Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wayward Nornling (or) A Little Norn's Adventure

I had a couple very sad deaths in my world today. The first to go was a shock to me and I had to take a moments pause when I learned it was Ainat. Ainat died on his feet, the same way he slept, and with a smile on his face. He did have a chance to pass his genes on to a daughter who will continue to pass them on to suitors in the far future. Soon to follow Ainat's passing was Anel. As far as I can tell they both passed due to starvation, not eating what was just at their feet. 
The good news is that two norns hatched today also! Meet Areas and Aren. Areas has his mothers body, chichi arms and mothers head. Areas has his fathers legs and feet. Aren hatched a golden haired little baby unlike his mother, and in the midst of a small storm. They both were very lively youngsters and seem to know they have an exciting life ahead of them with all of the energy they have to spend!
Anruin found the jar of honey that seems to be very popular with the norns and decided to go for a little hike in seek of adventure! He smartly found the button and rode the lift up as if he knew just what it was for. He knew it would be a long hike and he might need the food the honey provides.

I watched as little Anruin took his life in to his own hands while the adults were busy looking after the other baby norns. When nobody was looking he wandered waaay off to the next level of the treehouse. A toy car caught his attention and with honey under one arm he walked over to see what it was! Boy did he find it fun! Who would have thought such fun toys could be way out where nobody ever goes!
Anruin played with the toy, pushing it and following it in to the green tube where it lead him. Suddenly he found himself sorrounded by glass and became a little nervous, crouching down to gain his bearings and rest momentarily while he thought of what he was going to do next.
There was only one way to go now, he went forward to the other end of the tube. It brought him in to a funny room full of mechanical devices and computers. He had no concept of what they all did and so didn't find them very interesting. His honey jar had been abandoned in the tube behind him. Ahead he saw another tube with a funny device in it. Not knowing how to use the vehicle, he just walked right past it down the tube.
The bottom dropped out just when the swamps platforms were below the tube and Anruin was sent falling gently to the wood below. He didn't quite know what to do with such sudden new sorroundings, but found another honey jar waiting for him... and another toy car! What luck he was having today! Anruin threw his arms up in happiness and did a little dance to the car.
With the honey in one hand he walked over to the car and played with it joyfully! He must have spent hours playing with it right there, taking a sip of honey when ever he felt a twinge of hunger, and sometimes when he didn't. There were no other norns around to crowd him out or tell him what he should and should not do. I could tell he was having a blast!
Soon, his curiosity got the best of him and he decided to move on. He walked to the next lifted, pushed it and rode down, patiently waiting in side the bamboo until the door opened and let him step out. He found himself on the next lower level of the swamp platforms and spied something shiny in the distance. Anruin made his way over to a little metal triangle and found it even more fun than the toy cars he'd previously found! This new toy discovery was the best yet! You can just see the excitement in his big smile. There he stayed, playing with the triangle and with the honey in hand.
Back at the treehouse I found a couple more young norns exploring the upper levels. I had to laugh when I saw one of the little girls (Anis) hitching a ride on the lift with only her butt! She must have buns of steel to ride like that! She looks like she's quite enjoying it though!
At the top most level, again the little bouncy spring toy was found. As her friend had his back turned and wasn't watching Anis curiously pressed the spring toy...
And bounced high in the air! Great joy was had in this and she repeated it a few more times before her friend said it was time to go. Even he would not let an innocent little girl wander too far from the tribe alone.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Baby Boom Explosion

