Sunday, October 31, 2010

Last Day of Tulu

Sorry my post is rather short today. I only played for an hour this time. Most of Tulu has been pretty tame though, and nothing much exciting or out of the ordinary has been happening. I have had a couple glow in the dark norn babies from such radical coloring, but they were females so I haven't featureed them in any of my posts. You will get to see them when they become norn queens in the future.

I'm pretty sure by now all of the norns are tired of being constantly crowded, with little food to eat. Hopefully the next room won't be so crowded, and they'll not be so hungry. Because it'll be winter, I don't think there will be an abundance there, but I plan to do my best to privde them with a balanced diet.
I had a couple more mysterious deaths. The first one is Adoeete and the second is poor Landolin. Adoeete was getting up there in age, so I wasn't very sad when he died. Landolin however still had many years before him, and I often enjoyed watching him play with the other norns. I was sad to see him go. I hope this doesn't become an epidemic.
Over at the apple cauldron I found Chiyosaburo has assigned himself with a really big responsibility. Why, i'm not sure, but he seems to enjoy it. He stands by the cauldron pushing and pushing it to make the apples fall out, feeding the population of norns around him. I have stopped pushing the cauldron for my norns ever since I saw how smart they were becomming, and beginning to do it for themselves and others. He would not push the cauldron until the apple that previously popped out was eaten, and didn't attempt to eat them himself. (Pictured in the lower right corner is one of Kasumikos current three daughters before she was exported at youth. She was a glow in the dark baby, and the coloring changes and becomes a little more dull as they age.) Only when everyone had their fill of apples and left the cauldron did Chiyosaburo also leave, without eating even one apple himself.

This is Nibaw, a new baby norn. Nibaw has two tails, one of his mothers, and one of his fathers. Nibaw runs around picking up little pies and eating them! This way the world won't become overrun with an over-population of pies.

Here is another of Kasumikos sons. This is Nikorasu. Nikorasu was born and began to crawl around the norn home he was born in. He is proving to be a smart little norn, already pushing cauldrons, though he hasn't yet seemed to learn that food pops out of them when you do this.

Nikorasu walked right over to his sleeping mother and settled down beside her. I thought this sight is so cute I just had to take a picture. They look so loving and cozy together.

The last picture of the day is of new little norn Shige. Kasumiko has been quite busy! And I have seen her be the one to initiate the kisspopping several times. It's nice to see the female norn take the initiative for once. Shige is going to grow up to be one of those short, stumpy looking norns, but oh so cute! He has a bad habit of running into walls though, so I have to remember to keep a close eye on him.

Thats it for today. Again, sorry it's short, and next time expect to see a whole new, winter world!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We're getting smarter!

