Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Toll Of Old Age

Anya surprised me with another change of colors, darkening into a deep purple as his age advanced. It reminded me that most of the norns are already old by now and many are on their way out. It won't be long before Nyrn may be nearly empty once again. I watched them, considering this, while watching some bad advice being given out. I find it cute that their suggestions for things often are very specific. Anya is suggesting to aleviate being sleepy with sleeping next to something called "dat". Unfortunately the male population never become completely fluent in english. Whatever "dat" is he seems to think it helps you become less sleepy if you sleep next to it.
Arvyn found his way up into the top of the volcano, which brought me some relief. I was worried he would spend the rest of his life by that toy and die there. The coconuts on the other side of the volcano wall grabbed his attention and he began the tough trek up the slope. The odd thing is that there seems to be an invisible wall of some kind between the coconut tree and the volcano wall that prevents him from actually making it there. If I try to lead him by hand it pushes us both away. The only way that he is able to pass is if I pick him up and plop him at the tree.
I checked my norns over with the medical window and found Aku suffering from a lack of muscles. His muscles have completely died, degenerated, whatever you want to call it. Muscles are supposed to regulate gate, make you be able to walk, but Aku seems to be getting around just fine, perhaps because he has a tail fin instead of legs. He enjoys the water of the swamp and it's no wonder since he's a mer norn.
Anya suffers from a lack of liver A, the organ that regulates food/nutrition storage (or bodyfat if you will). Anya is unable to store any energy for the times when there is no food, luckily this shouldn't affect him at all because he lives in a place abundant with food (as you can see!). He shows how happy and content he is in this world with a bright smile over the fruits that surround him!
Akka also suffers from a lack of liver A organ. Like Anya, he doesn't seem to mind, and even takes an interest in the nut dispenser that I plopped down for them to play with. Akka's curious gaze doesn't last long though and soon he goes off to find something else to play with. I was a bit disappointed none of the norns wanted to play with it at all and populate the ground with more nuts. The plants that are growing there are ones I had to plant myself. (Boy I can't wait for more garden box agents!)

The world is pretty quiet at the moment, peaceful, and hopefully it will stay that way. Till next time.


  1. Arvyn! He is such a funny looking guy, yet he still seems to be pretty smart. Odd about that invisible wall: Perhaps it will be something fixed in the future? I adore keeping up with your Norns! Such a varied group, and they're all so interesting! Hopefully the world will stay as it is, without too much craziness. I don't know, though... That false sense of security gets me every time! Ha ha!

  2. I haven't played any creatures for so long (life *sigh*), so I am a bit out of the loop and I could probably find the answer to my question with a little bit of research and apologies for my laziness but, what breed sprites do anya and akka have for their heads? (and where are the mer norns from) Theyre lovely! :-)

    Can't wait for the CE release of C4 so I can play all my C1 2 and 3 without effing around with compatibility nonsense on my macbook!

    1. So sorry for the delayed reply. I've been so busy and haven't gotten to read the replies so far but , there is another post coming soon.

      They are neko ettin heads from norngirl

      I received the norns from members of the creatures community. I'm pretty sure if you want to find a breed of norn, any breed, you can look here because it lists practically every breed :P

  3. I think Mernorn plus Neko Ettin mixes such as Aku are extremely pretty. It's nice to see they are all doing well and coping well even with various body parts losing their functions. Arvyn is kind of a funny fellow with his mini leaf legs and his bobbly eyes. I watched Men in Black 3 today so he reminds me a lot of an alien...but a cute one! Lol.