Thursday, November 4, 2010


Many of our adult norns are in their ancient stage now. There will be many taken by the hands of old age soon. In his old age Hidekazu seeks space to be by himself. He spends most of his time to the far right of the snowy world where no other norns go, and plays with snowballs and ice crystals. When another norn encroaches on his space he spends the whole time retreating that norn until the norn leaves. Hidekazu doesn't seem lonely though, and is always smiling and happy when playing in his sorroundings.

Chiyosaburo on the other hand seeks the company of other norns, and will follow them around. He followed the nearest norn while my camera was on him and when that norn came to rest, Chiyosaburo layed down right beside him and expressed that he liked that norn very much. Chiyosaburo is the oldest of all of the norns in my world at this time. He has exceeded his life expectancy of 5 hours and 39 minutes. He is far older then that now, going into the five hours and fifty something minutes. You're amazing Chiyosaburo!
Meanwhile, the two native snow norns are proving to be more and more mischievous all the time. They seem to find slapping others around quite amusing and do it almost constantly, luckily not hard enough to seriously hurt anyone. All of my norns have now expressed that they hate Ayize, who seems to be the ring leader. Here he is crouching over Kasumikos egg which he fathered. He and his brother seem to be having naughty thoughts! Seconds after this photo was taken, Ayize picked the egg up and stomped around with it a bit.. before depositing it back on the ground while his interest switched to some nearby food.
Out from that egg pops Leyati! Ayize has been fathering most of the babies lately and he has been very busy. Leyati is his first son and all of the babies he fathers come out a beautiful blue or white color! Leyati hatched a perfectly innocent norn baby, and appeared a little confused at first. Once he got some food in his tummy from the cornucopia he seemed to straighten right up though. Leyati is proving to be the spitting image of his father as far as behavior goes. Leyati often slaps norns when he is bored, just for the fun of it!
Ayize's second son is Lazar. A name I find to be a bit interesting, and a cute little norn. This norn doesn't have the beautiful frosty blue, or white coloring of his siblings but instead takes after his mother as far as pigment goes. Lazar is a more peaceful norn than his father so far and likes to walk around eating, and playing with the snowflakes that litter the ground.

A death icon braught me to Hidekazu who has died of old age at the average age of 5 hours and 39 minutes. I was expecting to see Chiyosaburo had passed, but instead found this. I was a little sad, but also happy that Hidekazu has lead a full life. He died happy with a smile on his face, and not alone!
This is Ayize's third son, Lennert. Lennert has been born a pretty snowy white like his father.. in fact he resembles his father almost to a T. Lennert hatched and began slapping some norns around him much to my dismay, though not as badly as his father and brother do. Lennert mostly likes to eat, and play among the snow. In fact, eating seems to be every norns favorite thing to do! They eat more in this world than in Tulu!

A little while later after another pegnancy by Kasumiko and one of our original norns out pops little Paturin! paturin hatched sorrounded by family and a little disoriented at first. He didn't look like he knew quite what to do sorrounded by so many norns! He quickly became overhwelmed and began retreating them until he found himself in fresh air. After a short time exploring his new world, and playing with some snowflakes he layed beside a chunk of ice and took a nap. How he could manage to sleep against something so cold is beyond me!
Another death icon appeared on my screen and excitedly I clicked so that it would take me to Chiyosaburo. Only when I arrived at the destined norn it was not Chiyosaburo, but Shige, and Shige isn't even old! Shige appears to be another mystery death. Sorry little Shige, rest in peace.

With so many new baby norns being born thanks to the crazy Ayize, it looks like my norn population will be thriving, much to my surprise!

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