Monday, February 21, 2011

A Burst Of New Life 2!

Todays post is going to be rather short but the next one will be a little longer.  With the help of the harp new babies were hatching out all over the place.
From one of the many eggs hatched a beautiful little butterfly boy named Addarnat. He immediately took a liking to the triangle instrument that he had hatched near.  As you can see he inherted his mothers butterfly wings and body, which I absolutely love. You can never have too many butterfly wings fluttering about! One has to wonder if the butterflies that actually are fluttering about ever recognize a kin with them.

Next to hatch from a wonderfully spotted purple egg is a little boy named Adibael. He would not get out from behind the egg in time for the game to snap a proper picture, but this is a classic, very first picture of his life. He peeked around the edge of the jagged shell, while surrounded by the aromatic scents of the tomatos!

Hetman, the father of all of these new offspring, has decided to get a little more courageous and venture from the safety of the garden cave. He took the metal elevator (harsh thing) down to the level below, and discovered underground water! Hetman's curiosity turned into joy it seemed as he began to play with the seeds that had fallen there from above, and explore the wet surroundings. I had to save him eventually because his curiosity was trying to get the best of him. I found he would often dunk his head under the water to rest or look at something far too long.

One of the children caught sight of the cool and neat thingamajig called the lift as his father was using it and decided it would be a neat game to try. He walked right over and began a game of push the lift button, hijacking it and ultimately transporting a few norns up and down repeatedly. The others didn't like this, and Jasmine quickly hopped off the next time it stopped, finding herself on the short bridge above the underground river. There she paused to lay a red and yellow egg before becomming trapped within the elevator doors again. Will this new egg be saved from the wet and murky cave walls of the small underground cavern or will it hatch a baby norn near the dangerous currents? Stay tuned for part 3 of A Burst Of New Life.

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Burst Of New Life

Time passed allowing the two norns to relax in their new sorroundings. Not much was happening and eventually I began to worry that they would not have any children between them. In the spirit of Valentines I decided to inject and give them the harp of loooove to encourage the production of the next generation! At first they pretty much ignored the harp, but after I showed them how to play it, they took it up with ghusto!

Jasmine soon layed her first egg, katchup and mustard colored. It's colorful, shiny shell fit in well with the flowers and fruits of the invironment.

From this egg hatched a little boy norn named Abishpulu. He proves to be quite the curious norn, but a little bit on the average side. Nothing remarkable stands out on him. Still, Jasmine took him into her care without hesitation and stuck by his side, proving her love for her first son!

Thanks to the playful hands of both papa and son two more eggs were layed in quick succession among the rich, damp soil of the garden. Hetman soon grew tired from such hard work, producing eggs and such, while Jasmine seems to enjoy it and have an unlimited amount of energy!

I got a warning that a visitor had arrived. When I arrived in the warp room I was greeted by Amos, and soon followed by his brother Akira! They were dropped in the bottom of the room and I left them be while I tended to my other norns for a while. When I returned to check up on them I found them in the middle docking station room. There they sit currently, and don't seem to have much will to go any further. We'll see what happens.
The next little boy norn to hatch was Adarian. He, like his brother, proves to be a very curious norn, pushing things and traveling all over the garden! Tune in next time to see just how far this child thing goes! Will the harp get even more play?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Adam and Eve

While I was watching the other norns I had just left Jeshi for a second only to come back and find her swimming with the fishes. Unfortunately, the lack of fences around the bridges strikes again and Jeshi had drowned. I was sad to see her go, but it wasn't a huge loss since she was scheduled to pass over any time anyway due to being ancient. Rest in peace Jeshi, and don't worry, your children will succeed you!

The next to go was Kou who died from old age. Liebhard's only friend in the cave was Kou and his passing had left Liebhard all alone in there. On the bright side, the plants will finally get a chance to grow back. I decided to spend some extra attention to Liebhard since he was the last elder left and his time was comming soon. I had difficulty getting him to eat fruit. He loved to eat seeds and food, but for some reason the fruit was impossible for him. He would just look at it, as if he'd forgotten what to do with it. 
Nyrn's next queen is named Jasmine! Jasmine is a beautiful half butterfly, half zebra norn and the sister to Jeshi. Jasmine also loved the drums but didnt' stick around to play them for very long. Unlike jeshi, Jasmine has a little bit more wander lust and was excited about exploring her new world!
Not long after Jasmine's arrival Libehard finally died. This picture isn't of the death, it's the most recent one of him I could find, but he also had  passed away from old age. Liebhard has lived a long, full life and died an ancient like his friend Kou, leaving the cave empty once again to regenerate its lost plants. Rest in peace Liebhard.

