Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New and Old

Today we got a few new visitors and they're quite pretty! They all arrived nearly one right after the other. In order they are: Cord (obviously), Goetz, Grady, Taheiji, and Landelin. General health check found them healthy as any norn baby.

 I left them alone to pass the IQ test out of the warp room and arrived back in Tulu to find Jinia has aged.

Jinia proved to make quite a cute elder norn and an energetic one at that. She often walks around kisspopping with random norns, chasing down food items to eat, and I see her wandering around the whole of Tulu all the time.

I don't know if maybe she has athritis or what, but she has reverted to crawling on all fours wherever she goes though. It is cute.

Taheiji entered Tulu after passing the IQ test with some of his brothers only to find himself frightened stiff. I found him in this pose and when slapped he began running like this. I felt bad for him, but hopefully he will learn not to be so afraid of everything, like the other norns learned!

Grady also passed the test and made it into his world. A while later though, I found he had passed away by the giant skull. I'm not sure exactly from what, and I was a little sad to find this because he was quite a pretty norn.

I have been fighting with Leyti over the apples lately. He seems to have gone apple crazy. The apple cauldron is the only place he ever hangs out, and as soon as some appear from the dispenser he snaps them up. I clicked and clicked, depositing what must have been hundreds of apples on the ground for him and he spent around a whole minute doing nothing but snapping them up! Other norns have a slim chance of eating any, so I try to sneak in a few clicks on the cauldron when Leyti dares wander away too far, but it is never any use.. When the norn stampede comes for the apples Leyti always manages to arrive first and eat them.

 A norn has managed to snap them up one time, and I watched as Leyti got angry and began stomping his foot. He never attacked the other norn, but he sure put on a display. I put in a couple more fruit sources in attempts to spread out the "fruit traffic" but the norns seem to like these apples best.

The other norns who passed the IQ test were Goetz, Cord and Taheiji. They've aged a bit and grown very pretty colors. I just hope they don't harbor some genes i'm not aware of that might injure my gene pool. Congratulations norns! And I hope you live happily in Kono Sekai Wa.

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