Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Ikku has aged into elder and I just had to take a snapshot of him going bald. He looks adorable and a little strange with that zebra norn body, but I love to watch him wandering about. He mostly sticks to the norn home eating the candycorn and popcorns and wanders around with the other norns. He hasn't dialed down his activity very much considering his newly aquired old age.

In that very same norn home the new colorful norn brothers, whom i'm going to nickname the rainbow brothers, have decided this is their new hangout. They never leave the comfort of it but rarely to snatch up a few stray food pieces from outside. Jinia whom loves the popcorns very much and the candycorns littering the floor often is in there as well, and little rainbow brother Taheiji with the very pretty smiling moon on his red belly, has taken this opportunity to kisspop and create an egg with jinia. Jinia didn't seem to mind and giggled the whole time.

Out from Jinia and Taheiji's egg hatches little Levio (>:D). Levio inherited his fathers pretty belly and his mothers pretty head. He imediately began running around very energetically and always wore a smile! He is a very energetic little norn, pushing this, hitting that, picking up things and always busy. I wonder sometimes if he has a norns version of ADD. I watched him play as it was very entertaining!

A little while later I became concerened by a sudden mash up of kisspopping noises and a lot of unusual sounds. I scrolled to them to find poor jinia in what appeared to be a mess of rainbow brothers. They were all gathered around the popcorn cauldron and seemed to be holding Jinia hostage with kisspops. She didn't look very happy and try as she might couldn't seem to get away.  I felt bad and attempted to drag her away with the hand only to have each consecutive kisspop release her from my hand. After a frustrated barrage of slappings on the rainbow brothers they finally released her to wander.
I want to keep a watchful eye on Leyti since he has such problems in Tulu. I found him stuffing his face with apples again like usual, and since this seems to keep him happy I scrolled away and left him be. I came back this one time, however, to find him suddenly turn to me after a couple of seconds, and express. I don't know what he was saying since he was talking nornish, but he actually stopped eating to speak! Leyti ceasing to stuff his face with apples for anything is unheard of! I had to get a picture of this experience! Not long after a second norn appraoched and began eating the apples causing Leyti to go into a fit of rage, stomping his feet and expressing anger.

Meet little Kenjurou. He is the third male norn born in Tulu and quite handsome. This little guy seems to be a little more calm and collected than the other norns. He mostly wanders around pushing toys, and doesn't seem to be in a hurry to do anything.

By now Levio has grown into a pretty youth stage! I just love the colors these rainbow brothers bring into my world, and I love his shiny red eyes. Hopefully Levio won't be as obsessive as them though. So far he seems to be doing fine wandering around like any normal norn would. He has a lot of fun teasing the rainbow brothers though by hiding behind the popcorn cauldron! I find him there often, and don't know quite what he's doing, but he peeks around the edge of it at the rainbow brothers.

Four new arrivals have come into my world. These visitors don't look very promising though. They mostly do an extreme version of what the rainbow brothers do, which is stand around looking at eachother and go nowhere. The rainbow brothers at least made it out though.

 In order they are: Quirin, Ryuko, Sharaku and Zen'ichirou. They all look pretty, but their behaviors leave a lot to be desired. If they're ever going to live in my world, they have to make it out of the warp room! Will they ever make it out?

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