Monday, October 4, 2010

Life As We Know It

Welcome back, to today's rather long post. First I have results on the rest of the norns that have gotten lost along the way of the migration. I have a list of the rest that didn't make it and those you will no longer be seeing. These norns are: Xerxes, Benjamin, Ukichirou, Fulko, Yoshiroo, Juushirou and last but not least Gaston.
There are now only 5 adult norns left in my world, plus one newly hatched which I will tell you about!

I was pleased to see Jinia has calmed down quite a bit since the last time we saw her downing those wines. She now struts around the whole of Tulu wearing a happy smile, eating and playing with the other norns. She is even much braver than the other norns, pushing and playing with the skulls that decorate Tulu.

After a bit of playing she wedged herself amongst a group of norns in another adorable snoozefest.. I just love when all of the norns are sleeping at once!

A short time later I was pleased to see another Jinia pregnancy. Her halloween egg was layed by the pumpkins, but she is not afraid of them! This girl is really impressive. Most of the other norns just run away and retreat the scary toys!

I followed Jinia all the way to the little home where she promptly helped herself to the popcorn from the newly released halloween pack for C2! She seemed to enjoy it so much that she took a rest, and then continued to munch hungrily on the popcorns! A little while later another norn came and joined her, but he didn't eat as much. This seems to be a Jinia thing.

When Jinias little egg finally hatched, out popped little Kazuya. Kazua is a little girl, another born with C1 Grendel legs. I find the parts from other species fascinating and can't wait to see what she looks like all growed up. She began to wander around looking quite fascinated at everything and sampled some of the fruit the walking halloween tree was dropping.

After another short bit, another egg icon popped up on my screen and I found Jinia had layed another one. This egg was layed inside the home unlike the previous one, where it is nice and safe, and warm. Or maybe Jinia just didn't want to leave the popcorn.

I wanted to check on the poor, terrified Leyti from previous only to find him wandering around with an actual smile on his face! I was so happy to see that he was starting to adjust to the new world. I found him playing with and eating the food and fruit all the time, which is a little weird considering he's surrounded by toys. You'd think a norn would rather play with those! He still occasionally displays acts of anger by stomping and expressing his anger, but this fades quickly now.

While I was watching Leyti, little Vinsu was wandering back and forth accross the screen, seemingly with concentrated intent which I found curious. Closer inspection and upon watching him for a few seconds I suddenly realized he was chasing the wandering halloween tree. It wasn't currently dropping any fruits, but I'm betting when it did he wanted to be there to snatch them up!

I'm very happy to announce Tulu's first little male norn born! This is little Kiyohisa! He popped out of his halloween egg and began quickly snapping up the little candycorns laying about before wandering out into the graveyard with the rest of the norns. He seems to have inherited his mothers braveness because he didn't seem bothered at all by the wandering skeletons and ghosts.

So far everything seems to be going well. I hope that all of my norns continue to adjust and settle into their new home. Until next time.

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