Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We're getting smarter!

We shall start off today with a birth. This is Napayshni (i pronounce it na-pay-sh-knee). Napayshni barely had time to pop out of his egg before the game took a snapshot. You can see here the eggs shell is still in the way. Napayshni was layed and hatched next to the little scarecrow toy in hopes he would not be born a bored baby. Kiyoe seems to like to lay her eggs near food or toys. Napayshni however, didn't care about any toys when he hatched, he instead found himself overwhelmed with norns and began the process of "retreat norn" that he'll probably be doing the rest of his life.
Landolin on the other hand seems to like to play with toys, and other things! He was happily playing by the cauldron when he took a walking pie hostage. It tried and tried to walk away but its little feet could not reach the ground for it was clasped posessively in little Landolins hand. Landolin looked at it intently, but did not try to eat, push or hit it. Interestingly, he only seemed to be observing it. He eventually took it with him as he began walking into and past the pumpkin patch. When he reached the walking tree dropping its fruits he traded the poor little pie slice for some food.. and the pie escaped free!
I took time out from norn watching to look over the ages of all of my norns. The oldest norn only had a few more minutes to live and I closed the norn statistics window to go to him, to spend the last minutes of his life with him. I didn't even get the window closed, however, when a death icon popped up on my screen. I sighed with a smile, thinking its probly him having died a little early, but was saddened to find it being Kiyoe who died early! She was an ancient at age 4 hours and 53 minutes. Still a natural death and long, full life. Kiyoe mothered many male children, all of whom you've read about, and also 9 female children, 8 of which survived and is in stasis to be imported at another time. Good job kiyoe!
Meet Kasumiko, the next reigning female norn. Kasumiko was born in albia not long after I started this blog, and is the third sister in the Liane series of 4. You can definately see the sisterly resemblance between kiyoe and Kasumiko. Kasumiko has a bit more C1 norn in her though as you can tell by the body and tail. Kasumiko as soon as she entered seemed to blend right into the world, and the other norns didn't even seem to notice it wasn't kiyoe. She picked up one of the walking pies and began to walk it toward the pumpkin patch. This pie never got eaten either, but eventually got away.
I would be lieing if I didn't say the surprise of Kiyoes unexpected death hadn't gotten me a little shaken up.. and when I saw another death icon I became worried and nervous again... only to find with a sigh of relief it was finally the old male I had been waiting for. Rald has lived a full life of the maximum 5 hours and 39 minutes for an average norn. Here he is in his final second before falling to the floor. He died happy with a smile on his face.
Over at the cauldron where there were not many norns I found two apple mixed breed norns. I watched with interest at what they were doing, because there wasn't any apples on the ground and yet they seemed very focused. I soon realized the apples were disappearing before or as soon as they hit the ground. Wait.. i'm not pushing the cauldron.. how are the apples .. OOOH! I was delighted to see a very smart norn, Chiyosaburo (the older, duller colored one), pushing the cauldron.. and then eating the apple that came out.. then repeating! He is a very old norn, so he must have had his whole life to learn how to use the vendor!
Poor chiyosaburo had competition for the apples though. As you can also see in the previous picture, Nobusuke was doing his best to snatch up the apple as soon as it appeared also, even though he was making no effort to push the cauldron himself. He was freeloading off of Chiyosaburo! I watched as sometimes one norn would get the apple, and sometimes the other norn would. Occasionally Chiyosaburo layed down to take a rest, or maybe he got frustrated, but it didn't last long before he was trying again.
 Eventually Nobusuke left after Chiyosaburo decided he was done with the cauldron. CHiyosaburo began walking right, toward the other norns, when walking past him came Kasumiko. Chiyosaburo could not keep his eyes off of her and his gaze followed her as she passed, and he soon followed tight on her heels. It seems to be love at first sight!

Chiyosaburo followed Kasumiko into the skulls at the left side of the cauldron (the very dangerous wall place) and then followed her back to the cauldron. She layed down and rested beside it, while Chiyosaburo took up his position to the cauldrons right, which you can see here. Chiyosaburo then did the cutest little thing, he began to push the cauldron, like he had been doing moments before, and each apple was snatched up and eaten by Kasumiko. She seemed to enjoy them very much, while much to my adoration, Chiyosaburo didn't make a move to grab even one apple. He was pushing the cauldron all for Kasumiko.

Will Kasumiko and Chiyosaburos romance be taken to the next level? Will their love for eachother develop and grow stronger.. or will Kasumiko prove to not be a one norn girl? I can't wait to find out next time I play.

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