Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Norn Lore

     It is said the norns world has no real name. Their current world is called Kono Sekai Ni Wa.. and back many ages ago there are rumors amongst the norns that their world was the same, only without the Ni. The Ni, now, is very important, for it tells apart their world from any others. What, then, would their world be without the Ni? No living norn can imagine! How, then, was their world many ages ago? No living norn can remember...
     Ancient scrolls rumored to have been read by some elder norns from a secret room tell of this ancient land, and spread secrets of crystal waterfalls, cotton candy clouds, and dense jungles ripe with medicinal plants. Of vast oceans with distant lands, and golden sun warmed beaches! These are but stories.. Can they be true?
     There are many other mysteries to the norns current world. As of yet no norn has discovered the ancient yellow device that resides on the hill where the mysterious norn cemetary, that no norn has ever entered, resides. There are stories of this device bestowing upon very lucky norns who stumble upon it, the gift of knowledge of all languages. Elder norns have passed these stories down through generations to kin that may never be lucky enough to set eyes upon it, yet the stories remain. Only time will tell if these stories are proven true in the future, far or near. These stories tell that this device has come from the mysterious land without the Ni, the ancient, and forgotten lands the very first norns were born in.

Now... there are new rumors among the youngsters of the norn generations. Rumors that the elders don't understand. Can they understand them? These rumors fortell of a new land in the distant future, one that will be extremely familiar, yet new. A land with no Ni, no Kono, Sekai or Wa. The name of this land will be Nyrn. Are these rumors blasphemous, or merely silly dreams created in the night time by the children? Only a long, patient time can tell...


  1. So, you're writing a fanfic with your norns in it?

    Jolly good, as the shee would say.

  2. Fanfic? No :P Just some lore from my world and a hint of things to come.