Saturday, November 6, 2010


My little norns have been complaining about being cold. My original plan as stated in the previous posts was to have them all live in Ostrova where they have a little underground home sheltered from the cold wintery landscape. Due to it falling through, my norns have been having to live in the wintery snow without any shelter. I have been searching and searching for an agent or something that would allow me to provide them shelter in the north pole metaroom, in vain. I have decided to provide a teleporter that will teleport them to the little room of "Rons House". Here they can escape from the outside cold and snow for momentary warmth and more food.

Meet Jason. He is a generation 10 magma norn visitor. I got him in the warp today and he seems to be very competent! I gave him the usual checkup once he arrived, and everything seemed normal and fine. I left him in the bottom of the warp room to complete the usual "IQ test".

I high tailed it back to the north pole to find an egg had hatched out a baby named "leyti". If you recall, I once had another norn named this and it braught back some memories. I didn't have long to watch Leyti and reminisce before a death icon popped up onto my screen. Excited and expecting to see one of my elders has passed as per the normal circle of life I clicked and was transported to the next norn!

Much to my dismay I found it was Nobusuke, a non elder. A norn who was still in his prime adulthood had passed away, and with mysterious causes once again! Luckily, he was old enough to have had many experiences and passed on his genes.

A little while later, another death icon appeared on my screen and lead me to Deodat, another sad and mysteirous death. Deodat also was not elder, and by now I began to get a little worried as to what might be happening. I know there aren't any bacteria in my world, or toxins, but all of these mysterious deaths are beginning to make me wonder if i'm having some type of epidemic on my hands.
Time passed with little to no events like the previous to, so I became relaxed again. I scrolled to the cornucopia to find all the norns hoarded around it like usual. When one of Kasumikos daughters discovered it, she took joy in pushing it repeatedly, sending bubbles flying everywhere until the ground was littered with food and the air was clogged with the bubbles! This photo doesn't do justice to what I found, and became a little worried all of the bubbles and food would slow down my game due to the sheer number.
 Hisashi was the first to discover the teleporter to Rons House. He was soon followed by the native snow brothers who seem to enjoy taking the house over and hitting every norn who enters, and playing in and out with the teleporters. In his moment of peace, Hisashi took a little rest by the fruit bowl, which dispenses fruit when pushed.

Another death icon lit up my screen and I was taken to a baby norn, Leyti! I have had a couple native snow norn crossed with my own regular norn babies die after birth due to defect so I wrote this off as defect. Chiyosaburo was right by the norn, trying to comfort the baby, or perhaps wake it back up because he kept touching and pushing it as if it were a toy. He seemed a little disturbed by the death, such as I was.

Another birth in the world renewed my joy when I saw little Lenz pop out of his egg. He too is a son of one of the snow brothers and so far shows no slappy habbits or birth defects. He has a beautifully snowy colored body. Lenz is an explorer, for as soon as he hatched he began walking around with his eyes all lit up, looking at everything and playing with everything he could get his little hands on. Lenz is one of the cutest norns!

Chiyosaburo is getting up there in age, well over his death date and i'm very fascenated and happy to see that. I always see him hobbling with his old man walk after other norns with a bright smile on his face, or pushing little odd objects like snowflakes or bits of food. He found one of Kasumikos eggs and began pushing it, playing with it and touching it. It was so cute to see him doing that, not once did he ever think of hitting or harming the egg. He just kept playing with it with a bright smile. Then over came another norn, Nikorasu, who picked the egg up and began to dance with it while Chiyosaburo looked on with interest and played with it while Nikorasu was holding it. I watched the two norns do this for quite some time, they seemed so enthralled in the egg, it was cute!
Then Nikorasu took the egg with him, walking to the right where the mass of snowballs lay on the ground with a few other norns, all gathered around the snowball dispenser. Nikorasu pushed the dispenser with the egg a couple of times, making some snowballs come out, then deposited the egg onto the ground amongst them. I thought at first he must think the egg is a snowball, but then when he moved out of the way saw Kasumiko right behind the egg. It is as if he had brought her egg right to her.
More peaceful time passed without anything happening, and with the norns just having fun and playing. The snow brothers have been staying in Rons House for some time now, perhaps they perfer the warmth, leaving the rest of the outside snowy world rather peaceful with no slapping going on. It is then that I see another death icon, and half believing Chiyosaburo is immortal, expected to see another elders death, or perhaps another mystery death... but when I was brought to Chiyosaburo snuggled between an ice crystal and a snowball pile I was surprised! He lived a super long life of 6 hours and 52 minutes, almost 7 hours! That is a far cry from 5 and a half hours! Good job Chiyosaburo!

Out from the egg that Chiyosaburo and Nikorasu had been playing with popped a beautiful little baby norn named Michihiko. He is a pretty snowy white like his fathers and took an interest in the food by the cornucopia immediately. He crawled right over there and began eating and playing with the bubbles!

I found Jason wandering in the C3 ark (space ship for those who aren't familiar) much to my surprise! Then I realized I had forgotten about the little door to the space ship in the middle of the norn docking station! It will have to be watched from now on because it will be a little bit of a loophole in the IQ test. I plopped him in Rons House where it's nice and warm so he can explore the snowy world at his liesure.

     I don't submit or usually mention the little girl baby norns born in my world because they will only be exported at youth to make an appearance back into my world when their time comes to be the queen. BUT, this time I will make an exception and mention something rather important and sad that I found in my world. I don't have any pictures because the event that shocked me happened too quickly for me to get any taken. I was at Rons House with the snow brothers and a couple other norns, just watching and making sure nobody runs into the walls too much when I found one of Kasumikos daughters had teleported in. I was overjoyed to see the teleporters were actually being used without my direction! I was then horrified to see the rainbow brothers both suddenly ganging up on her and slapping her. I hastily began clicking away trying to get the snow brothers to stop by slapping, or pulling them away, but there were too many of them! The poor little baby was slapped to death.
     A few minutes later after a snow brother had teleported back outside with the rest of the norns I got another death icon and found another one of Kasumikos daughters dead, with that snow brother hovering over her body with a mischievious smile on his face. Then it suddenly occurred to me that the mysterious deaths may not be so mysterious afterall. I think some were, because they showed no signs of pain, but others had disappeared before I could properly check for pain. Sorry norns!
     This means I have to keep a much better eye on the snow brothers since they have showed themselves to be murderers!

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