Because I don't want her to meet the same fate as her sister I decided to keep a close watch on Jasmine while she was near the oceans. She wandered to the boat and seemed to be having some trouble getting into it, so I helped her into the boat very carefully. Jasmine's first ride accross the ocean was uneventful but she seemed to enjoy the vast ocean view and the beautifull sights in the background along the way! The boat pulled into the dock on the other side and popped her out back onto the warm sand! There Jasmine took immediate interest in the coconuts and I could not drag her away from them!
Jasmine did not want to leave the coconuts and as she aged from youth to adult, time passed. I began to worry she would take no interest in finding the only other norn in Nyrn! As a last resort, I plucked her from the sands and transported her to Hetman who was still in the garden where I last saw him. He was sorrounded by all kinds of plants abundant in fruits, seeds and foods! With all of the plants around, and now with Jasmine and Hetman meeting it reminded me of Adam and Eve. This is the beginning of a whole new generation for the first time on Nyrn!

The fact that they are now living in a cave doesn't seem to bother them, they don't even seem to notice. The air is a comfortable low 60's temperature and there are no dangers in this garden. The only thing lost to them here is the gift of languages because they have no access to learning english. This presents me with the challenge of trying to raise them well and teach them what to do to satisfy various needs. This concludes today's post. Tune in tomorrow to see just how Nyrn's new Adam and Eve get along!

Current norn population: 2
Elders: 0
Babies: 0

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day Two In Nyrn

While Agafusa stayed with the rapidly growing egg, incubated by the heat comming off of the desert, Jeshi caught sight of the drums near by! If you can remember, when she was first imported from stasis as the new queen back in Kono Sekai Ni Wa her favorite toy was the drums and she stayed by them for the first stages of her life. Now she found even BIGGER drums! The joyful look on her face as she admires them is adorable! Jeshi has decided that this is the place for her to be!
Not much time has passed since the norns first arrival in Nyrn and so they have not dared to stray too far from the underground cave yet, except for little Hetman. Hetman has had wanderlust ever since he was hatched, so it was no surprise when I found him missing from the cave and surrounding area... only to find him someplace so far away I have no idea how he got there all by himself! I found him in the enclosed greenhouse area beside the shee statue. He spent all of his time there, and was extremely fascinated by the plants growing! I took the courtesy of planting a few more for him to watch, maybe he's a natural gardener! Hetman also randomly displayed that odd intoxicated gate again for no apparent reason for about three seconds. He wasn't eating anything. I'm beginning to wonder if it's not just an odd mutated gate gene of some sort.
Jeshi began complaining repeatedly about a lack of starch in the area. I scrolled over to a coconut grove and dropped a few infront of her... only to find them classified as fruits. Not knowing if they also contain any starch, I searched the island in vain for a good source. Not finding any, I decided to go through my shee ship inventory for something to inject. I found the lovely C1 sunflowers that drop an ample amount of starch in the form of seeds! So.. I planted one infront of Jeshi. She seemed overjoyed and took interest in the seeds right away. I think the sunflower looks beautiful in the shade of the dead tree! It's almost poetic. Meanwhile The egg that the tree had been keeping safe had hatched into a little girl.
Jeshi and Agafusa have decided to stray a little further from the cave entrance into the desert. The desert sands were not overly hot for them, and they found them warm and comfortable to rest on after a brief kisspopping session. Yet another egg was fathered by Agafusa! This one was nestled in the soft, warm sands and seemed to want to fit right in with its pale colored spotted shell.

The egg hatched and burst forth from it a  second little girl, the second native of Nyrn. Meanwhile, Jeshi and Agafusa become interested in a cauldron of cheese a passing rainbow deposited into the desert. An ingenious way to keep norns in the desert from starving to death I say! They didn't eat much, but mostly found it fascinating (as do I) that such a thing would come from a rainbow. Down in the cave, the remaining norns that are either too frightened to venture from the safety of their home, or too comfortable there, seemed to have eaten most of the food supply! I believe these two are Liebhard and Kou.

Keeping with the tradition of sticking close to the cave, Jeshi makes her way back to the drums to beat a little bit on them. Not to be left behind, Agafusa continues to follow her. With his eyes set only on her, he was enraptured in her and a little bit obsessed, in a good way! Love is in the air for these two!
Unfortunately, Agafusa strayed too far from Jeshi and right off the dock. I found him this way, and didn't know where he was wandering to until the tombstone icon appeared on my screen! I was very sad to lose Agafusa. I haven't yet figured out how to put the safety devices on the bridges. Luckily, Agafusa has fathered many children by now, most of them little girls, so his lineage lives on!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Arrival In A New Land

     The few norns left have been living in their snowy world for months now with few sources of food save for the abundancy of nuts falling from the trees. The few scouts that had searched far and wide for a warmer land only stumbled upon the very tundra they had come from. For long it seemed they were doomed to live in scarcity.
     Then from seemingly nowhere came hope. The norns have long heard of a prophesized new land. This land would be rich and abundant in food, as well as much larger, a sort of wild eden for them. A land they will forever more live in.
      This was nothing more than a rumor, or stories told down generations... until now. Word returned to the dwindling norn tribe of a mysterious land not far away that had seemingly appeared from nowhere. Now the excited norns journey to this land!
     When they arrived they found none other than... Nyrn!

The first to arrive was Agafusa. He entered into what appeared to be a very pleasantly warm cave filled with all kinds of vegetation! A quick sample of the growing tomatos and plants revealed them to be very edible and nutritious! After being sure there were no dangers other norns soon followed!

