Thursday, October 14, 2010

Overrun With Elders and Babies

After bringing up DS again the first thing I encountered today after a few minutes of play was a death icon. I am beginning to really hate that wall, because I found it was my current favorite norn Raolo that has become the victim of it. I didn't see it happen, but this  snapshot the game automatically took just before he died proves it. Poor Raolo, he didn't even get to pass on his genetics!

Levio has been a busy norn despite his age. He is currently the oldest norn in my world at over five hours old, and if he lives to be the exact age an average norn lives to be, he only has two more minutes left to live. Hopefully we can break that record and stretch his life a little longer. This is another of his sons, Hidekazu. Hidekazu is very energetic and adventurous!

After hatching Hidekazu was overcome with crowdedness ran to the right in a hurry to get away from the other norns! He didn't stop running until he reached the nearly empty norn home! Small Tulu is getting a little crowded with all of the norns running around, especially with all of the new babies being born!

Hidekazu reached the candycorn cauldron and fell to the floor to sleep exhaused from his energetic run. I hope he's having good dreams. Hidekazu looks so cute when he is sleeping doesn't he? He looks like a curled up little kitten. I wonder what he's dreaming about.
I recieved a sad looking norn, Okatarou, in the warp today. He did nothing but stand in place mostly. I checked his vitals and organs and was shocked to find everything except the life organ was dead or dieing. Everything was at 0% except for two organs, which were rapdily dropping. I watched him for quite a while until they were all at 0 except for the life organ, which must have been keeping him alive because he didn't die. Fearing he was immortal even though he looked pretty, I exported him for another world to take care of.

Anders, who i'm proud to say has also fathered a couple norns by now, has wandered in toward Hidekazu when I returned to Tulu. Hidekazu was looking Anders way, ready to retreat again because apparently he didn't want to be around any other norns, when Anders settled on the floor beside the door and prepared to sleep.

Hidekazu thought it wouldn't be too bad to be kept company, or keep another company. He walked over and layed down next to Anders and slept by his side. Perhaps they're both having good dreams together, or keeping warm in the drafty area of the door. I thought it was very cute to see them so cozy. It is a warm ending for a blog post that started out so sad. :)

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