Monday, February 21, 2011

A Burst Of New Life 2!

Todays post is going to be rather short but the next one will be a little longer.  With the help of the harp new babies were hatching out all over the place.
From one of the many eggs hatched a beautiful little butterfly boy named Addarnat. He immediately took a liking to the triangle instrument that he had hatched near.  As you can see he inherted his mothers butterfly wings and body, which I absolutely love. You can never have too many butterfly wings fluttering about! One has to wonder if the butterflies that actually are fluttering about ever recognize a kin with them.

Next to hatch from a wonderfully spotted purple egg is a little boy named Adibael. He would not get out from behind the egg in time for the game to snap a proper picture, but this is a classic, very first picture of his life. He peeked around the edge of the jagged shell, while surrounded by the aromatic scents of the tomatos!

Hetman, the father of all of these new offspring, has decided to get a little more courageous and venture from the safety of the garden cave. He took the metal elevator (harsh thing) down to the level below, and discovered underground water! Hetman's curiosity turned into joy it seemed as he began to play with the seeds that had fallen there from above, and explore the wet surroundings. I had to save him eventually because his curiosity was trying to get the best of him. I found he would often dunk his head under the water to rest or look at something far too long.

One of the children caught sight of the cool and neat thingamajig called the lift as his father was using it and decided it would be a neat game to try. He walked right over and began a game of push the lift button, hijacking it and ultimately transporting a few norns up and down repeatedly. The others didn't like this, and Jasmine quickly hopped off the next time it stopped, finding herself on the short bridge above the underground river. There she paused to lay a red and yellow egg before becomming trapped within the elevator doors again. Will this new egg be saved from the wet and murky cave walls of the small underground cavern or will it hatch a baby norn near the dangerous currents? Stay tuned for part 3 of A Burst Of New Life.

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  1. I looove your creatures blog! All of your screenshots and your layout is beautiful too!