Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

Sorry I didn't post this yesterday, there was just so much going on. I'm sure you can understand one gets busy on a holiday. Anyway, yesterday I opened up the C3 norn terrarium (modified for winter of course) to the norns, as well as having the north pole metaroom. Now they have an ungodly (dramatization) amount of space to roam around. Imediately the norns took after it, teleporting to the norn terrarium and seemed to be having a blast! Something unusual and odd began though, the norns started dropping like flies! Inspections found no toxins or bacteria, but did find one telltale sign. I found that those norns that were dropping had very high drives for starch, fat and protine.. in other words they must have been starving to death. The north pole IS equipped with food, a single empathic vendor set by the pole itself that will dispense when a creature expresses it's hunger. I kept the north pole pretty sparce of food though, because I wanted it to be realistic and in the winter food would realistically be sparce. The norn terrarium is plentiful however.
Among the dead are: Merdasan, Leo, Atsuhiko (waaah! D:), Lazar, Napayshni, Bob Ross, Hisashi, Berchthold, Muhsin and Jason. I went from 23 norns down to 14, which is still a healthy number in my opinion.

The first norn to die had nothing to do with starvation however. Kasumiko finally met her life limit at age 7 hours and 12 minutes, a record! Well done Kasumiko! I think the secret to her long gevity is in her genetics, which i'm glad she passed on so many times. Rest in peace!

 Little Muhsin hatched from a Kasumiko egg and would be her last son. Muhsin however would not make it to the new norn terrarium. Too bad, I would really have loved to see such a pretty, frosty white norn live to an old age.

The next norn queen was placed right in the terrarium in a norn house. She is the last daughter of Amana's four children and sister to Kasumiko, Kiyoe and Liane. Kunie arrived very happy and displaying a bright smile with wide, bright green eyes! She loves her new home and has fun exploring her new sorroundings! Kunie displays a very rare pair of toxic norn arms. I cannot remember though, if that is due to her having toxic genetics from my secret toxic population, or if it is a simple sprite mutation.
Much to my surprise, the learning room in the norn terrarium was found by smart little Emmeram. I didn't expect any norns to find that room because it's tucked away, but Emmeram walked right up to the door, pushed it and went through as if he'd known it was there all along. He enjoyed some cheese while I turned the machine on, and much to my further surprise he was soon followed by a few other norns. When five or six norns were now populating the learning room I watched them kick around the single ball in there, as if they were all playing a game of soccer!

I didn't think I needed to post a photo of all of the norns that died because it is a bit sad. I was very discouraged when Atsuhiko passed, he was my favorite norn. Also, because his son also passed away, his only surviving relative is a girl that has already been warped out to be a future queen. Hopefully his genetics can be passed through her.

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