Meet today's newest norns. In order they are Anruin, Arathor and Vando. Again, sorry for the horrible picture quality. 
Let me explain: I have it set up so that the game will automatically snap a picture whenever one of a few things happens; A norn arrives through the warp, A norn is exported, A norn dies or A norn is born. I set this up this way because I do wish to have pictures of all of these eventens, however attempting to do it myself was combersome. As many of you known, it can be nearly impossible to get norns to do what you want them to and by the time i'd get to the norn they were already a long ways away from the initial event I wanted a picture of. This way it's much easier since the game takes care of it. The drawbacks, as you can see, is the game doesn't care what it's taking a picture of. Anruin was born crammed in a tiny lift with many other norns. The next two pictures were taken when my game was minmized (while I retrieved names for them, my mistake!). That's what the pictures look like when the game snaps them while my game is minimized. "Why don't you just go back and manually take a good picture?" because any second, third or fourth pictures are not of the "initial event moment" when it actually happened, but of several seconds after it happened. There can be only one, unfortunately.
Now that that long winded explanation is out of the way..! My world is booming with an explosion of baby norns running around! They're overtaking the adults and growing up at a rapid pace! While I'm beginning to feel the effects of being overwhelmed i'm also very hopeful that the growing crowdedness will encourage the norns to explore further away from their tribe!
There are now so many babies running around, unfortunately, that I cannot remember who has what name. I wish I could tell you this little norns name, but I have forgotten! (*Is an honest shee*) (My educated guess from the above three pictures is he's Arathor) He is a newborn just hatched fresh out of his egg in the treehouse where most of the eggs seem to be layed these days. I'm very happy to see the treehouse is no longer being ignored. We seem to have a potential musician on our hands, because as soon as he hatched it was love at first sight with the horn! I thought it was just so adorable when the tiny baby norn hands held the instrument to his little head and blew, announcing his arrival to all in the tribe with a blast from the trumpet!
Fiken happily layed another golden egg in the tree house by the call button while the father, successfully having fathered so many children with Fiken already, gazed happily out at the beautiful waterfall. This particular part of the tree house is a wonderful spot for sightseeing and this is why I often place norns here for their romantic encounters. Fiken, however, decided she likes this place and stayed for a very long time. Those wanting to become fathers would come to her.
On the ground where very few norns are is Alds. Three little baby norns play around the bee nest, enjoying the warm golden honey from it as it's produced while watched protectively over by the babysitting Alds. The sudden abundance of inexperienced children in the tribe has seemed to grow up Alds quite a bit emotionally. Alds was often the one getting in to things and being where he shouldn't, but now here he is protectively babysitting the three nornlets. He stayed by their sides where ever they went.
I was delighted to find Fiken has paired up with one of her many sons and taken an experimental field trip higher in the tree house! As you can remember, only one norn has ever been higher than the first level before, and he eventually passed away because of the dangers found outside of the forest. Not to fear, however, this little baby had his mother to protect him. They explored the upper levels of the tree house together with Fiken watching out for her little one lovingly. It was touching to see them, and Fiken not thinking only about kisspopping for once, but in stead sharing priceless time with her kids.Wherever the little boy went Fiken was right behind. They looked at toys they'd never seen before and ate fruits that fell from the trees for snacks when they got hungry.
Fiken seemed to be doing a good job taking care of the both of them so I felt safe enough to leave them long enough to find Ainat's daughter had decided to explore, herself! She had taken a brave journey to the middle of the swamp all by herself and discovered some forgotten toys! By the time I reached her she was done playing with them, and began her trek back toward the tribe to rejoin.
I wanted to keep a good eye on the exploring pair in the tree house so nothing horrible happened to them, like did the last explorer. Fiken expressed a complaint of friendliness when she and her son reached the very top level of the tree house! This is the most dangerous level because it contains the teleporter that ultimately transported the previous explorer to the desert. Neither of these norns were interested in the teleporter however. They decided to play it safe and enjoy the leafy view and cool breezes at the very top! Baby boy, behind her, finds the bouncy toy (I haven't ever discovered if these are just toys, or have an actual use).
And up he goes! Being flung in to the air a short distance was fun, and so he repeated a couple more times before his mother turned around and saw what a dangerous toy he was playing with and quickly stopped this behavior. As soon as Fiken turned around and expressed to him, he stopped playing with the toy and moved closer to her side. 

In the treehouse on the first level, three unhatched eggs wait for their turn to hatch. I have a population cap of 20 in my world to prevent my computer from lagging too much. A population of 20 lags the computer already, but I am still able to move my hand around and play the game without too much frustration. Fiken's friskiness continues to produce eggs even while the population cap is active, resulting in the lower level of the tree house turning in to a big norn nest. I am pleased that I won't have to hunt down any of the eggs when it's time for them to hatch, I know right where they all are. Fiken has a good idea after all.

