Friday, May 25, 2012

Orika Accross The Ocean

Orika and I were just chillin' beneath her tree house when she suddenly showed an interest in using the little boat off the deck! She has shown interest in these water fairing vessels once or twice before in her lifetime but no more then that so this was a super rare occurrence and one I never expected to see again! All previous attempts norns have showed at crossing the oceans revealed that the boats don't quite work the way they're supposed to and they always end up in the ocean... so I was very apprehensive about her interest in using it. However, I was curious to see if.. just this one time.. she could manage to figure out how to use the boat correctly. I was disappointed as I watched in her attempt to get into the boat that she quickly fell to the deep depths of the ocean bottom below. I quickly pulled her out, only to have her repeat this process making me cringe as she landed.

About the third time she attempted to use the boat I went to try and save her again only to find she successfully and immediately used the little spring at the bottom before I could lay a finger on her and rescued herself! I was very impressed! A few norns have visited the bottom of the ocean by mistake and not one could ever find a way out without my help, yet Orika seemed to know exactly what to do! She may have rescued herself the first few times as well had I not gotten in her way!
I felt really bad for her and helped her across the ocean with a lift of my hand. She seemed overjoyed to be on the other side as soon as I set her down gently on the wooden boards! She immediately headed for the fruit to fill her tummy! I find her child-like excitement at being on the other side and seeing the fruit very endearing.
Orika filled her tummy with the delicious fruit that didn't grow anywhere near her tree house, and once that was done she spotted the most interesting looking lift near by! I left her to play around since there was nothing dangerous.
Back with the rest of the norn tribe I spent some time with each norn individually, giving them a routine checkup. I was sad to see that Arvs seems to be making a slow decline in health, which is not unusual at an old age. I saw that for some reason, Arvs had very little to no energy, not even enough to grab a bite to eat from the honey pots right next to him. He slept for a long time, woke up to smile at me, grew sleepy again and then fell back asleep. The idea that he was getting nothing to eat worried me all to heck and I immediately shoved a honey pot into his tiny hands and convinced him to drink it up! Of course I also checked for sleeping sicknesses or bacterias, or toxins in his system that could be causing this but came up short. While he did get that honey pot in him it won't keep him drinking more but there's not much I can do. It's just a matter of time before it's his time to go. I just hope he's having a good time while he's here.
Before I left I flicked back to Orika to see how she was doing one last time. She was oh so happily playing with the speech robot toy, which I was very glad to see! I'm always happy when a norn takes it's own education into consideration... even if Orika already knows everything!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Sad Hatching

 It wasn't long after the hatching of Orika's first child that she and Quirin tried to sneak another quick romance together when I wasn't looking. I was just lucky enough to scroll past them in the middle of a kisspop!

 I eagerly watched Orika throughout her pregnancy with somewhat of a protective nature myself. Quirin never strayed from her side the whole time and he is proving to turn out to be a little Romeo. Orika soon enough proudly layed the cream colored egg beside a bottomless source of food for norns ensuring the child would have plenty of nourishment upon hatching, the bee hive!
 From that egg hatched a little girl named Badala, proudly sporting her fathers harlequin head and large, goofy ears! She has her own charm to be sure, even if she is a little awkward looking. She hatched with a bright smile on her face and an eye on the golden jars of honey! Her mother's idea sure paid off.
Once she was sure Badala was safely out of her shell and filling her tummy with nutritious honey she moved on and took a short trip accross the swamp bridge. On the other side, in the small mushroom farm she found some norns she had not yet met and became quite smitten with one particular one, who also took a liking to her. I was very pleased to see them get along so readily upon meeing, and it wasn't long before Orika decided to grace the world with another pregnancy. Aldobrando was only too happy to oblige!
Orika spent all of her pregnancy by Aldobrando and made sure to lay the egg right where it was conceived. The warmth of the nearby volcano to incubate the egg was a good bonus, but she wanted to make sure Aldobrando also had a chance to witness his egg too.
Aldobrando and Orika walked off into the heat of the volcano together after convincing me to open the door. Normally I would not let norns in there, but they seemed to stick by each other and take care of each other so well I thought it might be alright to let them explore where no norn has ever been before. Behind them, the egg eventually hatched out one of the cutest little boy norn's i've ever seen! Sadly... he only had a few seconds to live before passing away with the same happy smile he hatched with. I was unable to determine the cause of his passing and was so sad to see such a cute little thing go.
Orika and Aldobrando soon joined me in gazing at the lifeless little body of their newest son, may he rest in peace. Though Orika and Aldobrando sported smiles, there was a solemness to them. They stayed around Ashibaal looking at their new son for some time and wouldn't leave his side. Perhaps they knew about a norn afterlife they were wishing him well in.
Life goes on.. and after Ashibaal disappeared in a puff of sparkly smoke Orika and Aldobrando decided to explore the volcano independently. Aldobrando became intrigued by a group of deathcap mushroom seeds! Never before has there been this many all together! The volcano is a breeding ground for them! They just call for inspection!
Meanwhile, Orika took delight in finding the metal lift in the volcano and pushing the button to see where it went! Orika's heart bloomed with the wanderlust that her sister exhibited! She did an expert job of patiently waiting for the lift to stop moving before trying to walk out of it rather than repeatedly bumping into the wall like most norns, I was so proud of her!
I followed Orika accross the inside of the volcano and helped her over the sand dunes to the right side of the island. I watched her joyfully pick coconuts from the tree and helped knock down ones she couldn't quite reach. She didn't even seem concerned when a few storm clouds passed overhead. Tropical weather can be so unpredictable! But still, the cool tropical breezes, soft, warm sands and all the coconuts she could eat gave her the brightest smile yet! The disaster of earlier seemed ages away now.