Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Difficult Journey Completed

     Like last migration, this migration was much more difficult than I had anticipated. I had expected a smooth transition to a new metaroom only to be confronted with a lost metaroom. I once had Ostrova which I was going to use for the winter months, only to not be able to find it. It probably got accidentally deleted or misplaced during one of my past hard drive wipes. The only other option in my mind that resembled a winter room was The North Pole, a beautiful room, but I wasn't quited pleased with it as my only option. You see, it is christmas themed, not just winter themed. Also, much to my dismay, and as I already dreaded, I would have to install C3 in order to get it to work. I have no problem with that game in general, it just lags my computer.
     Once installed, I had the arduous task of finding and installing many winter themed toys, foods etc.. I did successfully find a few, but it took a few hours of searching and a couple failed injections. I also deleted the christmas fruits originally in The North Pole but unfortunately am unable to delete or get rid of the christmas trees decorating the landscaping as they are part of the background. I have yet been unable to find anything to put infront of them to hide them...
     The migration itself was next.. and luckily this time there were much much fewer deaths than pervious. Only three died this time. Now.. on to my fantasized adventure of it all!

The norns of Tulu began their great migration! Only three didn't make it on the way. Poor Iguanitiusu was the first to go, weakened by the cold and lack of food. The next norn, Anders, was a bit hardier but eventually refused to move on, collapsing in the freezing cold snow. Poor Ulfert got lost along the way, never to see his new home. (I have no idea where he went, I couldn't find him anywhere!) The rest of the norns continued on, determined to make it to their new home in hopes of finding a cozy fire to greet them and a home full of food. they were confronted with a horrendous discovery however.. There future home was gone! Nowhere to be seen! Their cozy, winter home had disappeared, vanished seemingly into thin air! Leaving in its wake only a vast, deserted landscape with very little food and no shelter at all. All they can do is their best to make a home here with what they have.

The norns quickly discovered this place wasn't as deserted as they had thought. They found a tiny population of native snow norns that blended in quite well! The native norns were soon learned to be Ayize and Asasaburou. The two snow norns welcomed the new norns and allowed them to live here with them. Ayize and Asasaburou were discovered to be a bit bossy though, and slapped some of the new norns around, as well as each other at times.

When Lothar arrived, the first thing he did was take a looong, needed rest right in the snow. The trip had exhausted him.
Hidekazu walked around, having fun playing with the snowballs and snowflakes!
The first to be born in the snowy world was Hisashi. Hisashi was layed and born among a pile of snowballs and hatched amazed at his sorroundings. Everything is stark white! The little norn infront of him was barely seen and almost ran into! Little Hisashi doesn't have the ability to disappear among the snow though, in fact he stands right out much like most of the snowy worlds new inhabitants.

Most all of the norns except a brave few gather around the cornucopia stationed in the far left of the world. This little agent gifts all of the norns with every food they could ever want. Here is where most of them live, hoarding around the food, and occasionally pushing it for a feast. Little Hisashi quickly finds himself overwhelmed here in the mass of norns!

The next little norn born and last new baby of today is little Berchthold. A name i'm not too fond of, but a cute little norn indeed. He popped out of that snowy looking cold egg and began playing with the snowflakes that littered the ground. His momma layed him by the shee plushie, perhaps so the norn egg could be taken care of, and hatched under the familiar watch of a shee.

Thats it for today. Sorry about some of the messed up formatting. Next time will be better I promise!

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