Current norn population: 18 (baby girls make 20)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Great Baby Boom Of Year 1

Yet another usual day in Nyrn, this time filled with the predicted sounds of kisspopping comming from the direction of Fiken. Fiken and Ahaz had found eachother and created that Kisspopping music heard accross Nyrn but only a few times. I was on my way to them when I saw on my screen a pregnancy sign pop up simultaneously as a death icon, or nearly so. Surprised with the sudden appearance of both I took my priorities in hand and clicked on the death icon to be braught right to Ahaz. It took me a moment to realize what had happened. Ahaz had become a future father just a second before he passed away. He spent his last remaining strength as an ancient norn giving life to a son or daughter. Above is the last picture my game took of him. Fiken looks very pleased to be mothering a future baby Ahaz.
As you can see, Ahaz lived to the ancient age of 3 hours and 46 minutes.. well that's not so ancient. He happened to age quicker than the other norns in my world, but it's still plenty enough time for him to have lived a full life. The oldest norn in Nyrn has now died.

By the volcano a little baby girl, Anas, has come to visit Aldaril. Aldaril had been spending all of his time with the mushrooms, but had begun to grow just a little bored of them, they never did anything. Finally Anas shows up and Aldaril was very pleased to finally have a playmate that plays back! I watched them enjoy each others company by following each other around, and playing on the lift together. There was no hijacking going on, just mutual enjoyment in riding up and down the lift! It was very sweet. Soon Anas would be joining the rest of her sisters, and all of her aunts and female cousins in the great stasis that is my hard drive once she comes of age. Enjoy your time here while you can Anas, the next time you see this place as it's new queen it may be very different.
I had only spent a short time away from Fiken, but when I returned I was not surprised to see her still kisspopping. It is a little sad and makes me wince sometimes when I constantly hear her whimpering from pain as boredome overcomes her whenever she isn't kisspopping. Because of Fiken the population of Nyrn has boomed and is thriving, in contrast to the norn famines in the past! Fiken is a savior to the future of the tribe! Each egg she lays is layed with a bright smile, as if she was put on this planet solely for the purpose of continuing the tribe!
I have fun watching Fiken and thinking about how she's the savior of the tribe. I had even more fun watching her learn to use the lift without being hijacked in it! Ainat had found his way to the treehouse and was spending time with the little shee dolly inside (yay! One of my norns likes my doll!) but has been expressing his lonliness. When he expressed that he was a little bit friendly (which is rare, Ainat never gets friendly!) Whoosh! Comes Fiken the kisspopping fairy! She had some words of advice for him and kisspopped him a few times. Because of Fikens super firtility I expected a pregnancy any second, but it never came. I remembered every time Ainat had kisspopped with anyone he had never become a father and I worried that he was infirtile. The one time he actually becomes friendly I figured he needed a little help.
I removed all other norns from the treehouse, and then let Fiken and Ainat choose where they wanted to be. I played a little romantic music on the harp and watched the hearts between them fly! I played the harp again, again and again! There was a flurry of kisspopping, but still no pregnancy. I almost had given up, chalking Ainat up to being infirtil, sadly, when suddenly a pregnancy icon appeared on my screen! Yay! Ainat is finally going to pass his cute forest norn genetics on to a child! Ainat's bright smile beamed letting me know he was happy to finally be a father too!
Ainat walked away when his romantic encounter was done. Unlike Fiken who is always friendly, Ainat, though very pleased, took interest in something else now, and that was the shee doll again. (very flattering for me!) Meanwhile, Fiken was left alone, which she would not have preferred. She would have rather kept kisspopping with Fiken but he was just not built like her to last through all of that kisspopping. It's not his fault. Fiken was happy, however, when Anel joined her up in the treehouse.
Anel looks like a baby norn because of his short size. He might as well be a cute little norn midget! So it was a big surprise to me when a flurry of kisspopping made Fiken pregnant again, so soon after laying Ainat's egg! Ainat's egg is the white egg in the foreground in front of them.
Anel and Fiken crouched down by the eggs quite happy being together while Fiken layed Anel's future child. On the way toward them, meanwhile, back comes Ainat to check on Fiken whom he'd left earlier.
When Ainat saw that not only was Fiken no longer alone, but she and Ainat had produced another egg together he looked solemn. He was so hoping to have some more time alone with Fiken, just the two of them. I felt sad as I watched what looked like disappointment in Ainat's eyes.

