Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fabulous Four Plus Two More

Two new norns arrived today and Shadow here was the first. He arrived in a thick patch of grass beside the bee hive, a great source of food! The first thing he did was crouch down low in the grass though, and I can't help but think of him as a ninja doing this with the name of Shadow. If this sneaky behavior keeps up I'll have to give him the nickname of Ninja shadow. His tiny eyes peerd through the blades of grass at the strange other norns for quite some time before he felt comfortable enough to stand and go look for some food, and maybe introduce himself.
Tsk, tsk, tsk.. poor Wedge here has a problem it looks like. I'm very sorry, I don't know how this happened. My game for some reason doesn't seem to like the sprites assigned to Wedge. He arrived looking very out of sorts with a giant body of some kind I can't quite identify. My guess it's neko ettin or something.. He looks cute anyway, and maybe he'll grow into that giant body of his.

I'm always so happy when I can end a blog post without posting any deaths, but we almost had one today. Java was grazing in the plants, eating the fruits when the alarm went off and in my panel I saw Java must have somehow mistaken a deathcap mushroom for a fruit. She'd gobbled it right up, maybe two I couldn't tell.. then turned to the screen and displayed a face that showed just how sick she suddenly felt. I opened the organ agent to see just how bad her condition was and I watched her liver A organ dropping, dropping and dropping some more.. I wanted to see if she could overcome this herself, but when her liver dropped too low for comfort and into the red (34%) I quickly administered the antidote via the hoverdoc. She is fine now but boy was that scary, I almost lost my queen.
Next order of business today.. the hatching of the egg! Good news for the future of the norn tribe, it's a boy! Unfortunately to my dismay upon the hatching I checked and found the father to be Adairan... as much as I wanted it to be Fabi. Adairan isn't a bad father though, i'm glad to see he's passing on his genes finally after such a long life. I was beginning to wonder if the hetman line would die out. Aengoth hatched into the world with a bright smile on his face and very innocent. He hatched among a lush patch of grass and fruits into a world well equipped to take care of norns. Aengoth is a very lucky norn indeed! He has chichi head, tail and body with tiny legs and arms much like his mother, Java!
 Corran stays by the waterfall at all times with his buddy the Fons. Whenever I go over there to see how they're doing they're always together, walking among the lush vegetation, eating fruits and vegetables.. and ultimately playing with toys. While the rest of the norns are getting into trouble and causing havok these two guys are living the good life, peaceful all by themselves and under the cool, refreshing mist of the waterfall. Their world is filled with the sounds of butterfly wings, bird songs and water.. not the yelling of the other norns, whimpers or slapping sounds heard across the forest! Perfect setting for a bromance! They often take a moment to stop and gaze at the beautiful scenery of the waterfall around them.
Over by the swamp where most of the norns have decided is the best place to be right now Jago has been the victem of lift hijaking again. Whenever this happens I do my best to stop it, split the norns up and pull them away from the lift, but they always return. Well Jago has managed to finally get himself away before he's carried off again, and only stood there, staring at the lift with a horrified look on his face. I feel sorry for him, but don't worry he quickly will get over it and move on.
After a bit of staring at the lift, Jago catiously approached and stepped inside to face his fear. The lift was now abandoned and free of norns so there is nobody to hijak it from him, this time he's in control! He rode the lift up and down with a piece of tomato in hand as a snack for the ride. Eventually his fearful face was replaced by a happy one and he found that lifts aren't that bad after all, its the other norns that you have to watch out for!

Once his fear was overcome his attentions turned to the ever fun toys that I have spread around the forest. Rarely do the norns take interest in the toys, but I had taken the beach ball from the volcano door where it had been and brought it over to Jago. He would hit it, then i'd fetch and bring it back. This continued for a minute or so before I finally let the ball go where it may when hit and this lead to a chase across the swamp! Jago quickly ran after the ball with a big smile and hit it, only to chase after it again when it flew so gracefully through the air!

Jago chased all the way accross the swampy bridge and to the death cap mushroom area by the volcano door!

Finally he reached the ball again as it had come to rest against the volcano door and he quickly hit it a couple more times, taking joy in how it bounced right back to him from off the metal door!

Then he did something very odd.. He turned to face the screen suddenly and promptly fell asleep, without laying down! His pose was frozen in a standing positon. Not sure what makes norns choose this pose instead of the usual laying down one, but it sure is interesting!

Back at norn headquarters!... Our cute little Wedge has joined the two peaceful norns by the waterfall. Wedge was very happily accepted to their little group with open norny arms and he joined them in their fun of eating fruits and playing with the spinny top. I am very happy to say that even though the dreaded deathcap has found its way over to here, the norns are leaving it alone.. and I feel I can trust the fons, Wedge and Corran with not eating it.

Stay tuned till next time!

