Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Peaceful on the Homefront

The title of this post is due to Leyati. Leyati's antics finally became too much, and me needing to constantly keep an eye on him was enough. His constant surveillance needs were causing me to miss a lot of the other norns lives. Norns were growing up and getting old when I haven't even gotten to know them. I finally warped Leyati out into the unknown, where he lands nobody knows. Good luck whomever recieves him.

This is little Mankichirou. Mankichirou has his mothers C1 norn body and tail, and the rest is apple norn. He was also blessed with two tails, one of each norn breed. Mankichirou is quite an average norn and there isn't much to be said about him that stands out.

Pleasantly, I was greeted by a warp icon atop my screen and my first thought was "Oh goodie!" I do love getting male norns in the warp and it's like a present on Christmas from Santa each time! This is Adalmund. He is a generation 1 clown(harlequin) norn but I still accepted him. I figured it would not hurt to have clean generation 1 genetics reintroduced into my world every now and then. Adalmund arrived looking very confused, a warp can do that to a little norn!

Meanwhile, my check on Bob Ross (from the previous post) revealed he had passed the IQ test and was happily scouting around in the norn meso. Like usual, I plopped him down in Rons House where he happily snacked on some berries from the fruit bowl.

Bob Ross wasn't in a hurry to get out of Rons House into the open world so quickly. He walked over to the lift and pushed it, transporting him into the garden area of Rons House. Here he pulled and ate some carrots while watching the pretty purple butterflies flutter about. You don't see them outside in the snowy tundra.

Finally when he had become too bored to cope any longer, he took the lift back down to the lower reigon of Rons House and walked to the teleporter. It took him a few pushes to get through, but he finally arrived into the cold, crisp open air and beheld the wonder of a snowy paradise with a big smile!

The next norn to visit Rons House was little Adalmund. He had also passed the IQ test with flying colors and even faster than Bob Ross had. Adalmund snacked on some fruit first, just like his predasessor before making his way to the teleporter.

With my help Adalmund slipped through the teleporter and was transported into the same snowy tundra. He seemed less impressed with his new sorroundings, but was just as happy in them as Bob Ross! Adalmunds first item on his agenda was to make it to the cornucopia of food and push it. This brought a stampede of norns over to it almost immediately. Adalmund didn't have much time to chomp a few bites down before he quickly began to retreat the stampeding norns!
Atsuhiko spends all of his time happily playing with toys and objects. He likes to walk around and do nothing but push a toy, then walk to the next and push that too. He does this all over the tundra. Sometimes the population of norns becomes too much for him and he ends up spending a lot of time retreating norn. Atsuhiko likes to be by himself a lot. Hopefully when he turns youth this will change. I would love to see baby Atsuhikos running around!

Kasumiko is nearly 7 hours old by now and will leave this world soon (i'm guessing!). Her vital signs are down to 30% which leads me to believe she hasn't long left in her natural lifetime. See you on the flip side! Blah.

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