Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Lonely Apple Cauldron

I am going to start off today's blog with news of a couple of visitors. A couple have died and not made it past the IQ test.

This little guy didn't even make it out of the warp room. He stayed there all of his life and didn't even move. There are others in there just like him who are probly resigned to his fate.

This little guy DID make it out of the warp room, and into the norn meso. I cammed over there to pick him up and drop him successfully into Tulu to join the rest of the norn population when he suddenly keeled over and died. I guess the effort to get to the meso was too much for him.

Now for some cute, and good news! Little Yorkie was the first to hatch today, and is the son of Levio and Liane. Welcome to the world Yorkie! Yorkie has a very unusual and bumpy looking body due to his sprites. He is cute all the same. He is very active and energetic, always running around. The first thing he did after hatching was pop out of his little egg and begin walking left, looking at everything he passed along the way. When he came to a little pumpkin toy, he picked it up and played with it, carrying it around a little bit!
Most of the norns are hanging out in the home area since I dropped the candycorn cauldron there with the popcorn one so I spend most of my time there as well, watching the norns. Over comes Leyti. I suppose he felt lonely all alone by the apple cauldron! I was happily surprised to see him leave it, and join everyone else for once. The first thing he did was march over to the popcorn cauldron and stake his claim on it, expressing "Leyti get food" sternly and picking up a piece of popcorn while becomming angry. He just looks about to stomp anyone who dares take some from him!

Meanwhile another male birth in the world is to be celbrated. Keeping the world thriving with male norns is little Kiyohisa. He looks very halloweeny and is another calm, reserved norn. He seems to keep in the background a lot.

After quite a while of watching the norns in the norn home I followed some stray ones out into the graveyard. I found cute little Yorkie in the pumpkin patch playing. If there were any other norns around I'd swear he was playing hide and seek, peeking from behind the pumpkins there!

It wasn't long that I was watching Yorkie when a death icon appeared on my screen, and knowing how many senior norns I had I wasn't surprised. I cammed to see who it was, and WAS surprised (though I don't know why..considering his age) to see it's Leyti. He appeared to go peacefully with a happy smile on his face. I guess he found happiness after all of that angry stomping over food afterall. Rest in peace Leyti!
The world continued as usual for a while. I try to make sure to follow every norn so they don't get into trouble, or kill themselves by walking into walls. I found Leyti's apple cauldron with one solitary norn laying by it, not even being used. I think the cauldron looks a little lonely without Leyti to guard it. I think the cauldron misses Leyti too. What is Tulu going to be like without Leyti!

The cauldron area didn't stay vacant for long. A few norns take a trip over once in a while when I put some more apples on the ground from the cauldron. I don't know why, but Kenjurou became angry and began stomping his foot for no apparent reason. I have never before seen an angry C1 norn face and so just had to take a snapshot of this! Look at all of those forehead wrinkles! I didn't know they were so wrinkly. His forehead almost looks like that of a sphynx cat!

 Ikku also passed on due to old age. Both Ikku and Leyti passed on at age 5 hours and 39 minutes exactly. Isn't it a coincidence how Ikku passed on just infront of the grave stone, maybe he knew something! I hope in the future I'll get to see more bald little heads running around my world.

Away from the graveyard, back in the norn home, I find Levio where he has been for quite some time. It looks like he has been inducted into the rainbow brothers group. They stood there like this for a couple hours straight.. thats what they do.

Vinsu and Meinbod also died. I'm not quite sure what killed Vinsu, but i'm pretty sure Meinbod died from running into the wall too much. I didn't get there in time to save him unfortunately.
Meet another new male addition to the world. When I grabbed this little baby norns hand as soon as he hatched to gather his stats I was taken aback by the name. It's scary complicated and i'm not even sure how to pronounce it! He came out named Matchitehew. Little matchitehew hatched by the popcorn cauldron where he was layed, away from the other norns at the current time, and set out walking left to explore the world.
A little while later over comes a few norns, Liane and Levio included. I found little Levio hiding behind both cauldrons now and peeking over once in a while. I didn't catch him peeking straight forward in this snapshot but he was mostly. I'm happy to see he has broken away from the rainbow brothers. I swear they're not quite right.

One more birth to end my post tonight. Meet little Palladin. His name has got to be my favorite name among all of my norns currently in my world. Not only is it pronounceable, make sense, but it is also actually something! This little norn is among many born with two tails, which I find utterly interesting! I hope he grows up and old and lives a long, healthy norn life!

There are now many new norns in my world, and fewer elders than there once was. Hopefully tomorrow wont be riddled with as many sad endings, and more new beginnings!

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