Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cute Babies

The first picture for today is a little bit of a sad one unfortunately. Because he only had a couple minutes left, Levio soon passed away peacefully from old age at the normal 5 hours and 39 minutes. Levio lead a full life and fathered a good number of  children. He died with a smile on his face.

Not much has been happening in my world other than the usual norn antics. Eat, Sleep, retreat from norn. There seems to be a lot of retreating these days since Tulu is a fairly small meatroom. Hidekazu is an exception. He likes to follow norns around, almost as if he's stalking them. He follows the nearest norn for quite a while before switching to another. Upon closer inspection I learned that he is "pushing" all of these norns. Because of this, Hidekazu has fathered many children with Kiyoe and all of the little babies and adult norns running around with heads like his are directly related to him or the late Levio. Some of these poor norns try as they might to get away only to get stuck, but not nearly as bad as with the previous rainbow brothers thank goodness.

Matchitehew has also met his demise at the hands of old age. When I was transported by the death icon atop my screen to his little body I worried at first it was the same wall that he was laying beside, that had killed so many other norns. Thankfully after checking his age and the fact he has a fairly peaceful look on his face I came to the conclusion it was old age that has claimed him.

By the apple cauldron is the ancient Kenjurou. He is enjoying some apples with Kiyoe. Honestly I forgot a little bit why I took this photo n.n;

Another little child of Hidekazu popped out of his egg and took me by surprise! The coloring is brighter and unlike any i've yet had! Thank you Hidekazu for giving me this cute little norn! I am very happy to have such a pretty norn in my world and hope he will spread his colors by genetics through further generations! This is Deodat, what an interesting name for an interesting norn. Deodat did what many little baby norns do after first hatching, walked around with a bright smile on his face looking at everything! He sampled many toys along his walk toward the apple cauldron, pushing and hitting them once before moving on! When he reached the cauldron he stopped for a small meal before falling asleep.
The death icon brought my attention to Kenjurou. The game automatically takes a snapshot whenever a norn dies, and this is the last one it took of Kenjurou. Interestingly, usually the snapshot depicts the norn in its death, but this time found Kenjurou retreating, probly from other norns. I think it's safe to say he has died from old age.

Baby Nobusuke. Nobusuke was actually born before Deodat but I just couldn't wait to show Deodat off! Nobususke is also cute, but not brilliantly colored like his sibling. I'm not quite sure if they are brothers or half brothers.

I left little Nobusuke by the apple cauldron while I went and observed some of the other norns, only to return and find him walking, in the pumpkin patch he was playing in when he hatched, in a very funny way. Then I suddenly remembered with a chuckle, that a few days ago I had left a can of C1 manky (alcohol) hidden among the pumpkins; I had completely forgotten about it! Nobusuke had apparently found and drank the manky! He was walking around like this for quite a while. I hope it doesnt hurt him since he's still a baby!

Another insanely cute baby from Hidekazu and Kiyoe. Lothar has a name that reminds me of an 80's adventure fantasy movie or something. Lothar likes to play in the pumpkin patch, pushing and hitting pumpkins, pumpkin toys and pumpkin foods. In fact thats what he did right away after hatching, he seems interested by them!

Lothars curiosity surprised me even! All other norns retreat from the skulls to the left of the metaroom, and Lothar marched right up to them and began playing with them too! I watched as he pushed and hit the skulls, retreating and approaching with nothing but a bright smile decorating his face. Lothar isn't scared of the Tulu skulls! Even at night when they come alive with ghostly activity!

It's getting close to halloween and the end of october. In another couple of weeks another migration will be made to a new place to fit the season. I hope all of these cute norn babies can make it.

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