Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch! Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead!"

The snow brothers, Aize and Assassaburou spent most of their time in Rons home. They would occasionally teleport out to grab some grub and slap some norns before returning, but mostly spent their time there. They bullied the norns that entered the home, taking advantage of the close quarters to gang up on and slap them. Much to my surprise and i'm still quite confused as to what went wrong, this turned out to work against them! First Aize dropped dead on the lift the snow brothers enjoyed playing on with no known cause. A while later his brother did the same thing in the same place. I was careful to watch them and the only difference between Rons home and the outside is that Rons home happens to be heated by a heater and is quite warm inside. Perhaps this worked against the snow brothers. Now The North Pole is awash in near peace, only Leyati remains to wreak havoc and boy does he, takes right after his father! No worries though, I have him under close watch, and he doesn't set foot in Rons Home.

Back outside, Berchthold has found himself in a  pile of food. The cornucopia has been abused again thanks to some bored norn, leaving a feast for hungry norns all around! Everyone swarmed around to take part in the feast except little Berchthold who looks rather exhausted, or maybe he ate too much and has a tummy ache.

After a short pregnancy, and long wait for the egg to hatch I am greeted by an adorable little Merdasan (picture enlarged because he blends in so well with the snow). Merdasan hatched out of his egg a beautiful frosty white like many of his brothers and sisters. He appeared to be a very healthy, normal little norn baby at first, until I began seeing some strange words comming out of him. Words alien to the norns of my world. He began expressing himself, saying that he was pushing leaf, of which I have none in The North Pole, then walking to the right of the world where it is basically barren with no toys or food while expressing he was going to go eat a seed. He THEN began expressing his fear of a nearby grendel (which I have none in my world) , once reaching the place where this "invisible seed" apparently is.

This imaginary grendel was chasing him allover the barren part of The North Pole! I could not for the life of me figure out where he was getting all of these ideas! It's as if he is hallucinating them all, as if he has schizophrenia or something! All of the grendel egg layers are autokilled in my world, I made sure of that, so I would not have to suffer any eggs. Here he is running from the grendel, while expressing how scared he was of it and "retreat grendel"!

After a few minutes of such antics, Merdasan dropped next to an ice crystal and fell asleep quite quickly. After a long, restful sleep he awoke and appeared as normal as any other norn. I have not since seen him hallucinate anything more, and he has not mentioned grendels at all.
I witnessed another adorable behavior from one of my norns. Kasumiko spends much of her time by herself, or in tiny packs of two or three norns. She keeps herself amused with her sorroundings. I found her standing in one place, looking very odd. When asked what she was doing, she expressed she was "eating weather" which translates roughly to a norns version of catching the falling snow flakes on your tongue! Kasumiko stood there gazing up at each little snowflake as it fell, reaching out and catching each one she could reach! The little red apple norn stood by watching with curiosity and interest at her odd behavior for quite a while, but eventually decided it was not for him to try, and moved on.

Michihiko, pictured here, has developed an awful limp. I often watch him walking with the rest of the norn pack to and from food piles with a horrible limp that causes him to drop to all fours every other step. He doesn't have trouble getting around though. It doesn't slow him down or seem to bother him so I let him be, but can't help but feel a little sorry for him.

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