Thursday, October 7, 2010

Next Reigning Queen

Thats right, Jinia has finally passed over after being an elder for quite a while. Her death was peaceful and happy as the females before her. She has lived to produce many offspring, of them three daughters that will be experiencing Kono Sekai Wa in the far future. Thank you for your contributions Jinia!

Meet the new norn queen, Liane. Liane has C1 norn with apple norn mixed in. She has apple norn head, arms and legs, and C1 norn body. I think she has two tails too. The little curl on her forehead is beyond cute and I could gaze at that hair forever! Liane is a little norn that seems to be a little bit reserved but still knows how to be happy. She gets along well with the other norns as well.

Liane made her way out of the norn home and into the graveyard into a crowded pack of norns! I lost her for a little while among everyone! I had to be patient, and pick the other norns away so that I could find her to take a picture! They sort of mobbed around her, but she seemed to be happy disappearing into the crowd.

Liane made her way accross the graveyard to the apple cauldron Leyti lords over. She helped herself right to the apples without a thought and little Leyti just stood there and let her! Leyti must be feeling very generous, or maybe he just likes Liane instinctively. Leyti shared his apples with Liane! When she was full she layed down right by Leyti and the cauldron and rested.

I scrolled over to the norn home, leaving Liane to rest, and found an adorable sight. One of the rainbow brothers is by the cauldron while the other norn is resting by it. I'm not quite sure who the other zebra striped norn is, but There is Levio, peeking over the cauldron at him like usual! Levio loves to hide behind the cauldron and peek over as if he is being a naughty norn.

I'm not quite sure when Lianes pregnancy happened but out popped Liane's first little boy norn. Liane has previously had 2 little girls, and here is little Meinbod. As soon as he hatched he began walking around eating carrots. He seems to enjoy the carrots very much!

Just then Meinbod and Liane cross paths as Liane is on her way back to the norn home. I followed her, only to find her make her way to the popcorn! She isn't related to Jinia, but displays some of her qualities of liking popcorn. Levio and this little baby norn were the only ones there at the time. Levio and Liane shared the popcorn together and it was very touching. They stood there eating popcorn just the two of them for quite a while.

Not long into the popcorn eating, I heard the telltale signs of kisspopping. I was proud of Levio to finally kisspop for the first time! The sight of them sharing food together then kisspopping made me think of them being on a date together! It was so cute. I wonder what their little baby will look like.

The last bit of news for today is a little bit of a sad one. We had a young death. Taheiji has died. He was being a bad little norn and trying to eat the other norns for quite a while so I had slapped him a couple of times. He must have been a weak or delecate little norn because it was only a couple of slaps from my hand. It wasn't my intention at all and I felt bad afterwords. I'm very sorry Taheiji. :T

Thats it for tonight. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! I'm eager to see what Levios baby looks like!

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