Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day Two In Nyrn

While Agafusa stayed with the rapidly growing egg, incubated by the heat comming off of the desert, Jeshi caught sight of the drums near by! If you can remember, when she was first imported from stasis as the new queen back in Kono Sekai Ni Wa her favorite toy was the drums and she stayed by them for the first stages of her life. Now she found even BIGGER drums! The joyful look on her face as she admires them is adorable! Jeshi has decided that this is the place for her to be!
Not much time has passed since the norns first arrival in Nyrn and so they have not dared to stray too far from the underground cave yet, except for little Hetman. Hetman has had wanderlust ever since he was hatched, so it was no surprise when I found him missing from the cave and surrounding area... only to find him someplace so far away I have no idea how he got there all by himself! I found him in the enclosed greenhouse area beside the shee statue. He spent all of his time there, and was extremely fascinated by the plants growing! I took the courtesy of planting a few more for him to watch, maybe he's a natural gardener! Hetman also randomly displayed that odd intoxicated gate again for no apparent reason for about three seconds. He wasn't eating anything. I'm beginning to wonder if it's not just an odd mutated gate gene of some sort.
Jeshi began complaining repeatedly about a lack of starch in the area. I scrolled over to a coconut grove and dropped a few infront of her... only to find them classified as fruits. Not knowing if they also contain any starch, I searched the island in vain for a good source. Not finding any, I decided to go through my shee ship inventory for something to inject. I found the lovely C1 sunflowers that drop an ample amount of starch in the form of seeds! So.. I planted one infront of Jeshi. She seemed overjoyed and took interest in the seeds right away. I think the sunflower looks beautiful in the shade of the dead tree! It's almost poetic. Meanwhile The egg that the tree had been keeping safe had hatched into a little girl.
Jeshi and Agafusa have decided to stray a little further from the cave entrance into the desert. The desert sands were not overly hot for them, and they found them warm and comfortable to rest on after a brief kisspopping session. Yet another egg was fathered by Agafusa! This one was nestled in the soft, warm sands and seemed to want to fit right in with its pale colored spotted shell.

The egg hatched and burst forth from it a  second little girl, the second native of Nyrn. Meanwhile, Jeshi and Agafusa become interested in a cauldron of cheese a passing rainbow deposited into the desert. An ingenious way to keep norns in the desert from starving to death I say! They didn't eat much, but mostly found it fascinating (as do I) that such a thing would come from a rainbow. Down in the cave, the remaining norns that are either too frightened to venture from the safety of their home, or too comfortable there, seemed to have eaten most of the food supply! I believe these two are Liebhard and Kou.

Keeping with the tradition of sticking close to the cave, Jeshi makes her way back to the drums to beat a little bit on them. Not to be left behind, Agafusa continues to follow her. With his eyes set only on her, he was enraptured in her and a little bit obsessed, in a good way! Love is in the air for these two!
Unfortunately, Agafusa strayed too far from Jeshi and right off the dock. I found him this way, and didn't know where he was wandering to until the tombstone icon appeared on my screen! I was very sad to lose Agafusa. I haven't yet figured out how to put the safety devices on the bridges. Luckily, Agafusa has fathered many children by now, most of them little girls, so his lineage lives on!

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