Ainat continued over to them and crouched behind a third egg recently layed by Fiken and the second future child of Anel, and looked at it in disappointment. Fiken's sadness was not sadness at all but an expression of pain after laying a third egg in a row. I don't blame her! She's a hard working norn. Was Ainat's disappointment due to Anel having more eggs than he, or that he was obviously not Fiken's favorite norn? Either way It broke my heart to see such an innocent norn as Ainat, father for the first time, so sad.
Because Ainat's egg was the first to be layed, it was also the first to hatch. Out popped a very energetic little girl with the body of Ainat and the head of her mother. She hatched with a "pop!" out of her egg shell and her legs were moving even before she touched the ground! They carried her to the lift and she pushed it without faulting, riding it down. What a very smart little norn! She knew just what she wanted! You can see the joy she has from just being in the world with the bright smile she beams at me through the bamboo of the lift!
After the exportation of Anas, Aldaril traveled alllll the way from the volcano area, accross the swamp to the treehouse where he joined the little drama party. He had no clue what was going on by the eggs but knew he had to see what all of the fuss was about. He was very surprised to see so many eggs in one place at once, and crouched down to look at all of them! Poor Ainat looks so miserable peering at the number of eggs that Fiken has layed without him.

Of all of the eggs layed in the treehouse, only two were boys. 

Meet Angoril and Ano in that order. Ano is behind Aldaril the pixie norn and this is a terrible picture of him. You will get to see him in future posts though, so no worries!

Current norn population: 15

Monday, August 8, 2011

A Look At Anarenen's Genetics

I got bored and so decided to open up the genetics compare tool and take a look at the differences Anarenen has since he has been so promonently featured in the last couple of posts. I didn't find very many great differences. Here is what I did find:

Anarenen may be immune to belladonna, though I don't know that i'm right about that because it says "clock rate" and not "injury". This is what the gene looks like:

100 Different in file 1  91   0 Emb B MutDupCut        128   0 Organ# = 5, Organ, Organ, Clock Rate, chem=Belladonna, thresh=255, nom=128, gain=0, features=Inverted Analogue  (0)

 104 Different in file 2  91   0 Emb B MutDupCut        128   0 Organ# = 5, Organ, Organ, Clock Rate, chem=Belladonna, thresh=0, nom=128, gain=255, features=Inverted Analogue  (0)

File 1 is that of Anarenen. The second file, file 2 is that of a normal chichi norn. The main difference that caught my attention here was the "gain" feature. In a normal norn when they catch the dreaded Belladonna sickness their organ, in this case organ 5, gains 255 clock rate. In Anarenen's case he will gain 0 clock rate, no clock rate at all. The problem for me comes with not knowing what "clock rate" is or what is meant by it.

Moving on, Anarenen gains significantly more injury from antigens 4,3 and 2. I also found as far as antigens go that Anarenen gains injury to MORE organs than a normal norn from specifically antigens 3, 4, 5 and 6. That is to say he has extra genes that say these organs will be injured by these antigens, where a normal norn would not have these genes. Organ 5 and 16 will both be injured by antigen 3. Organ 5 will also be injured by antigen 4. Organ 4 will be injured by antigen 5 and 6.

There was also another place where three new genes were introduced to Anarenen. They look like this:

214 New in file 1  44   0 Emb B                    0   0 Organ# = 12, Brain, Brain Lobe 11, Cell 0 - state 0, chem=Libido lowerer, thresh=6, samp=2, gain=13, features=Digital  (0)

 810 New in file 1  44   0 Emb B                  128   0 Organ# = 21, Creature, Sensorimotor, Air quality, chem=Air, thresh=0, samp=21, gain=55, features=Inverted Analogue  (0)

 295 New in file 2  26   0 You B MutDupCut        128   0 Organ# = 17, Creature, Circulatory, Floating receptor/emitter 17, chem=Stress, thresh=128, samp=24, gain=20, features=Digital  (0)

From what I can understand from them the first one says when the chemical "libido lowerer" is sensed he will gain 13 "cell 0 - state 0". What that means i'm not sure, but I know it must affect his libido lowerer somehow. The second one states that when the "air chemical" (or just regular air?) is sensed he will gain 55 "air quality". That is something that is above me, I have no clue what it means, but it might affect the way he breathes. The third one states that when stress is experienced he will gain 20 of receptor/emitter 17. I'm not sure what that receptor/emitter affects, but it means stress will affect him in a way that does not affect an average chichi norn.

