Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Twinned Again

An unexpected death greets me when I first log into DS. Nikorasu passed away peacefully among his family members by the cornucopia.

 Kasumiko and Atsuhiko took a trip together to Ron's house. Kasumiko was the instigator, pushing the teleporter and teleporting them inside the warm house. Atsuhiko enjoyed his time with Kasumiko all by himself. They walked around exploring the room and eating some of the fruits from the fruit bowl. Apparently this was a romantic enough time for them to kisspop and create twin pregnancy icons!

Kasumiko layed her first egg after a short time just on the left side of the fruit bowl table. A few steps later she layed down and layed the second egg on the other side. With one blue egg and one red egg Atsuhiko is soon to be the father of two babies at once!

The first to hatch is a little boy named Leo. Leo looks the most like his mother, with only a little predator norn tail from his father. The double tailed Leo crawled around a little bit and ate some food from the fruit bowl while his parents teleported themselves back out into the cold outside.

 I tried to show him the teleporter so that he would know how to use it and transport himself back out into the world to join the rest of his family. He only walked over to the shee plushie and layed down for a rest though. Leo's sister hatched next and her name is Lenexa. Lenexa is a girl so you won't see her until far into the future. She hatched a beautiful predator norn with only a portion of her momma showing.

Kasumiko is 6 hours and 50 something minutes old so I expected the next death icon to be about her. I was surprised to see the second mysterious death of today to be Michihiko. I wonder if it's the cold that is killing them, but to my current knowledge cold only makes them uncomfortable. If anyone knows differently, please correct me!

The Christmas home has been decided. For Christmas there will be another migration, a short and simple one. This migration will be to a home decorated for Christmas. It's not yet known how long they'll stay there, or if i'll open up both the north pole and this new home together for the rest of winter. We'll see!

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