Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oldest Living Norn and A New Family Member

The land has been swathed in peace. Each norn goes about his or her time relaxing, eating and playing. There are currently no slappy norns except for the rare occasional by one of the boys, and no dangers in the world. If there were a little bit more of an abundance of food one might even dare to compare it to the garden of eden. Jeshi spends most of her time on the bridges while the rest of the norns, all male, tend to stick to the ground. Apples fall in both places, so I let them be wherever they wish, while hoping Jeshi will eventually venture down, or a male venture up to produce a new egg. 
There is no better time than now during this period of peace for a new visitor to grace the world. Through the warp was sent this cute little button named Agafusa. Agafusa was recieved in a bit of a frightened state for reasons unknown and stayed in this state the whole time was in the warp room. He likes to play with buttons and is a generation 1 Chichi, purebred! With his arrival came an instant message from his previous owner and we had a good little chat. Quite a friendly fellow he was, and fun to talk to! I believe Agafusa came from a good world.
As the time passes the norns age a little bit older and get closer to their time to pass from this world. Kou aged (sorry the speech bubble kind of blocks the view) and now posesses a pretty array of pastel colors on his wings. I do love how butterfly norns have beautiful wings throughout their lifetime. Most norns in my opinion grow a bit dull colored with age but Kou proudly displays his beautiful if not delicate wings as he plays in the snow hill and scavenges for nuts.
This time we have a death to be celebrated! Deaths are always a bit of a sad thing, at least a little bit, but when a norn lives to be so old I can't help but think I must celebrate this long and full life this norn has lived! Chestnut, one of my dearest norns, has finally passed away at the ripe old age of 5 hours and 58 minutes! A new record for every norn in my norn history! RIP Chestnut!
I returned to the warp room to check on Agafusa. I must admit I didn't have much hope of seeing him pass the IQ test because of his love for buttons. But I was overjoyed to see he wasn't there! I found him, having passed the test with flying colors, in the norn meso. I quickly transported him to his new home in the norn treehouse and he immediately took a liking to the toys. The new change of invironment from the harsh machine decorated warp room to the lush nature of the world seems to have brightened his outlook too and he was no longer scared!
Jeshi met Agafusa near the toys, but it wasn't until they reached the button that Agafusa decided to play with instead that I was able to get the snapshot taken. Jeshi follows Agafusa and enjoys the company of this newbie very much! Agafusa doesn't seem to mind Jeshi's accompaniment but doesn't seem to pay attention to her either. He just stood there with a bright grin on his face pushing the button with his tiny norn paw.

Jeshi aged up to elder on the bridges during a rest. Her walk, like the rest of the elder norns, changed to that short stepped old person walk that I find so adorable. No longer will she be zipping around with the energy of a youngster, but she still enjoys her time and traveling. I can't help but wonder, as I watched her resting there, if she will have any more children.

Jeshi traveled from the bridges for the first time in quite a while and made her way to the ground, joining the rest of the males. Maybe the apples had all been eaten on the bridges because that is what Jeshi was aiming for. She walked over to the apples and took a big bite, eating all that she could find. She may be old but she's not in the rocking chair yet!
Agafusa was left alone in the bridges and seemed quite content all by himself too. He smiled happily as he played with all of the toys, and loved playing with the mechanical robot. Agafusa didn't seem to pay much attention to Jeshi when she was there, maybe he is just a loner.

This snapshot is a little bit abstract since I couldn't really get a good snapshot of what I was actually meaning to take a snapshot of. The dispenser is off the screen to the left and is what Jeshi was eating from. I believe it is the cheese dispenser by the egg laying machine in the very bottom left of the room. Jeshi had decided to take a long trip down there and was followed by many norns along the way, maybe hoping to mooch off of Jeshi's dispenser pushing skills... or maybe hoping to learn how to do it themselves from watching her.

Well that raps it up for today. Sorry I haven't been posting much. My attention has been cought by something else, but don't fear, I wouldn't forget any of you. Till next time.

Current norn population:4
Current elder norns: 2


  1. Have you considered hatching some females of other breeds as your gene pool is becoming increasingly male and chichi? It would be kinda nice to see some variety.

  2. Thank you for the suggestion. No worries, my future queens have other breeds in them. I suspect my next "other breed" hatching will be far in the future. The closest we can get now is if by any chance someone sends a different male breed through the warp and he passes my IQ test.