Current norn population: A healthy 10

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fabulous Four

The lands of Nyrn have become quiet and though peaceful, very lonely. Just when the remaining three norns began to worry if they would be the last of their kind, from new lands comes a tiny tribe of four norns, strangers, seeking a new home.
Meet in order from left to right Alfonso, Corran, Fabi and Jago. Sorry they are a little difficult to spot amongst the vegitation. Alfonso is to the left of the lift button sleeping. The others are pretty easy to spot to the right of the button. All were welcomed with open arms by the remaining three norns!

Corran previously passed the all important IQ test and proved himself worthy of advancing. In spite of his Yautja genetics he is proving to be very gentle and has not slapped another norn. Of course, Corrans first response when arriving was to play with all of the wonderful toys! His eyes met the toys and his face lit up! Maybe they don't have toys where he came from? He reached out a spotted arm and pushed that toy across the ground causing it to make the shrill high pitched squealy sound that it does! Then he ran after it and repeated the action, taking joy in watching it spin and squeal!
"Fabi's line of norns have been bred for an incredibly strong immune system, they are even resistant to the ATP-Decoupler." Fabi, the adorable cat faced mer norn arrived and immediately clung to the norns that had arrived before him. I've not been able to figure out if the clinginess is due to a needy feeling, or fascination with other norns. I've found that Fabi likes to follow other norns around almost obsessively, with a cute smile on his face. He does everything from trying to eat them, to simply touching them. It doesn't seem to bother any of the other norns though, so I let him continue his odd behavior. He's just too cute to turn away anyway. His unusual physiology compared to the other norns doesn't seem to slow him down much either. While he takes a little longer to get from point A to point B with his tail, he does so enjoy the journey along the way!
Jago arrived and immediately ate some fruit filling up his belly, then became fascinated with the lifts. His first act was to walk to the nearest one, which happened to be in the treehouse, and begin riding the lift up and down, up and down. He doesn't particularly express any joy while doing this and it's all he seems interested in doing. All the while riding the lift his face presents a very serious look. Maybe he's hard at work... I can't help but wonder if this is how he tries to rid himself of boredom.
Alfonso.. The tiger bodied little off color norn. His attraction was also first to the toys. He also takes much joy in playing with them to the point that it takes up most of his time. His first toy to play with was the little walking and barking dog near the swamp lift. He walked as fast as his little legs could carry him with a big smile over to the dog, not even paying attention to any of the other norns around him.
Once all of the new norns were settled in and busying themselves with things, I decided to check on the other norns to see how they were doing. To my surprise I found Adairan away from his deathcap seeds! Even though his face looked none to happy, he had strayed from his hobby just long enough to go fruit picking. All of that research must be hard work. The fruits were just on the other side of the bridge where the other norns were. He picked and ate some fruits, giving the other norns just enough time to greet him.
I lost Adairan in the crowd for a couple of minutes and returned to him to find he'd aged to elder stage. It still amazes me how he can survive on such little food. Perhaps his genetics have adapted to do this from the harsh winters his relatives had gone through last winter. Even with his bones and body having aged he still presents a great interest in seeds. After he'd eaten a few fruits he'd stayed just long enough to look at a few of the harmless seeds scattered around the fruit plants.
Near the treehouse where Corran and Alfanso (the Fons?) were playing with their toys like they'd so loved doing ever since arriving, Jago had left his lift riding to join them. He'd watched them play nearby for so long that it had begun to look fun. Deciding to join in he strayed from his fun little lift and discovered the joy of the spinning top as well! For the first time his serious face changed with a brilliant smile. The Fons and Corran were happy to have another playmate too.
Checking on Fabi brought me to Easter. Little did I know that Fabi's norn stalking was beginning a little romance between him and easter. They had made their way to a cozy little area up above the swamp where nobody esle was, where they could be alone together. Fabi (Fabio? naah..) stared into Easters tiny eyes, and Easter gazed into Fabi's big kitten eyes. A few kisspops later and Easter became pregnant. Congratulations Fabi!
Once again Easter layed an egg as big as her and, exhausted from the excursion, layed down beside it to warm it and rest herself. Fabi is now a father. Unfortunately the egg would hatch to be a female so a picture won't be shown, but I can tell you that the little norn that hatched out was very unusual. She hatched with a great SNEEZE, followed by many others. She hasn't yet stopped sneezing, but I checked for bacteria or toxins and found none. It's a mystery why she sneezes. She also has a prominent limp, but a check up of her internal organs reveals nothing wrong or below 90%. Her legs are that of a mer norn, so when grown she'll probably develop a tail while having a tiny bunny body.
There has been a lot of lift hijacking ever since Jago arrived and he has hijacked many norns since then. Surprisingly Java has picked up his behavior a little bit and decided to ride the lift herself. She didn't enjoy it this time either, and I think she learned a lesson: Pushing the buttons yourself doesn't make it any more fun. Unfortunately little Alfonso here got hijacked in the process. I've been rescuing norns from lifts for quite a while and will continue to do so to prevent them from getting hurt. When norns get hijacked against their will what happens to them is the equivalent of getting banged around inside because they don't stand still.
Corran has found a buddy in Alfonso and they spend much time together forming a bromance while eCorran eats fruits and carrots. Corran looked up from his carrot picking to find a tiny bee buzz right in his face and look back at him before flying away. Ah, the weather is perfect here, the food is plentiful and the waterfall sprays a cooling mist. This is the life!
I returned after a few minutes of watching the other norns to find Corran was left by himself, but he didnt seem to care at all. He was still having so much fun playing with his spinny top in between meals of carrots and fruits. He didn't seem to want to even go and meet the other norns. I wonder if he will keep this solitary behavior when he gets older. If he does it will hurt his chances of passing on his genes.
An alarm went off on my panel and I checked to find it was Easter. Scrolling to her location I was worried to find that she was by the volcano door, where Adairan had been studying his seeds. She herself was looking at and playing with the seeds. Her lack of experience and knowledge, that Adairan has and she doesn't, worries me and I tried once, twice, thrice to pull her away by the hand. She only turned around and strutted right back to them with the same big smile. She was excited to find something new and interesting! I had to pick the seeds up by hand and toss them into the volcano. I hope Adairan won't be mad at me for throwing out his research Project when he finds them gone.

