Sunday, October 31, 2010

Last Day of Tulu

Sorry my post is rather short today. I only played for an hour this time. Most of Tulu has been pretty tame though, and nothing much exciting or out of the ordinary has been happening. I have had a couple glow in the dark norn babies from such radical coloring, but they were females so I haven't featureed them in any of my posts. You will get to see them when they become norn queens in the future.

I'm pretty sure by now all of the norns are tired of being constantly crowded, with little food to eat. Hopefully the next room won't be so crowded, and they'll not be so hungry. Because it'll be winter, I don't think there will be an abundance there, but I plan to do my best to privde them with a balanced diet.
I had a couple more mysterious deaths. The first one is Adoeete and the second is poor Landolin. Adoeete was getting up there in age, so I wasn't very sad when he died. Landolin however still had many years before him, and I often enjoyed watching him play with the other norns. I was sad to see him go. I hope this doesn't become an epidemic.
Over at the apple cauldron I found Chiyosaburo has assigned himself with a really big responsibility. Why, i'm not sure, but he seems to enjoy it. He stands by the cauldron pushing and pushing it to make the apples fall out, feeding the population of norns around him. I have stopped pushing the cauldron for my norns ever since I saw how smart they were becomming, and beginning to do it for themselves and others. He would not push the cauldron until the apple that previously popped out was eaten, and didn't attempt to eat them himself. (Pictured in the lower right corner is one of Kasumikos current three daughters before she was exported at youth. She was a glow in the dark baby, and the coloring changes and becomes a little more dull as they age.) Only when everyone had their fill of apples and left the cauldron did Chiyosaburo also leave, without eating even one apple himself.

This is Nibaw, a new baby norn. Nibaw has two tails, one of his mothers, and one of his fathers. Nibaw runs around picking up little pies and eating them! This way the world won't become overrun with an over-population of pies.

Here is another of Kasumikos sons. This is Nikorasu. Nikorasu was born and began to crawl around the norn home he was born in. He is proving to be a smart little norn, already pushing cauldrons, though he hasn't yet seemed to learn that food pops out of them when you do this.

Nikorasu walked right over to his sleeping mother and settled down beside her. I thought this sight is so cute I just had to take a picture. They look so loving and cozy together.

The last picture of the day is of new little norn Shige. Kasumiko has been quite busy! And I have seen her be the one to initiate the kisspopping several times. It's nice to see the female norn take the initiative for once. Shige is going to grow up to be one of those short, stumpy looking norns, but oh so cute! He has a bad habit of running into walls though, so I have to remember to keep a close eye on him.

Thats it for today. Again, sorry it's short, and next time expect to see a whole new, winter world!

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