norns to stuff their faces with. I did this because I had to take a short time away from the computer and didn't want to leave it paused for a very long time. I wanted to make sure my norns wearn't going to starve while I was gone, and this was a very good method to do that. The norns enjoyed a plentiful bounty of food for a short time! However, I came back to found Jeshi was sitting in the very same spot she was at when I left, and hadn't moved. Worried I looked at the mind reader agent and found she thought she was sleeping next to the seeds. Wondering why she would think such a thing for so long, I looked at her needs and she was severely hungry for starch! I deduced from this that she had forgotten how to eat seeds or something! I noticed her sleeping next to seeds when they fell from the trees in the past many times but thought nothing of it... but this explains it. I had to teach her to eat the seeds all over again.
Chestnut takes a nap by the pond in the snow drift. He likes to take lots of naps these days, because he is very up there in age. The oldest living norn in my world has been recorded to die at 5 hours and 39 minutes. Chestnut is now well over that! When this picture was taken he was documented to be 5 hours and 29 minutes, but lived far beyond that. He has not yet died and when he does it will be a new record. Go Chestnut! What's your secret?
Jeshi has also changed her method of play. She no longer touches or pushes the toys.. now her favorite way to play with them is to hit them and smack them around. She doesn't do this with other norns thankfully, just toys, and it's the only way I see her playing these days. Maybe she is taking her life frustrations out on them? To her right you can see the daughter from Chestnut and Jeshi's egg. She turned out quite beautiful didn't she? She has a chichi head, pink butterfly body, zebra arms that match beautifully, and Chestnuts long legs! She will make a beautiful future queen.
Liebhard has kept pretty low lately, both physically and low on the radar. He doesn't seem to do much and is a very mellow norn. He has a promonent limp due to a dead muscle organ but gets around well enough to survive. When the grazers here came close enough for him to get his norny paws on he reached down and bit one right on the back! I don't think he actually got any nutrition from trying to eat one, but he seemed to have fun doing it!

And now for a couple of giant screen shots for you to enjoy!

Current norn population: 4 (daughters don't count since they will be exported)

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