We shall start off today with a birth. This is Napayshni (i pronounce it na-pay-sh-knee). Napayshni barely had time to pop out of his egg before the game took a snapshot. You can see here the eggs shell is still in the way. Napayshni was layed and hatched next to the little scarecrow toy in hopes he would not be born a bored baby. Kiyoe seems to like to lay her eggs near food or toys. Napayshni however, didn't care about any toys when he hatched, he instead found himself overwhelmed with norns and began the process of "retreat norn" that he'll probably be doing the rest of his life.
Landolin on the other hand seems to like to play with toys, and other things! He was happily playing by the cauldron when he took a walking pie hostage. It tried and tried to walk away but its little feet could not reach the ground for it was clasped posessively in little Landolins hand. Landolin looked at it intently, but did not try to eat, push or hit it. Interestingly, he only seemed to be observing it. He eventually took it with him as he began walking into and past the pumpkin patch. When he reached the walking tree dropping its fruits he traded the poor little pie slice for some food.. and the pie escaped free!
I took time out from norn watching to look over the ages of all of my norns. The oldest norn only had a few more minutes to live and I closed the norn statistics window to go to him, to spend the last minutes of his life with him. I didn't even get the window closed, however, when a death icon popped up on my screen. I sighed with a smile, thinking its probly him having died a little early, but was saddened to find it being Kiyoe who died early! She was an ancient at age 4 hours and 53 minutes. Still a natural death and long, full life. Kiyoe mothered many male children, all of whom you've read about, and also 9 female children, 8 of which survived and is in stasis to be imported at another time. Good job kiyoe!
Meet Kasumiko, the next reigning female norn. Kasumiko was born in albia not long after I started this blog, and is the third sister in the Liane series of 4. You can definately see the sisterly resemblance between kiyoe and Kasumiko. Kasumiko has a bit more C1 norn in her though as you can tell by the body and tail. Kasumiko as soon as she entered seemed to blend right into the world, and the other norns didn't even seem to notice it wasn't kiyoe. She picked up one of the walking pies and began to walk it toward the pumpkin patch. This pie never got eaten either, but eventually got away.
I would be lieing if I didn't say the surprise of Kiyoes unexpected death hadn't gotten me a little shaken up.. and when I saw another death icon I became worried and nervous again... only to find with a sigh of relief it was finally the old male I had been waiting for. Rald has lived a full life of the maximum 5 hours and 39 minutes for an average norn. Here he is in his final second before falling to the floor. He died happy with a smile on his face.
Over at the cauldron where there were not many norns I found two apple mixed breed norns. I watched with interest at what they were doing, because there wasn't any apples on the ground and yet they seemed very focused. I soon realized the apples were disappearing before or as soon as they hit the ground. Wait.. i'm not pushing the cauldron.. how are the apples .. OOOH! I was delighted to see a very smart norn, Chiyosaburo (the older, duller colored one), pushing the cauldron.. and then eating the apple that came out.. then repeating! He is a very old norn, so he must have had his whole life to learn how to use the vendor!
Poor chiyosaburo had competition for the apples though. As you can also see in the previous picture, Nobusuke was doing his best to snatch up the apple as soon as it appeared also, even though he was making no effort to push the cauldron himself. He was freeloading off of Chiyosaburo! I watched as sometimes one norn would get the apple, and sometimes the other norn would. Occasionally Chiyosaburo layed down to take a rest, or maybe he got frustrated, but it didn't last long before he was trying again.
 Eventually Nobusuke left after Chiyosaburo decided he was done with the cauldron. CHiyosaburo began walking right, toward the other norns, when walking past him came Kasumiko. Chiyosaburo could not keep his eyes off of her and his gaze followed her as she passed, and he soon followed tight on her heels. It seems to be love at first sight!

Chiyosaburo followed Kasumiko into the skulls at the left side of the cauldron (the very dangerous wall place) and then followed her back to the cauldron. She layed down and rested beside it, while Chiyosaburo took up his position to the cauldrons right, which you can see here. Chiyosaburo then did the cutest little thing, he began to push the cauldron, like he had been doing moments before, and each apple was snatched up and eaten by Kasumiko. She seemed to enjoy them very much, while much to my adoration, Chiyosaburo didn't make a move to grab even one apple. He was pushing the cauldron all for Kasumiko.

Will Kasumiko and Chiyosaburos romance be taken to the next level? Will their love for eachother develop and grow stronger.. or will Kasumiko prove to not be a one norn girl? I can't wait to find out next time I play.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Baby Antics (or) March of the Pies

I thought tonights title was appropriate because babies make up most of the population of my world at this time. I of course have many adults, and may not quite adults, but babies seem to be everywhere and it can be slightly overwhelming trying to keep up with them all. This is Lothar. Lothar is enjoying some healthy, tastey apples. Lothar is one of the many cute babies in my world and like many of the others seems to be very intelligent. He hasn't yet displayed any of the mindless repetative behaviors some of the adults occasionally display.
Usually after finishing a meal of apples, a norn will then leave the apple cauldron and go find something else to do or eat. Occasionally, like Lothar here, a norn will cutely fall asleep beside the apple Cauldron. I have to wonder if the cauldron is warm or cold, since its metal i'd guess it's cold, so it wouldn't be very comfortable.. but Lothar doesn't seem to mind it.

 Vincent hatched out of his egg a bright and happy baby norn like most of the others. He displays a liking for the apple cauldron as well and is often seen performing the long trek to and from it when there are apples present. I have also seen brave Vincent playing amongst the skulls in the most dangerous part of Tulu without getting a scratch on him. This displays a lot of intelligence not to bump into that deadly wall.