One last gene to compare with a normal chichi: A gene affecting coldness. Now remember the first line is Anarenen's gene and the second is that of a normal chichi.

 277 Different in file 1  65   0 Emb B MutDupCut        128   0 Organ# = 16, 0*Coldness + 1*<NONE> => 1*Coldness backup + 1*<NONE>; half-life = 18

 280 Different in file 2  65   0 Emb B MutDupCut        128   0 Organ# = 16, 1*Coldness + 1*<NONE> => 1*Coldness backup + 1*<NONE>; half-life = 18

Unfortunately explaining what this means is beyond me as well. It affects how he feels coldness. 0 coldness produces 1 coldness backup apparently. I read somewhere that a "backup" chemical is something that represses that chemical but that's as far as I got.
One last thing I thought was interesting; Anarenen seems to find the grendel home more comforting than the norn home by far. In fact, i'm not sure if he finds any added comfort from being in the norn home.

Like I said, there weren't that many changes, but I thought this was interesting. Otherwise he seems to be a healthy, average norn. He sure is passing these genetics on to a lot of babies!

Too Many Look-alikes

I was testing out different picture resolutions with my fraps to see what would look best and I ended up with this extra picture. It turns out the resolution i've been using all along is the best. Instead of just throwing this photo away, though, I thought it might be handy to give a look at how this part of Nyrn is set up. Sorry the picture isn't very large, if I make it original size, which is the only other size option I have, it takes up the whole screen and looks terrible.
In the middle of the screen squatting beside a freshly layed yellow egg is Fiken the proud mother! As you can also see, I have 4 norns that you can barely tell the difference between, they all look like a chichi/neko mix with purple ears and little golden heads. Because of this I'm having trouble telling who is who unless selected! So please forgive me in the future if I say I forgot who a specific norn is.
At one point everybody decided somebody's name was Bub. I watched them for a minute or two with the hopes of finding out who they were talking about but it was in vain. I still don't know who had named themselves Bub! 
Once again, Fiken has managed to become pregnant. Her pregnant escapades are nearly non stop, with only the occasional pause for a snack or nap. My world is quickly filling up, but because the father is nearly always Anarenen, as is the case in this post, all of the offspring look nearly the same to each other as I mentioned earlier. This presents a mild problem of telling them apart. I am happy to have lots of cute, smiling neko faces in my world though, cat's happen to be my favorite species.
After another long bout of kisspopping a third pregnancy was on the way. You may notice by now that I haven't yet posted any pictures of the last two offspring, that's because the two eggs had not yet even hatched and Fiken is again pregnant! As such, she lays down for a quick nap before laying her egg, resting while her belly grows. Luckily, Fiken has nothing to worry about with her offspring growing numerous because the land in which she lives is overflowing with an abundance of food. A virtual eden is a perfect place to make a big family!
As someone pushes the speech teaching robot Fiken decides it's the perfect time to lay her egg. A little speckled egg appears in front of her proud smiling face as she adds yet another addition to the tribe!

I was pretty sure that Fiken's fertility would keep her out of trouble for a while, so I was free to check up on some of the other norns. Everybody seemed to be happy except Ainat, who appeared to be stuck in a certain pose. I pulled, pushed, tickled and spanked and still he refused to stop "looking". He looked at the plants, at the fruits, at the nuts, at the toys.. but did nothing more but stand still, looking. His drives told me he was very hungry and bored, but they were being ignored. Worried, I picked him up and put him in the treehouse away from many distractions, then began to do my best to snap him out of it. 
After a couple of spanks I was successful in snapping him out of his seeming hypnotic trance. Fiken came to as if he'd been sleeping wide awake! He soon discovered toys again, walking over to the little horn and playing it in the treehouse balcony for all to hear! This is when I picked him up and put him back on the ground to rejoin his tribe, a changed norn. I still don't know what caused him to go into a hypnotized-like state. He hasn't done it since.
Aldaril ventured bravely from the safety of his tribe accross the swamp. He discovered some very colorful mushrooms growing on the other side and took great interest in them. There are very few of these growing in the forest but they mostly get trampled by the norns there. I just hope he doesn't mistake the deathcap right behind them as also being tastey!

