Friday, May 25, 2012

Orika Accross The Ocean

Orika and I were just chillin' beneath her tree house when she suddenly showed an interest in using the little boat off the deck! She has shown interest in these water fairing vessels once or twice before in her lifetime but no more then that so this was a super rare occurrence and one I never expected to see again! All previous attempts norns have showed at crossing the oceans revealed that the boats don't quite work the way they're supposed to and they always end up in the ocean... so I was very apprehensive about her interest in using it. However, I was curious to see if.. just this one time.. she could manage to figure out how to use the boat correctly. I was disappointed as I watched in her attempt to get into the boat that she quickly fell to the deep depths of the ocean bottom below. I quickly pulled her out, only to have her repeat this process making me cringe as she landed.

About the third time she attempted to use the boat I went to try and save her again only to find she successfully and immediately used the little spring at the bottom before I could lay a finger on her and rescued herself! I was very impressed! A few norns have visited the bottom of the ocean by mistake and not one could ever find a way out without my help, yet Orika seemed to know exactly what to do! She may have rescued herself the first few times as well had I not gotten in her way!
I felt really bad for her and helped her across the ocean with a lift of my hand. She seemed overjoyed to be on the other side as soon as I set her down gently on the wooden boards! She immediately headed for the fruit to fill her tummy! I find her child-like excitement at being on the other side and seeing the fruit very endearing.
Orika filled her tummy with the delicious fruit that didn't grow anywhere near her tree house, and once that was done she spotted the most interesting looking lift near by! I left her to play around since there was nothing dangerous.
Back with the rest of the norn tribe I spent some time with each norn individually, giving them a routine checkup. I was sad to see that Arvs seems to be making a slow decline in health, which is not unusual at an old age. I saw that for some reason, Arvs had very little to no energy, not even enough to grab a bite to eat from the honey pots right next to him. He slept for a long time, woke up to smile at me, grew sleepy again and then fell back asleep. The idea that he was getting nothing to eat worried me all to heck and I immediately shoved a honey pot into his tiny hands and convinced him to drink it up! Of course I also checked for sleeping sicknesses or bacterias, or toxins in his system that could be causing this but came up short. While he did get that honey pot in him it won't keep him drinking more but there's not much I can do. It's just a matter of time before it's his time to go. I just hope he's having a good time while he's here.
Before I left I flicked back to Orika to see how she was doing one last time. She was oh so happily playing with the speech robot toy, which I was very glad to see! I'm always happy when a norn takes it's own education into consideration... even if Orika already knows everything!

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