Meet a new baby norn, little Landolin. I love his name, and he is a very special norn because of his halloween colors. I expected to have many more halloween colors in my halloween room but I have been disappointed.. so I take what I can get! Like all the others with halloween colors, Landolin has been rather tame and casual with his behavior. He doesn't walk around pushing everything like the other babies. Perhaps it is the halloween breed in him. I did catch him soon after birth walking over to the skulls with a carrot in his hand. Maybe it gave him courage to get near them! Maybe it was his lucky carrot. He ate it soon after. :)
Landolin also took an interest in the apple cauldron, in fact a little more than any of the other norns. I told him to push vendor and rewarded him when he did. Unlike the other norns when taught things, he didn't just walk away, but actually became encouraged by it! Landolin learned to push the vendor, and ate the apple when it dropped out, then repeated! I was very impressed. Landolin is proving to be more intelligent than I expected such a casual norn to be!
Following the smell of the apples, little Vincent soon appears from the right to partake in some of the munching too! When Landolin and Vincent met, it was like at first sight! They continued to look at eachother, and occasionally smile brightly at the camera, but mostly at eachother. When pulled away from one another by my hand they marched right back to eachother. I was testing to see if it was the cauldron attracting them or actually eachother. They walked over toward the skulls together for a little bit, then met back at the cauldron.
Off screen I found an unexpected mess! Somehow, some norn had learned to push the pumpkin vine, and left pumpkins everywhere! Here is kiyoe in the pumpkin patch, which used to be small, but no more! All those pumpkins except for the ones displaying faces can be eaten, but for some reason my norns never like to hit them to cause them to fall into bite sized pieces.. so they never do eat them, causing them to pile up! What a mess! There's no way I can get rid of them :(
I focused my camera on Rald, currently the oldest norn in my world at just over five hours, and was surprised to see a whole herd of pies marching by him. My snapshot fingers wearn't quick enough to catch the whole sight, theres only two pies here, but believe me there was a whole herd! Rald was caught in a blink, maybe he was surprised and couldn't believe his eyes that he had to blink really big! Rald was on his way toward the pumpkin patch when the pies marched by, and he layed on the floor. Some little norn was playing with the pumpkin scarecrow I see!

Then there was a death icon atop my screen. Expecting it to be a victim of a wall, or a very old norn, I clicked on it only to find it to be Vincent. I checked him over and found no sign of bacteria, pain or toxins. It's another unexpected death. Poor little vincent didn't even grow up enough to hit youth and Landolin lost a friend. Hopefully it wont affect him too much though. Rest in peace Vincent.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cute Babies

The first picture for today is a little bit of a sad one unfortunately. Because he only had a couple minutes left, Levio soon passed away peacefully from old age at the normal 5 hours and 39 minutes. Levio lead a full life and fathered a good number of  children. He died with a smile on his face.

Not much has been happening in my world other than the usual norn antics. Eat, Sleep, retreat from norn. There seems to be a lot of retreating these days since Tulu is a fairly small meatroom. Hidekazu is an exception. He likes to follow norns around, almost as if he's stalking them. He follows the nearest norn for quite a while before switching to another. Upon closer inspection I learned that he is "pushing" all of these norns. Because of this, Hidekazu has fathered many children with Kiyoe and all of the little babies and adult norns running around with heads like his are directly related to him or the late Levio. Some of these poor norns try as they might to get away only to get stuck, but not nearly as bad as with the previous rainbow brothers thank goodness.

Matchitehew has also met his demise at the hands of old age. When I was transported by the death icon atop my screen to his little body I worried at first it was the same wall that he was laying beside, that had killed so many other norns. Thankfully after checking his age and the fact he has a fairly peaceful look on his face I came to the conclusion it was old age that has claimed him.