I didn't play very long today so only one egg had a chance to hatch through all of this. Meet Nyrn's newest citizen, Angaredhel. Angaredhel is now one of many golden haired, neko ettin headed, chichi bodied offspring running around the forest. He quickly blended right in with the crowd.

Current norn population: 13

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Life Of A Queen

As the title suggests Fiken has become a breeding machine! My whole day has been spent watching her either trying to get pregnant, or doing so and laying eggs. I began to wonder if I would become overwhelmed with eggs! Luckily and curiously this has not been the case, though the threat is still there. Though she was kisspopping nearly constantly, most kisspops have been unsuccessful. Even so, a few have been successful and she still has a long life ahead of her! Fiken began the kisspopping with the nearest norn An-zaw who seemed delighted to have the opportunity to become a father. 
With the youthful An-zaw watching over her Fiken decided the best place to lay the egg would be right next to the lift button. Pleased, she gazed past the egg at me with a big smile on her face! I too was happy to have a future little one running around, and An-zaw got to become a father for the very first time! Little did I know this was only the beginning.

Not long after the first egg hatched, Fiken was at it again, this time persuing Anarenen. It didn't take long for a kisspop to produce another pregnancy. I was then reminded of the genetics I looked at for Fiken and the parts where it said pain and fear would cause friendliness.. This certaintly seems so! But does this mean she has been either in pain or fear this whole time? She doesn't look to be so with that bright smile on her face, in fact she looks like she's having quite a bit of fun.
The second egg was layed behind the floating parts of Ahaz. Fiken stared from behind the shiny, white egg happily as if such a thing was a great accomplishment. Surely, after the previous breeding droughts this is quite refreshing to have the promise of an abundance of norns!

Now the queen of the tribe is supposed to be like royalty.. like the alpha or chief. The queen is supposed to be special. Up to now I suddenly realized that there was no sign of such specialness except the fact that the queen was the only female there. Surely there has to be something more to set her apart from the other norns. Then I got an idea! I thought what about bestowing upon each queen the royal treatment of imbuing her with absolute knowledge! I picked up Fiken and transported her to the learning machine on the meso which she was all too excited to experience! Of course, she loved it! I picked her up with her head all full of the new knowledge, and plopped her back down among the rest of the norns to share that knowledge. I was very pleased to see she did indeed share, and often suggested solutions to other norns who expressed themselves. Everyone became more social and talkative.
On the way back to the other norns, though, the first words out of Fikens mouth were these! I laughed. I had already seen plenty of evidence of this to tell me that, but now she finally could express herelf properly and voice her concerns.

Right after I let her back down on to the ground she marched right over to Ainat and began to kisspop with him. The idea of having baby Ainats walking around would be splendid, and so I happily watched to see if anything came of it. I think all C1 norns have an adorable charm about them and so far none of the C1 norns I have recently introduced to Nyrn have decided to kisspop. Silently, I was rooting for a baby Ainat.

Nothing came from Ainat and Fikens affair, though. Fiken quickly became tired, and quite understandably so with all of the kisspopping she has been doing, and layed down for a nap. I watched, just before she layed down, as she began to flinch in pain. Suddenly I was reminded from her genetics that it said she would experience pain from sleepiness. It is a sad thing, but the pain only lasts until she falls asleep. Soon after doing so her frowny face always turns back in to a smile.
Right after waking up, with a little guidance from me, her next task was to continue kisspopping Ainat. Ainat didn't seem to mind. He always looks like he's having fun because of the big smile that seems to be a permanent resident on his face. Ainat played behind the bee's nest while Fiken slowly did her best to make her way to him, feeling the need to turn around once every other step on the way. Then, the kisspopping continued. Unfortunately, still no pregnancy developed from this.
I decided to take a small break from Fiken so that I could monitor the other norns, make sure nobody was getting in to trouble. Ahaz seems to occasionally, when i'm not watching him, decide that waste is a great tasting snack and gives himself a small burst of glycotoxin. He becomes sick only for a brief time and always recovers, but it worries me that it may be affecting his long term health.
Aldaril has taken up talking to plants apparently. I've always heard plants like this and maybe he senses that. Aldaril expressed his need to the plant, and ignored all suggestions from me to sleep.
Fiken continues to try and get Ainat interested in kisspopping her back, but he never is interested. His attention is always on the plants and toys around. He enjoys watching other norns too, but Fiken doesn't seem to be on his list of what to give his attention to. I believe this is why the kisspops never seem to result in pregnancies for them. 