The elderly queen of the norns arrived through the portal next, into the jungle-like cave, and found it very pleasant indeed! The long trip had worn poor Jeshi out, for she isn't as young as she once was, and so she layed down on the cool, rich soil and rested. Jeshi had become pregnant by Agafusa (again!) seconds before they had left their snowy lands and so being pregnant also made her journey a little bit of a workout!

Kou was the next to follow through the portal and he found what his eyes spied to be very interesting! His butterfly norn mind immediately was drawn to the growing plants and he inspected them with fascination! Never before had he seen such lush vegitation in abundance! The mushrooms, classified as fruits, gained most of his attention.

The youngest member of the tribe, Hetman, was next to arrive. Though not as in awe as the other norns, he was very happy to be in his new home, if not a little confused. He repeatedly walked back and forth, searching for what would be the norn home, not realizing he was already in it. He found the pond nearby interesting. He had not seen such a warm, clear pond before in his life and so spent many minutes admiring it.

Liebhard arrived next and stuck close to the other norns. He seemed more nervous about this lands than anyone else had. He followed Kou around in fact, and only stopped to sample some of the food nearby. He also seemed a little confused at the sudden change in scenery.

The norns stopped what they were doing momentarily as I snapped a picture of them. Here is the whole of their new home, a little cave underneath a scorching desert. The desert above keeps the cave quite warm and comfortable.

The first two to wander out of the cave lead by their bravery were Jeshi and Agafusa. Agafusa seems to enjoy the company of Jeshi very much, and a little romance seems to have bloomed between them. In the little barren treehouse that houses a solitary honeypot not far from the cave Jeshi layed her sky blue egg. Agafusa is proving to be a very firtile norn and father! This little egg will have the good fortune of being layed in a warmer invironment than where Jeshi came from. What a surprise it will be for the future baby norn to hatch out and see before its eyes such a vast world!

The norns could not take the elevator egg with them and so left it behind. But fear not, I have not forgotten this little norn. I picked it carefully out of the elevator, knowing an egg cannot be carried between worlds unless it is yet unlaid, and dropped it into the incubator. I waited with anticipation, eager to see what kind of norn would hatch out of it! Lo and behold, the little elevator norn is a girl, a future queen! A little mixed butterfly and zebra norn! I named her Addut and transported her, the last of the norns, to the new world to join her new family.

Current norn population: 5
Number of elder norns: 2
N' also a new poll! :) 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Genetic Discovery

Todays post is going to be rather short. A little while passed with the peace continuing throughout the land when a short romance between Jeshi and Agafusa produced a pale egg. This egg was layed in the cold of the snow drift as you can see and the pale color seemed to blend right in with this. I was very pleased to see such a thing because of my low population of norns, I will love to see it grow back to a larger population!

Right on schedule hatched Agafusa's first son in this world, Hetman! Hetman proves to be a very average little norn, healthy and pleasantly good at traveling. He didn't stay in his eggshell at all, but began exploring his sorroundings with growing curiosity and fascination! His first interesting find is the elevator!

Hetmans exploration in the elevator braught him to the lower level of the bridges. There he was immediately attracted to the toys! With this growing curiosity he walks right over and begins to play with the jack-in-the box. It impressed me that he was able to go straight to the toys when his need to relieve boredom hit and he was smart enough to use the elevator, even before he grew to child age! 

Jeshi was also hanging out in the bridges in the little norn home there, and found her son playing with the toys. She immediately walked over to check him out and watch over him. When checking her actions, she expressed that she was going to Hetman and watching norn. This is all she wanted to do, and very much enjoyed watching her little cutie walk around and play with new found things! Hetman noticed her too, and took some time to get to know her a little bit. I also could not help but be fascinated by the extreme contradiction in ages between them. Somehow, seeing a baby with an ancient looks a little like a work of art to me.
Hetman explored as much as he could in the bridge, and then took the elevator back to the ground level where he was layed. As you can see, the egg still remains in the elevator, but not to worry it will soon be removed n.~ I left Hetman to watch the other norns a little bit, make sure nobody was getting into trouble. But when I returned I curiously found Hetman walking with the gate notorious to mankey ingestion.. But I haven't left any around! I checked his vital signs and found no signs of toxins or intoxication in his system, no alcohol or anything! His odd gate is mysterious! The only explanation is if he found some mankey that I'm not aware of. Checking him over thoroughly I made a very interesting discovery! Hetman's body grows hunger for protine very very slowly. The hunger for starch and fat grow at a normal rate but the protine is abnormally slow. After ingesting an apple or other fruit it takes a very long time for him to become hungry for more. I checked my other norns, and two others displayed this same genetic abnormality. I can only assume it's a small adaptation to their invironments since for the past couple of months they have lived in invironments with very few sources of protine. I couldn't be happier about this!

What i'm about to say next is probly going to be rather predictable to those who know what is going on. There is another great migration comming up next, and unexpected. The time to travel to the new land has come and no norn has ever known the exact day or time, well it is now! This migration, though large, will not suffer any losses, but rather gain a norn! Stay tuned for the surprise to come!