By the apple cauldron is the ancient Kenjurou. He is enjoying some apples with Kiyoe. Honestly I forgot a little bit why I took this photo n.n;

Another little child of Hidekazu popped out of his egg and took me by surprise! The coloring is brighter and unlike any i've yet had! Thank you Hidekazu for giving me this cute little norn! I am very happy to have such a pretty norn in my world and hope he will spread his colors by genetics through further generations! This is Deodat, what an interesting name for an interesting norn. Deodat did what many little baby norns do after first hatching, walked around with a bright smile on his face looking at everything! He sampled many toys along his walk toward the apple cauldron, pushing and hitting them once before moving on! When he reached the cauldron he stopped for a small meal before falling asleep.
The death icon brought my attention to Kenjurou. The game automatically takes a snapshot whenever a norn dies, and this is the last one it took of Kenjurou. Interestingly, usually the snapshot depicts the norn in its death, but this time found Kenjurou retreating, probly from other norns. I think it's safe to say he has died from old age.

Baby Nobusuke. Nobusuke was actually born before Deodat but I just couldn't wait to show Deodat off! Nobususke is also cute, but not brilliantly colored like his sibling. I'm not quite sure if they are brothers or half brothers.

I left little Nobusuke by the apple cauldron while I went and observed some of the other norns, only to return and find him walking, in the pumpkin patch he was playing in when he hatched, in a very funny way. Then I suddenly remembered with a chuckle, that a few days ago I had left a can of C1 manky (alcohol) hidden among the pumpkins; I had completely forgotten about it! Nobusuke had apparently found and drank the manky! He was walking around like this for quite a while. I hope it doesnt hurt him since he's still a baby!

Another insanely cute baby from Hidekazu and Kiyoe. Lothar has a name that reminds me of an 80's adventure fantasy movie or something. Lothar likes to play in the pumpkin patch, pushing and hitting pumpkins, pumpkin toys and pumpkin foods. In fact thats what he did right away after hatching, he seems interested by them!

Lothars curiosity surprised me even! All other norns retreat from the skulls to the left of the metaroom, and Lothar marched right up to them and began playing with them too! I watched as he pushed and hit the skulls, retreating and approaching with nothing but a bright smile decorating his face. Lothar isn't scared of the Tulu skulls! Even at night when they come alive with ghostly activity!

It's getting close to halloween and the end of october. In another couple of weeks another migration will be made to a new place to fit the season. I hope all of these cute norn babies can make it.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Overrun With Elders and Babies

After bringing up DS again the first thing I encountered today after a few minutes of play was a death icon. I am beginning to really hate that wall, because I found it was my current favorite norn Raolo that has become the victim of it. I didn't see it happen, but this  snapshot the game automatically took just before he died proves it. Poor Raolo, he didn't even get to pass on his genetics!

Levio has been a busy norn despite his age. He is currently the oldest norn in my world at over five hours old, and if he lives to be the exact age an average norn lives to be, he only has two more minutes left to live. Hopefully we can break that record and stretch his life a little longer. This is another of his sons, Hidekazu. Hidekazu is very energetic and adventurous!

After hatching Hidekazu was overcome with crowdedness ran to the right in a hurry to get away from the other norns! He didn't stop running until he reached the nearly empty norn home! Small Tulu is getting a little crowded with all of the norns running around, especially with all of the new babies being born!

Hidekazu reached the candycorn cauldron and fell to the floor to sleep exhaused from his energetic run. I hope he's having good dreams. Hidekazu looks so cute when he is sleeping doesn't he? He looks like a curled up little kitten. I wonder what he's dreaming about.
I recieved a sad looking norn, Okatarou, in the warp today. He did nothing but stand in place mostly. I checked his vitals and organs and was shocked to find everything except the life organ was dead or dieing. Everything was at 0% except for two organs, which were rapdily dropping. I watched him for quite a while until they were all at 0 except for the life organ, which must have been keeping him alive because he didn't die. Fearing he was immortal even though he looked pretty, I exported him for another world to take care of.

Anders, who i'm proud to say has also fathered a couple norns by now, has wandered in toward Hidekazu when I returned to Tulu. Hidekazu was looking Anders way, ready to retreat again because apparently he didn't want to be around any other norns, when Anders settled on the floor beside the door and prepared to sleep.