Fiken's failed attempts at romancing Ainat drove her to move on to another norn. She chose the next nearest to her, which luckily for me, who want's a baby C1 norn, happens to be Aldaril the pixie norn! Aldaril also didn't seem to care much about Fiken, but she was determined to try! She approached Aldaril but no matter how many times she kissed him he wasn't interested in returning the favor. No pregnancy here either.

Fiken decided to take a short break, much to my relief, and play with some toys. In spite of there being a most obvious spinny top in front of her, she decided to play with the much harder to see shape shifting green toy, hiding in the grass as a seed. I watched her closely, careful not to let her run in to the invisible wall only a couple steps from her.

Eventually her attention shifted to the spinny top toy with a little suggestion from me. Thanks to her new found ability in language, she takes suggestions from me, and others, much easier which is a relief. It can become pretty frustrating when the norns don't listen to you, or can't listen to you.

A little time passed, not much but enough to get her rested up, and then she saught out Anarenen. Anarenen happened to not be the closest norn, but the only one who would return her kisspops for now. Their quick love affair resulted in a second pregnancy much to Fiken's happiness. After the initial kisspop Anarenen peeked over at Ainat as if to mock him that Anarenen would become a father before Ainat, but Ainat didn't care.

As if posing for a family portrait Ainat and Anarenen smile big at the camera while I snap a photo of Fiken laying her tiny white egg beside the many flowers. This time she was not sleepy when the egg was layed and it was a much less painful, and much better experience. Fiken, too, smiled brightly at the camera when I snapped the photo, with her unborn(unhatched?) son in the picture it certaintly would make a for a great portrait. You can hardly notice Aldaril sleeping over at the side.

All too soon after the egg was laid (you can see it hasn't even had time to grow very large yet!) Fiken was once again kisspopping Anarenen and became pregnant yet again. If this keeps up throughout her lifetime she will have Nyrn overrunning with norns and populate the whole world! As sleepiness overtakes Fiken after the feverish kisspopping, she feels pain and lays down to rest with the hopes to rid herself of the sleepiness that is so painful.
There, beside the first egg, the second was layed. Poor Fikens face expresses the amount of pain she's feeling and clearly it isn't pleasant.. curiously enough however, my norn statistics panel that shows the health status' of the norns doesn't register as ever being in pain, clearly you can see she is though! It's a little bit confusing for me, yet I trust my norns more than I do my machines to tell me what's goin on. Aldaril the pixie norn and Anarenen look at the two eggs in awe that so many could be in one place at once. Never before in the history of Nyrn has more than one egg been in the world at a time so close together! This truely is another feat for the history books(history scrolls?) of Nyrn.
Fiken's pain didn't last long, for as soon as she got her nap in she woke up feeling as right as rain again, as always is the case! Feeling the hunger from a long period of doing other things rather than eating, she walked over to the small carrot garden by the waterfal and began eating a big meal of delicious carrots! I must admit, seeing a norn enjoy the carrots so much makes me wish I could reach in to my computer screen and taste one sometimes! Fiken showed a big smile and bright shiny eyes while she ate, just proving she enjoys it so much.
Meanwhile, a curious Ainat looks at the two eggs in wonder. As one of the baby norns stirs inside a quickly maturing egg Ainat puts his tiny hands to his face and peers into the shell curious of who could be inside!

Now I haven't shown any of the babies yet because there were so many, it might seem a little confusing or mixed together to show them as they hatched. I will show you the new citizens of Nyrn now!

 In order, meet Adil, Anas, Anel and Anes. I believe this was the order in which they were hatched also. Another thing to note, A small change i've added to my world is the tiny purple robot. If I haven't mentioned it before, it helps to teach the norns words, slowly, when pushed. This helps give the opportunity for every norn to learn english, which I think every norn deserves that opportunity.. but it is still realistic.
Next, we'll see how well the new arrivals fit in with the rest of their tribe!

Current norn population: 13
Oldest living norn currently: Ahaz