I leave this post with a mystery. By the swamp Adairan and Fabi romanced Java with a flurry of kisspopping. Try as I might I could not tell which norn it was comming from. The kisspopping produced a sky blue egg layed on the damp, musky ground by the swamp bridge. This is also Javas first egg, congratulations Java! You are now a mother! What will hatch out of the egg, a half mernorn, or a half chichi? Only time will tell. And will it finally be a boy!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jasmine Pushes Daisies

Hey guys. Tiny post today because I wanted to get the pictures from my last play out of the way to make room for the next one since it's most likely to be big. (that is a guess on my part, not a promise!)

Adairan.. Poor, poor Adairan.. I gave him a regular checkup as I do all my norns once in a while just to see how their bodies are doing with their invironments. He appeared to be healthy and happy studying the death cap seeds and never eating... but when I checked him up I noticed his liver A organ is not doing so well. From my studies this organs purpose is to store excess energy. Right now it's function is down to 12%. I am not sure exactly what affect this will have on him outwardly, but like I said earlier he seems to be happy and not in any discomfort. Whenever I dump a hand full of food by him he ignores it and has a one tract scientific mind set on those deathcap seeds. Who knows, maybe since he's never tried to eat one he knows how dangerous they are and is playing scientist to better the knowledge and safety for the future generation of norns. Little Adairan sits for hours upon hours, staring at, inspecting, pushing and carrying around the seeds. On rare occasions he will try to talk to one to see if it answers him. I can only imagine a tiny clipboard in one of his norny hands!
As the title of this post suggests Jasmines time has finally come. She has not lived up to the age of the longest living norn but she has indeed lived a very long time. Her age was over 5 and a half hours and she died an ancient. I was taken by the death icon to her, still sporting a smile. She had layed down in a garden of flowers and seeds and looked ultimately peaceful. She was a great mother and wonderful wife to the late Hetman. May your daughters further your genetic line down the road! Now she and Hetman are together once again!

Unfortunately, i'm sad to say her son Adondasi has followed soon after. He too looked happy and i'm sure he lived a happy life. He didn't complain much and seemed quite content no matter how hard I tried to convince him that he was hungry! I believe his death was caused by starvation, but he didn't seem to care! Ah well.. Life goes on!

The passing on of Jasmine has opened the door for our next queen. This happens to be the sister of Jasmine and Jeshi! Java has reigndeer arms and legs while the rest of her is most definately chichi looking. This gives her a little bit of a dwarf look, but oh so adorable!

Java was introduced into my little family of norns and blended in quite well, despite her physical differences. Her tiny legs make her look like she is swimming on the grass like a duck on water, and her tiny arms give her a T-rex appearance. Java expressed joy when she saw the abundance of food around her and enjoyed snacking on and playing with the field of fruits! Some time passed while I watched them graze like cattle in a peaceful world and I was amused to find the three norns (java, Easter and Adairan) gravitated toward each other to form what resembled a small herd. They wouldn't stray far from each other, and that's how I left them. Adairan of course didn't stay long and didn't really eat anything but quickly made his way back toward the volcano to look after his seeds. He seems to occasionally be attracted by other seeds but doesn't stay around them very long. His love is the deathcap seeds! Adairan, you have a very dangerous hobby.. maybe even a little morbid too!

