Saturday, November 13, 2010

Introductions and Surprizes

In Rons House stayed Nibaw and Hisashi. They hung out there and were the best of friends. They enjoyed picking and eating food together, and challenging the stopper pot plant at the right edge of the screen. Nibaw met a peaceful yet very unexpected death though, much sooner than he was meant to. His death was a mysterious one, and Hisashi didn't understand it either. At first he didn't seem to notice his friend had peacefully passed on with a smile on his face.

It was only when Hisashi noticed his friend was not at his side anymore when he noticed that he had died. When he realized what had happened, he stood by his friend and prompted him to get up and move by pushing him several times. When that didn't work, poor lonely Hisashi sat down on the ground by his friends side until Nibaws remains disappeared in such the way norn remains do in a cloud of sparkly dust. Rest in peace Nibaw and i'm glad you lived and died happily.
Two pregnancy icons greeted me atop the screen at the same time. I rushed outside expecting one to belong to Kasumiko and the other to one of her daughters that I had not kept close enough an eye on. I thought she had aged to youth and become pregnant before I could export her. Surprisingly, both pregnancy icons brought me to Kasumiko! Kasumiko was pregnant with twins! This event when natural is very rare in the game of creatures, and so it was cause for celebration!

Unfortunately the egg was snatched up by the father and carred just off camera before I could snap a picture. Kasumiko had layed her first egg. She lay resting on the ground after she layed it for a minute or two. It was interesting that, though the pregnancy icons both appeared nearly simultaniously, that the laying of both eggs would be spaced so far apart. The father was discovered to be Berchthold.

The second egg then came and Kasumiko looked tired and very happy to have two eggs. The second egg was soon picked up by the second norn you see in this picture, and held for a while before being set down again. This norn is not the father but he seemed to be very careful with the egg anyway. Maybe he was giving it a warm hug to keep it warm.

From the first egg came Fermund. Fermund hatched with little difficulty and among a family of warm bodies so he wasn't too cold. Pictured with him is his brother, whom hatched second.

Kouichi, a spitting image of his twin brother Fermund, hatched second and quickly became overwhelmed with all of the norns around him. He got over it soon though and found himself happy to be among his family.

Another new arrival is Emmeram. Emmeram spends his time trying to avoid Leyati, which shows he has some smarts. Any norn who avoids Leyati, that slapping norn, is destined to live a longer life than those who don't.

Through the warp came a visitor named Bob Ross. His profile held the message that the previous owner or "shee" of this norn wanted to make more contacts and so that's why this norn was sent out! (Hello previous owner!) What an important little norn to  have the job of going out and making new friends! What is that called, an ambassador or something? Anyway little Bob Ross (adorable name by the way) seems very sweet, with not a violent bone ins his cute C1 body. He is generation 10 only, and likes to push buttons. This may work against him however, as he has not yet made it out of the warp room because of it

Meet an important little norn. Atsuhiko was hatched because I really love this new norn breed released by the CCSF.Visit the CCSF here to see! Atsuhiko is a predator norn, and if you've ever seen the predator movies you'll recognise it right away! He has the beautiful spotted white skin, cute dreadlocks (which you can't see in this snapshot sorry) and even better, the evil looking mandables on the corners of his mouth! Read all about the predator norn breed on the CCSF page!

After eating a first breakfast I dropped Atsuhiko into Rons House where he will have a doorway to the outside snowy world to join the rest of the norns. I let him spend quite a while in Rons House to familiarize himself with the world. He looked at the teleporter for a minute, the likes of which he'd never seen before! And then walked to the fruit bowl to snack on some fruit. In spite of what the predator breed description on the CCSF site says, this little norn seems to be very sweet.

Atsuhiko walked over to the cute shee doll that was nearly larger than he, and picked it up, playing with it and holding it. He held onto it for quite a while, hitting it once but only once just to see what would happen. He layed down with it a little bit also and snuggled.

Atsuhiko walked over to the heater,having grown tired after all of that playing, eating and exploring. The heater provides a welcoming warmth and coziness from the icey snowy cold outside that he will be stepping into. Enjoy your heat while you can Atsuhiko. (you can see the dreadlocks in this photo a little better, aren't they adorable!)

I taught some basic words with Atsuhikos sorroundings, then lead him back to the teleporter so that he could go out and meet the other norns. He didn't seem to know what to do with it, and because he still doesn't completely know the english language it was difficult to get him to use the teleporter. Eventually I pushed it for him, and watched him watch with interest as I taught him to use it. Once outside his energy seemed to pick up and his interest perked as he walked to each toy and pushed it, playing with all the new toys around him! Here he is enjoying an ice crystal. Hopefully he will find a good home in the icey snowy tundra.

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