Hidekazu thought it wouldn't be too bad to be kept company, or keep another company. He walked over and layed down next to Anders and slept by his side. Perhaps they're both having good dreams together, or keeping warm in the drafty area of the door. I thought it was very cute to see them so cozy. It is a warm ending for a blog post that started out so sad. :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Goodbye Rainbows

Today i'd like to start out with a promise. I said I would take a picture of a bald levio and here he is! I think he looks cute bald, just like all the other bald norns. I caught him taking a nap by the candycorn cauldron. He does love his cauldrons! He isn't spending as much time peeking out from behind them these days though. In his old age levio mostly travels between the candycorn and popcorn cauldrons, eating up the food from them. When Kiyoe stops by to eat some Levio pauses to do some kisspopping, then continues with his eating. When he's not eating he's resting. He's tamed a lot in his old age.
Meet Levios second son and the only surviving one so far. This is Chiyosaburo. Chiyosaburo is another who does not have any behaviors that make him stand out. After hatching he just began to walk left, and look at things, and do what a little norn baby does. He sure is pretty though, with his bright red coloring! He'll grow up to be quite a handsome norn.
Meet Levio's second son, Anders! This is another norn name I like, easy to pronounce and spell and short! Anders hatched a little while after Chiyosaburo and i'm pleased to see Levio still spreading his genetics. Anders has inherited Levios blue moon belly and his mothers apple norn head (though the male version of course) while having chichi arms and tail. I just love his colors and he is an energetic little norn baby. He hatched near the pumpkins and began playing in them.
After a minute or two anders walked over to the little crab that gardens all of the carrots laying around and began to partake in some crab abuse. Here you can see him flinging the poor little crab into the air! I heard little crab crys allover the place as he chased it down and threw it around again and again! I cant help but chuckle though, as no other norn seemed to be interested in the little creature.

He then makes his way over to the candycorn cauldron and began eating with ghusto. He likes the candycorn very much and at them one right after another!

While Anders was in the norn home eating the candycorns the apple cauldron began to get crowded with norns bustling for apples. I pushed the cauldron many times to make some appear and they were gobbled up as fast as they could hit the ground. I have to do this many times to keep my norns fed.

Kenjurou also became a little baldie when he reached the elder lifestage. He turned toward the camera as if he knew I was looking right at him and smiled really big, several times. It wasn't hard for me to snap a picture of it.

Everyone except for some babies walked out of the norn home into the graveyard leaving Kenjurou behind. He didn't seem too amused and I think he's got less tolerance for little baby norns in his old age. He had a baby on either side of him, and continued to "retreat" norn, moving back and forth without anywhere to go. He finally broke free once one of them moved and high tailed it out into the grave yard with the rest of the adults!

His next destination is the apples! And here he stops to eat some! He kind of disappears within the crowd, as every norn really loves these apples. I'm glad to see the cauldron isnt always abandoned anymore!

Kiyohisa has also reached the elder stage and become bald! I'm not quite sure why but my norns don't seem to like to touch the carrots laying around. I rarely see anyone eating them. I expected to see Kiyohisa eating them because thats where he was loitering, but he was just walking around playing with pumpkins.

A little while later after watching the other norns a death icon alerted me to Kiyohisas death. He died of nautral causes, old age. He doesn't look very happy which makes me wonder if he was suffering from some kind of hunger, or perhaps fear from the nearby skulls. Oh well, rest in peace little Kiyohisa!

Now I want to list some deaths whose pictures I don't have. The rainbow brothers finally got on my last nerve. I had been waiting for them to grow up and age like the normal norns, only to realize some were ages 3, 4 even 5 hours old and still youth. They should have reached youth around minute 37 or so. This is not something I want in my genetic pool, and their constant hijacking norns and holding them hostage was getting under my skin. I finally decided to get rid of them, but due to a glitch with my warp room I dumped them into the water (least I think its water, the fish are swimming there :o ) at the bottom of Tulu. They stayed there for like an hour or so.. and didn't die.. in fact they were just staring at each other... like the rainbow brothers do.. So I slapped them to death. The dead are: Goetz, Zakuro, Ryuko, Cord, Nkosi and Palladin. Nkosi and Palladin had unfortunately inhered the rainbow brothers aging genes and stopped aging at youth.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better!