Current norn population as of this post: 3

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sparce Norns

Easter has grown into her youth stage, which caught me by surprise because she hasn't gained any height or size what so ever. I had been waiting for some time to see her do this, so I could know when to begin expecting breeding behaviors, but since she never grew I got tired of waiting and looked to find she was already youth! Easter keeps to herself most often, just walking around, playing with toys and eating. She seems to be living the good life! Here Easter settles down next to the lift button beneath the big tree house, in the cool, rich soil.
Not long after I began watching Easter I was surprised by the death of Hetman. He had been the Adam of Nyrn, fathering the future generations of his tribe. Hetman had been the first to stray from the little cave the whole norn population first arrived in Nyrn in, and with a fellow female norn colonized the underground cave by the waterfall. There he spent his days, first and last, with no predator threats or stresses. He even managed to discover gold and treasure! With his full life behind him Hetman now rests in peace, knowing his children have a future because of him.
Adairan, one of Hetman and Jasmines children, has found himself near the volcano door where the deathcap mushrooms love to grow, playing with the seeds of them! I can't help but admit he makes me very nervous when he does so, but he doesn't seem to be eating them or the mushrooms. I can only hope that is because he has enough intelligence to know not to. When I first found him I sweated bullets for a little while as I watched him prod, play with and look at the little spiky seeds as if he were studying them. Adairan is an adult and has never shown an interest in breeding with Easter but what holds his interest is the science behind deathcap seeds!
After the discovery of Adairans dangerous hobby quite a while passed before something new happened. All the norns continued in their peaceful lives before suddenly I became aware of a pregnancy. I didn't get to see it happen, but was braught to Easter! I was so happy for this joyous occasion that I followed Easter wherever she went until she layed the egg. Her gestation wasn't long at all, in fact much quicker than an average norn I think. The egg itself surprised me also, that she could lay one half the size of her! Good gracious Easter!
Her first egg hatched into a little girl. Easters second pregnancy was soon to follow and the second egg layed among the flowers beneath the great tree house. The father of both eggs was Adondasi, he and Easter seem to have a little romance going, though casual as it is. The second egg also hatched into a little girl norn, which worries me a little bit... because Adairan and Adondasi are the only two male norns left in my game. If more aren't born into this world soon I may have to fetch some from muco. (If I did they would be c1 norns, they're irresistibly adorable!)

Current norn population in Nyrn: 4

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter For Norns

This is the easter post. I am sorry that it's very late, but better late than never. Well, here we go.

Another blast of difficult weather has swept over the Nyrn forest. It catches all of the nearby norns by surprise and sends them scurrying in the other direction. Luckily for the norns, the weather patterns aren't hazardous to their health. They don't know that though, unfortunately. The little toy dog there is abandoned as the norns flee from the ominous thunder cloud spitting it's lightening all over the ground while a couple more take shelter in some tall grass. Inside I can't help but feel glee over watching these unusual weather patterns affect the norns and how it may change the way they live!

Jasmine has reached old age and all of her colors have dulled, but she still looks beautifull with her pale pastel wings. In her old age she has slowed down quite a bit. I still have been unable to successfully breed energy into old aged norns, oh how I wish they could remain energetic up until death! Jasmine spends her hours and days, now, sitting and staring at/watching things most of the time. I find it difficult to get her to eat anything. I'm unsure if this is because her metabolism has slowed and she no longer feels hungry, or if she is confusing looking with eating. She has had a long, full life, though, and so I let her be and try not to hassle her too much.
From the mysterious egg under the watchful gaze of a nearby norn pops a fluffy little norn, tiny thing! The egg you see, was an Easter egg and from it popped an Easter bunny norn, what else! I have named this cute little thing Easter, in celebration of the holiday. This did happen on Easter day, but again I have gotten this post up a bit late. Easter loves to eat eat eat! That seems to be all she does.. yes it is a SHE. She will not replace Jasmine, but supplement her in the norn tribe. Most of all, Easter loves to eat the Easter eggs from the baskets! I have watched her trekking alllllll the way to the volcano door and back just following the trail of eggs for eating!
Easter Also likes honey! When I supply the honey comb with a few jars by pushing the hive she scurries right over and enjoys a few of those jars! Jasmine has also been seen enjoying the jars, but not nearly as much these days.

A couple of deaths have occurred in the world of Nyrn. Abishpulu and Addarnat have passed into the great beyond. They lived their whole lives in the cliff cave never venturing out once. They enjoyed their lives though. Abishpulu seemed to pass on due to starvation though this isn't proven or certain. Why norns choose not to eat when they are surrounded by a bounty of food is anyone's guess.

This post is short simply because while I had played for over an hour, very few things of note happened to take pictures of! Because of this I have few pictures, but hopefully next time I will have a few more! Sorry about that guys!

Current norn population: 9