Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Toll Of Old Age

Anya surprised me with another change of colors, darkening into a deep purple as his age advanced. It reminded me that most of the norns are already old by now and many are on their way out. It won't be long before Nyrn may be nearly empty once again. I watched them, considering this, while watching some bad advice being given out. I find it cute that their suggestions for things often are very specific. Anya is suggesting to aleviate being sleepy with sleeping next to something called "dat". Unfortunately the male population never become completely fluent in english. Whatever "dat" is he seems to think it helps you become less sleepy if you sleep next to it.
Arvyn found his way up into the top of the volcano, which brought me some relief. I was worried he would spend the rest of his life by that toy and die there. The coconuts on the other side of the volcano wall grabbed his attention and he began the tough trek up the slope. The odd thing is that there seems to be an invisible wall of some kind between the coconut tree and the volcano wall that prevents him from actually making it there. If I try to lead him by hand it pushes us both away. The only way that he is able to pass is if I pick him up and plop him at the tree.
I checked my norns over with the medical window and found Aku suffering from a lack of muscles. His muscles have completely died, degenerated, whatever you want to call it. Muscles are supposed to regulate gate, make you be able to walk, but Aku seems to be getting around just fine, perhaps because he has a tail fin instead of legs. He enjoys the water of the swamp and it's no wonder since he's a mer norn.
Anya suffers from a lack of liver A, the organ that regulates food/nutrition storage (or bodyfat if you will). Anya is unable to store any energy for the times when there is no food, luckily this shouldn't affect him at all because he lives in a place abundant with food (as you can see!). He shows how happy and content he is in this world with a bright smile over the fruits that surround him!
Akka also suffers from a lack of liver A organ. Like Anya, he doesn't seem to mind, and even takes an interest in the nut dispenser that I plopped down for them to play with. Akka's curious gaze doesn't last long though and soon he goes off to find something else to play with. I was a bit disappointed none of the norns wanted to play with it at all and populate the ground with more nuts. The plants that are growing there are ones I had to plant myself. (Boy I can't wait for more garden box agents!)

The world is pretty quiet at the moment, peaceful, and hopefully it will stay that way. Till next time.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dead By A Nose

 Yes I decided to play again today! I got the urge after watching Jessica's latest video - and as soon as I entered the world I was greeted by Anya's glycotoxin infection. Why do you have glycotoxin Anya? Try as I might I could not see the cause. I watched for the longest time to see if she was showing interest in anything she shouldn't have been, but she only remained crouching there with a pitiful look on her face staring at me. Akka was there for support and comfort and didn't leave Anya's side.
I was surprised to be slapped in the face by a death icon (that's what it felt like at least) and quickly clicked to transport over to the poor norn. I found Adalhard on the ground in a peaceful death pose, gone after a long and full life, and began the solemn routine of taking notes about his death - when suddenly I noticed the elevator began going up... and taking Adalhard with it! By his nose!!! I could not decide whether to suddenly burst out in laughter or feel horrified for his poor body! Disturbing the dead is wrong. After a couple up's and down's I couldn't figure out why the elevator was doing that, but then realized it was because a poor ignorant norn was riding it and had no idea Adalhard's nose was caught in the door. I can't help but facepalm still... at the memory and at the image in my head of (what if this were real life?) A poor little creature dead with his nose stuck in the door, flopping up and down as the elevator moved, it's just game physics don't allow realistic physics. XD
Anyways, rest in peace Adalhard.
 At the volcano Aldobrando was still just as I remember him, keeping the deathcap seeds under study and trying to figure out a way to eat them, as he has been doing his whole life. Aldobrando stood over them with a worried expression and both paws on his cheeks as he thought to himself how daunting a challenge it was to figure out how to make these things edible! Oh how the norn tribe would benifit if he could! Quirin had just about given up on them long ago, and on Aldobrando, and thought he is a bit crazy for still trying. He decided to look for greener pastures and actual food, while Aldobrando hardly noticed his leaving.
In front of the ettin egg layer Quirin found a patch of mushrooms he had found a few times in the past and had a long dinner. He often went long periods without eating anything as his research on the deathcap mushrooms (with Aldobrando as his partner) had always taken priority.. but now that he has given up pretty much on that, it's time for a well deserved meal!
 I had just left Aldobrando standing over the seeds when I was surprised by his death. I was dearly sad to see him go, he was one of my favorite norns. He has lived a very long life for a norn however and was very old when he passed. I spent a few moments staring at his lifeless body, still looking cute among the seeds he spent his life around. It's such a shame that he couldn't pass on his genetics to a son or daughter. Hopefully now he will be able to meet his son though.

I decided to end my romp down memory lane with goofy little Arvyn here. I was surprised to find him at the top of the volcano playing with this little punchy toy here. I don't know what it's called. I couldn't help but giggle at how goofy he looked with his googly eyeballs bobbing around above his body while the sound of the toy getting hit by him rang out. He provided me with a much needed chuckle before I left the game for the night.

Current norn population: 8